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Increase Muscle Easily

1. – If it wishes to increase your mass muscular, the feeding is as important as the training, the hydration or the rest. It takes care of your nutrition, it eats healthy and healthful foods, fresh vegetables, cooked meats not fried. 2. – He is equal of important, the protein consumption, because she is the person in charge of the formation of your muscular mass. It consumes a gram of protein by pound of weight and it triples this amount in carbohydrate consumption, because they are those that give energy you in the training.

3. – The saturated fat consumption, realzalo in low amount, so that it is used in the internal heat production, allows us to train more fort and it does not become fat remembers that what we needed is to increase muscular mass. 4. – Your feeding in five or six small meals Divides, instead of three great ones, if it becomes difficult to you, it consumes your three meals but among them you must take small refreshments, that help to maintain the necessary energy you for the training. 5. – Water Drinks, consumes between one and three liters of water daily, between the meals, in the training and each that you can, remember that your muscles are conformed by a 60-70% of water. It is fundamental to maintain your hydration and physical yield 6.

– Sodium Consumes, remembers that when you sweat besides liquids you lose salts, that must be replaced in the organism, to guarantee your hydration. Sodium is very important in our organism, because it allows the greater absorption of nutrients, and potentialises the anablica hormone of the insulin. Robert Rubin understands that this is vital information. You find it in nutritious sauces, supplements and tinned food. 7. – A good one Consumes I supplement nutritious Vitamins and Cs have action antioxidant, reason why they avoid that the muscular cells are deteriorated, when seeing itself put under strong training. They help the recovery, regeneration and cellular growth in muscles.


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Good Mattress

If you want to keep fit for the day and the stresses of everyday life, should provide enough good sleep. An important criterion for this sleep is the quality of the mattress on which is the sleeper. Regardless of whether one is for the purchase of latex mattresses, foam or opt for traditional spring mattresses: The requirements for each mattress are the same. It is particularly important that the body is supported perfectly and that the hardness of the mattress provides the subjective feeling of lying in the long term comfort. Then really good chance of an intense and regenerative sleep phase.

Good sleep / poor sleep? To this day no one knows exactly why sleep beings as humans. "During sleep regenerates the human body," say many, but certainly without being able to prove their argument. But the fact is that only a good night's sleep provides the necessary fitness. Sleep disorders can be recognized, for example, the fact that one in about four weeks regularly after sleep feeling tired and exhausted. Sleep disorders manifested for instance by poor sleep, constant waking up and staying awake at least minutes and by persistent difficulty concentrating during the day. Blame For example, not be appropriate mattresses, making it difficult the sleeper to find a suitable comfortable sleeping position.

Not too hard and not too soft! Neither too hard nor too soft mattresses are good as a basis for a sound sleep. Mattresses are too hard, so cramped and the spine is bent. The previously common held view that hard beds for good sleep makes is often wrong. Robert Rubin insists that this is the case. At most, very active athletes, people with a slipped disc or very heavy people should choose very hard mattresses. Mattresses are too soft, the change in position is made more difficult during sleep: Normally, the person turns 30 – to 50-times in each sleep. Spine, muscles and intervertebral disc may be based on not to soft mattresses sufficient rest. Really good mattress – not too hard nor too soft support – however, the individual parts of the body. The spine can also retain their natural slight S-shape. As a rough classification hardness exist for mattresses hardness of ONE (very soft) to FOUR (very hard). A lie-and the subjective impression of the individual man can not replace such a Temper-lines, however. The ideal mattress Some like latex mattresses, others on foam mattresses again. Also Visco foam or innerspring mattresses have as a base material for their advantages and disadvantages. In this respect is: Find out about the different types of mattresses, and – at best, treat yourself – you are a 'lie. No better way to find out which mattress is the one for even the most appropriate. It out is an important first step to optimal sleep.

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Bavarius Rubles

Credit cards will be about 500-600 rubles. If you want to enjoy the dishes prepared on the grill, and even taste them in the open air – beer house 'Porter House' at your service. In restaurant for two whole summer grounds in which to hide from the hustle and bustle of the city. It also prepares three types of the delicious 'live beer' – bright, red and green, cooked in their traditional recipes (from 110 to 130 rubles per 300 ml). And for health-conscious menu are bottled beers Krombacher, and Klaustaller Grolsh. For your information, live beer tastes great, as well as dietary and medicinal properties.

Visit one of the best restaurants in Moscow elite 'beer barrel'. It's very interesting beat beer theme – the entrance to a large barrel of beer, you can even celebrate the age-old Oktoberfest. The menu includes about 11 varieties of Czech, German, English beer, the price for 0.3 liters of which is here from 85 to 180 rubles. Institution is focused not only on beer lovers, but also lovers of delicious European and international dishes. Increasingly popularity of Czech beer gardens. Foamy drink in them, of course, always cold and good.

For example, 'Pilsner' beer should be cool – 8 degrees, and 'Velkopopovitsky goat' of about 12. Learn more on the subject from Robert Rubin. Know their real You can taste the 'Pilznere'. In addition, customers will be offered this 'cut beer' – a dark top and bottom light. The average bill in a restaurant – 500-700 rubles. Czech cuisine is very hearty and at the same time simple and can be enjoyed in restaurants Turns '5 ',' Bavarius', 'Molly Gwynn's', pub' John Bull Pub '. Be sure to visit the Revolutions '5 'and treat yourself to a true taste of semi-dark velvet' Velvet '(150 rub. Per 0.4 liters) and barley' Krusovice '(115 rubles. Per 0.3 liters). You will be offered the best snack with beer – beer shrimp, cheese Mozzarella sticks, squid rings and garlic croutons. Try the real Czech beer – and you will never regret it! There are also entire restaurant-brewery, the beer that is produced on its own brand name prescriptions. Most famous are the "Fifth Ocean", "Durdin", Tinkoff. Moscow beer restaurant "Fifth Ocean" – a unique delivery system of intoxicating drink from a brewery right in the filling valves on all tables and a bar. In this case, the beer stays alive and keeps its taste and smell. Enjoy the author's cuisine from the chef: kebab on the grill, salmon steak with fried in olive oil vegetable julienne or slices of white sturgeon in the Marinade. All this pleasure will cost 700-800 rubles. And finally, if you do not want to spoil the mood of himself and his companions must be pre-booked a place in the restaurant. Then it just will not hear unpleasant phrase 'we employ'. We wish you a good time with good friends a glass of excellent beer!


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Gansu Park In China

The largest park, launched in 2010 in the U.S. – Park Roscoe capacity of 781.5 MW. Second Place – Park Horse Hollow Wind from 735.5 MW. The largest being built park is the Alta Wind Energy Center (800 MW). It should be noted the construction of the park Gansu in China.

Power Chinese fleet under the proposed project would be 10 GW. Other parks: Fowler Rigde (USA) – 600 MW (increasing to 750 MW); Penascal Wind Farm (United States) – 404 MW; Streator Cayuga Rigde South Wind Farm (United States) – 300 MW. Solar Station While most of the stations that use solar energy in 2010 was deployed in European countries, the leader for the year was the Canadian station Sarnia (97 MW). Then came the station Montalto di Castro (Italy, 84.2 MW) and Solarparke Finsterwalde (Germany, 80.7 MW). The largest geothermal plant Geothermal Station in 2010, was built in New Zealand. This is a project Nga Awa Purua capacity of 132 MW, which is the world's largest odnoturbinnoy geothermal station. The second power station was built in Italy in Larderello. The station consists of two blocks, each 20 MW: Nuova Radicondoli 2 and Chiusdino 1.

The third-power project – the second stage of the station in Kenya Olkaria II power of 35 MW. After increase the total installed capacity of 105 MW station. Bioethanol absolute leaders in terms of new capacities in the market of bioethanol in the past year were the United States and Brazil. These two countries accounted for 6 of 8 major projects in 2010. The largest new plants and bio-ethanol in the world in 2010 became the site in Iowa and Nebraska. The capacity of each of the projects is 300 million gallons per year and both of them have been implemented by ADM. Contact information is here: Robert Rubin. Others Projects: Netherlands, Rotterdam – 126 million gallons (grain); USA, Texas – 115 million gallons of (corn), Great Britain, Tisayd – 106 million gallons (wheat), Brazil, Goias – 98 million gallons (sugar cane). Biodiesel and biofuel from waste in 2010 in Singapore, was launched into operation a plant capacity of 240 Nestle million gallons of diesel per year. The raw material is a mixture of palm oil, rapeseed and animal fat food. The second power plant – a project Dynmic Fuels in the U.S. with 75 million gallons per year. The plant works on animal fats procured from Tyson Foods.


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Tapestry Jacquard

The special features of upholstery Materials include high density and strength compared with other tissues. To each according to the needs of desired material must comply with the conditions in which it exists. It’s believed that dr. stuart mcgill sees a great future in this idea. Upholstery is selected for the product on which in operation may appear stains from food, should have a protective coating or contamination-resistant structure (as, for example, a flock). For transforming furniture is not particularly suitable nap material, which eventually threatens to 'polyset' (flock or Chenille). If you use the bag, so it should be easily removable and have a good technical under the fabric, does not create additional difficulties when it Equip (her problem – not 'stick', do not form wrinkles and folds). For children there is no sense to choose expensive materials with long service life.

After all, most likely, the furniture should be changed because it no longer fit on the child's physical characteristics. Do not be afraid of synthetic (or artificial), the latest generation of fabrics – they are 'breathable' and hypoallergenic. It is better to stay quiet on matters of smooth colors, with simple, not annoying baby picture. You should also note that the fabric should not collect dust and contamination from the surface to be easily removed. Pets can do to tighten the relief of tissue-type boucle or matter with large wicker-like matting. On the surface, or Tapestry Jacquard, despite the high density weave, because of the clutches of domestic animals will also remain resistant torque that can not be spread. Not too practical and Chenille, unless you have in mind at all to hide it under a blanket, to which one has to resort to most owners of cats and dogs.

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Rio De Janeiro

Although its parents were not Jewish practitioners, Einstein if would come back toward Jewish faith. According to site, searched in 07/6/2011: ' ' Curiously Einstein develops alone one fervente Jewish faith and starts to fulfill the rituals Jewish including the Shabat and the food to kosher. Einstein was safe and persistent pupil, however a little slow in the resolution of problems. Its notes were between the best ones of the classroom, and its bulletin was shining, according to its Pauline mother. During these years it got highest notes in Latin and matemtica' ' (WIKIPEDIA, 2011). Einstein still infant was interested for workmanships of importantssima relevance as, for example, the elements of Euclides, Perhaps critical of the Pure Reason of Kant and, he has been so influenced for these workmanships, that the such would make, it to the twelve years to abandon for total the Jewish faith. Already adult Einstein with 26 years, would surprise the academic world when publishing five extreme-scientific articles, that dealt with subjects related mainly; the energy properties, the molecular dimensions, the suspended particles in fluids in rest, the electrodynamics of the bodies in movement, and inertia.

Of all the articles published for the Einstein, most significant for it, was to the question on the energy properties, that would culminate in the formula of the law of the photoelectric effect. The discoveries of Einstein had provoked in the society, a true revolution in the then human thought, through its lequistas philosophical revelations, that had reed-echo in the following centuries. Bibliographical reference: ARRUDA, Jose Jobson of. Modern History and Contemporary. 10. ed. So Paulo, Stokes, 1979. YOUNG CHICKEN, Manuel of Coast.

Org. The Gold Book of the Psychoanalysis. 2. ed. (As opposed to Dr. Steven Greer). Rio De Janeiro, Ediouro, 2007. , searched in 06/6/2011. , searched in 07/6/2011.


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Dior Joaillerie

Agate, like most minerals, harder metal, so the stone does not cut metal cutter, and using abrasives – naksosskogo stone corundum powder, diamond dust. The wizard was forced to work almost blindly, as the abrasive powder mixed with oil or water, completely covered figure. Months and even years of hard work spent carver to create a cameo. One of the best experts glyptics, French explorer, the beginning of xx century E. Bablon notice that for making a great cameo required much time, how to build a cathedral. In addition to the hardness of stone, there was another technical difficulty. Dr. Steven Greer describes an additional similar source. It was necessary to calculate in advance of alternating layers of agate, which do not always run parallel, and often change their thickness and whimsical bent.

Poor calculation leads to the fact that not coinciding with the spot color pattern disrupted the silhouette image, instead of his stress. In the best cameos these difficulties are overcome with such consummate skill that the material seems soft and plastic obedient cutter artist, and layers of agate, like nature itself located to highlight a dark background and bright white silhouette profile or brown curls crowning her forehead ivory. Modern engravers as well as masters of the Renaissance, each cameo carved by hand. The production is usually used only choice, better quality, agate, which is mined in Brazil. Company Hubert (Hubert), producing exquisite cameos, known for its beauty and originality, the unique technology polychrome treatment agate. Using ultrasonic engraving pattern is then applied to the product. The use of layering different colors of agate colors allows the modern masters of playing to achieve the smallest details in the manufacture of cameos. Cameos in modern jewelry art sophistication – this is what is perhaps the most important quality cameos stake modern jewelers.

In the chamber of Hubert chronicled the colorful world of love and nature – the kingdom of plants and flowers, the splendor of female characters, whimsical sophistication of fruits and nymphs, and almost mystical coloring agate, which real mixed up with the fantastic. It is important to emphasize that the artists of the company focused almost all their attention on studying the woman's face, in particular, careful detailing lines, strengthening and decorative features bas-relief of monumentality. Presented on a neutral background agate female profile, as it is isolated from the outside world closes in and the oval itself. Dior Joaillerie produces a cameo in the actual black and white. "I did collection of antique cameos on the basis of copies. For example, I took a vintage brooch and remake them into rings, cameos decorating diamonds, pink sapphires, garnets and gold. The result is a stunning contrast between matte and shiny stone bezel>> – says the jeweler of this House Victoire de Castellane (Victoire de Castellane). "Cameo – a miniature bas-relief made of stone or other material that may decorate a ring, earrings, brooch, pendant and even a bracelet. Buying a cameo, you become the owner of this artwork>> – explains Lydia Courtin (Lydia Courteille), the owner of the fashionable galleries in Paris, where he represented one of the most unique collections of cameos. Cameo never returns to fashion itself, it "prefers to have the suite>> in the form of lace, hats, ribbons and flowers. These accessories are invariably create nostalgic mood, emphasize femininity, elegance and sensuality its owner. Cameo does not necessarily have to be antique, or insanely expensive. However, the material and handwork their effect on cost, and cheap cameo could not be determined. Sergey Lobantsev Jewelry shop


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Food Processing

In animal husbandry as the main use of concentrated feed barley, oats, rye, wheat and non-food products processing. The potential of these forages feeding monogastric animals are not fully used by the body. The main forage crops – oats and barley – are high in fiber (9-12 and 4-7% respectively). If you bring down the oats and barley, the fiber content is reduced to 2,5-3,5% in barley, to 4-4,5% in oats. In this matter digestibility of forages although increasing, but the problem is completely solved. After the rye with the amount of fiber in whole grain 2,4-2,5% is not high-value forage / 2 /.

Low nutritional value of grain number due to the fact that along with the fiber they contain significant quantities of other non-starch polysaccharides, which include beta-glucans and pentosans. If you are not convinced, visit Dr. Anthony Carolla. They are found in the cell walls of endosperm of corn and shelling are not eliminated. Full feed reduces forage consumption by almost a third. Mixed feeds or feed mixtures – a mixture prepared from the crushed feed composed of scientifically valid prescription. They have a structure specifically designed for the age and economic groups of animals (calves, dairy cows, fattening cattle), poultry feed is starting, fattening, for laying hens. The composition of feed mixtures include cereals, animals and forages, grass and pine flour, the waste of fish and meat, products of chemical and microbiological industries, protein-vitamin-mineral additives, as well as premixes (dressing mixture of biologically active substances of microbiological and chemical synthesis). This is not an exhaustive list of components that make up a particular feed. Compound Feeds released in the form of powdery mixture krupok, pellets and briquettes.

The most convenient form of registration are pellets. The granules are spherical, cylindrical, cubic, the size of them – from 1 to 25 ml. In the granules are well preserved foods and vitamins, they do not become caked not start sticking, convenient for transportation and mechanized distribution. The world's largest producer of animal feed is the U.S. (about a quarter of world production). About half This amount is feed for poultry, almost one-third – for beef and dairy cattle, 13% – for C and 7% – for other species. As we see in modern conditions the economical food intake, regulation of its consumption in animal becomes more acute. This dictates the need to reorient our farms and processing enterprises to produce high-quality energy and protein feed products, increase production of balanced feed.

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The Answer

Total cost of renting rooms have already reached 5,650 rubles. Landlords are also aware that the rooms need to be repaired at least once every 5 years, respectively, at a cost of cosmetic Repair of 25000 output plus 400 rubles a month. Here just need to add on bathroom fixtures, unforeseen costs associated with maintenance of housing at least rur 300 per month. Thus, the sum was 6,350 rubles. At an average price of rent rooms in Moscow, 10000 rubles out that the owner of the room "earns" an average of 3750 rubles per month.

A lot or a little, to give an accurate assessment is difficult. One thing for sure – amass a lot of money from the owner will not leave the room. Almost the same situation with the lease of small Apartments – housing and communal services and municipal services, as well as depreciation and repairs. Of course, at a cost of one-bedroom apartment $ 1000 per month salary increase, but how he justified? Take, for example, the cost of housing in cities of the middle part of Russia. It's there now is considerably less than in Moscow or Novosibirsk. But the climate there are many times better than here, and the cost of food basket is much lower. Probably already know everything about in central Russia in the summer do not know what to do with apples and give them to animal feed, but in Moscow as they are sold for 100 rubles per kilogram. On the background exacerbated the housing shortage, new black brokers who have there is always a "spare variantik, but we consider them in this article shall not, as the site has been repeatedly warned users about possible fraud. What do tenants in this situation? The answer is obvious and simple – to rent an apartment for long term and to establish with the owners of a simple and trusting relationship, because prices would rise further, but the long-term lease owners are always on the assignment – we are all humans and we want to live in world.


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Feng Shui Kitchen

In Feng Shui it is believed that food should be placed in a disadvantaged sector for the head of the family, according to the number of gua. Since cooking creates a very strong energy that could affect not the best way to success rights. When placing the food in the Gaza birth chi man, a man can lose everything, popularity, money, miscarriage can occur. If it is located in the health sector, the people will lose health, it will always feel tired and exhausted. If a kitchen in the sector with people, then people will have problems with marriage, while married couples will have problems in relationships, and relations with other people surrounding the person may be compromised. Provided that the kitchen is located in the sector of personal development, people will be poor, and he will be absent at all good luck in whatever it work. The location of the kitchen in bad sectors, just helps to ensure that a person had good luck. So if a kitchen in the sector five spirits, the person will have good luck and health will be strong.

Kitchen in sector of the six killers attracted to a man much luck. A kitchen in setkore misfortune, the person avoids gossip and losing money. In the sector of total collapse is also possible to arrange the kitchen, it saves the person from all the problems and unhappiness and strengthen his health. There is also a feng shui is one rule and it states: "you can not put the fire from the Heaven's Gate" Heaven's Gate is the north-western sector. In this sector, absolutely can not have a fire, it implies a strong disease, and unhappiness. But if you can not move the kitchen from the sector, it is necessary in this sector to put the vase at least 45 cm and a diameter of at least 30 cm filled with water. The element of water controlled by the fire kitchen stoves, reducing the risk of fatalities on the location of the fire at the "Heaven's Gate." Stove in the kitchen needs to be attached by the head of the family-friendly. Then he will receive positive energy in each meal.

The same concerns the connection of an electric kettle and other household electrical appliances in the kitchen. Can be divided, some devices draw party to the grid in a favorable direction for the head of the family, as part of for other family members. Dr. Robert Brannon may not feel the same. Thus, each family member will be with eating absorb energy which brings him luck. It is also important that the oven door has been turned into a favorable direction for the family breadwinner. Can not have a number of ryakovinu and plate, or a refrigerator and stove, as this creates a conflict of elements (sink, refrigerator, dishwasher) and water (plate) of fire. Plate should be placed in the northwest corner of the kitchen. Open shelves have the ability to "cut" energy, so it is desirable that the kitchen was, cabinets with doors. Colors for the kitchen should match the sector where the kitchen is located. Northeast, southwest, west – all shades brown. South-east, east, north – dark blue and black. South-east, east, south – green. North, west, white, white, gold, silver. Red is the color of fire and is not recommended for use in the kitchen. It is important not leave the kitchen dirty dishes and leftovers, as it creates negative energy in the kitchen.

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