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Language Rules

One of the things that distinguish the Saxons Latinos are the codes of politeness demonstrated through language. Latinos Not that we are less polite, but the Saxons listed many times the words "please", "thank you", "sorry" and in different contexts of Latinos who would use them. That is why perhaps, to communicate with them and want to use the English translated literally as we say in our language, obviously many times this information is important and may result to the ears of an Anglophone will sound invasive, aggressive, awkward or a little bossy or familiarly, not to be this code of communication that has. Not that we are less educated or they are better, but it tends to be a misconception about it (of course that this statement refers to a context within parameters and basic rules of kindness and education). We are different, from different cultures with different customs and habits, and therefore manage different codes. It is true that if we have good arrival in another culture, we must accept the codes of the other and get used to using such words, because for the other are important, even though we are artificial or unnatural sound. For example say "I m sorry "so many times or in different contexts in which an Argentine, in this case, you may not use. So frequent use of "please" and the type of indirect questions using adverbs of manner as "Would you please tell me …", or "Would you mind telling me …

please?" For permission, information or simply a favor to a friend, neighbor, relative or person on the street. For Argentines, maybe there is a belief that the friend or relatives, you do not say "please" or "thank you very much" so many times. For the Saxons even informal treatment or a lot of confidence, use it many times more than Latinos, but for us it may sound excessive use artificial or that the person is not genuine, or natural and may even come to be seen as hypocritical. I suppose it's because Latinos are more blood, visceral, and tend to say what they feel directly, however the Saxons have a different relationship with their emotions, so that their language is expressed in a less emotional, so is that maybe his dialogue seem less offensive, somewhat artificial or more protocols to the ears of a Latino. Anyway, I repeat, not that we are better or worse, just different and we must learn to accept differences that make us unique individuals without trial and put ourselves in the shoes of another, if we empathize with a different culture to ours.

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Of course, the price of the parquet floor not so low, but for all its advantages and longevity, it is justified. In the manufacture of flooring used huge variety of wood and each has its own unique tone and physical-chemical properties. Wood species: Oak – the most widely wounded rock used in the manufacture of flooring, parquet, massive parquet and laminate. Has the original texture, formed at the cut of the annual rings and drastically changing when a different kind of cut. Colours svelovato from yellow to brown with a saturated shade of gray, sometimes green. Breed fairly solid and well-adapted to sudden changes in humidity and temperature. Beech – common wood species, along with oak, but has a higher compressive strength, for even then whiter resistant to mechanical damage. In this case, beech has a number of negative features, the most pronounced of which is a reaction to a drop of moisture.

It is expressed in changing the size of the floor plank. When the relative humidity below 45% bracket is narrowed, thus there are gaps on the floor, and vice versa with humidity over 60% of lath expands and pooped on the floor there. Beech has a characteristic pale pink color and less bright defined structure of wood. Tick – a shade of brown with light yellow. Breed firm, which has in the oil, which greatly complicate treatment.

Often used in the manufacture art parquet. Pear – has a sufficiently high strength and toughness. Hue from yellow-pink to pinkish-brown.


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If we have that object, we are pleased, but if it is impossible to possess it, we despair But what is the basis of this feeling? … desire. What are the consequences of this feeling? … Madness. Then bear in mind the purpose and protect ourselves from its effects. The reason is to possess the object. The objectification of the human being is reviewed by Teresa Riggen anthologized in a double play. In the Letter Scene, compiled by Vicente Lenero and edited by the Ministry of Culture of the State of Jalisco, and in cursed, compiled by Jose Ruiz Mercado and published by Square Publishers, the latter agreeing with the other, Hugo Salcedo, Artaud , or the sacred duty of sacrilege, of Theophilus Guerrero.

Spider has shades of original anarchist lines, it reveals what is hidden in a system, undermines the bivalent structure of patriarchy – matronly. Exposed, thereby leaving the hearing, the existence of a tangled skein in which the characters. Hugo Salcedo Jalisco Tijuana naturalized maintains a constant in the social historical treatment. At the other leaves it exposed. His works are the fundamental rights of exist and coexist in time and space: our, in our now and not today. The defense of identity, of self-determination, freedom without impositions are recurrent in his works. Under the thesis of my freedom ends begins where the other grows Salcedo's proposal to support research and treatment of social phenomena in a land of volcanoes where the fatalities appear to have no end.


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Americas Honey

Historical evidence indicates the existence of bees in different countries. However, until 1500 the presence of bees is fixed only within the Old World. Since the XVI century, the family of the honeybee were brought by settlers in the Americas, and later in Australia. Our country's territory was inhabited by bees from the west. Believe that their ancestors had remained in the post-glacial period in the delta areas Danube. From there, the current area covered steppe and forest steppe zone of Ukraine. Other species of bees on yield performance of honey bees.

Indian wild bees are bred and used in Japan, China, Vietnam, etc. The other two species bees – a giant and dwarf bee bee – live only in tropical southern Asia. The above four species of bees are united in one genus belonging to the family of bees. Honey Bee is the next place in the taxonomy of the animal world: type – chlenistonogieklass – nasekomyeotryad – pereponchatokrylyesemya – pchelinyerod – pchelavid – honey. Provide some benefits as other relatives of these unique insects. In particular, we have a very widespread in nature bumble bees, which pollinate most effective red clover and a number of other cultures.

Bee – listorez adapted to collect food for the flowers of alfalfa. Its specially bred in some countries, in some farms to opylitelnoy of arranging artificial nests, shop for incubation and storage of the brood. Osmium – a useful kind of bee is involved in pollination of flowering plants in the spring. The methods of cultivation and use them for pollination of fruit trees and alfalfa fields. All of these beneficial insects need to protect nature and help in their reproduction. Most related to human activity honeybee, which began to grow on apiaries. Protect bees from diseases of various adverse conditions, and if need be – fed. All this requires a certain amount of funds, the organization of bee-keeping, beekeeping facilities construction, manufacturing hive mastering knowledge. Beekeeping – an important branch of agriculture. More information about breeding and keeping of honey bees can be read at medosbor.rf.


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Can I Quit ?

At the moment, is widely believed that cigarette smoking is addictive. Smoking can be fun, and smokers may be difficult to quit smoking, even if they are aware that smoking is associated with risk of serious diseases. A person who is going to start smoking, should realize that later quit smoking can be difficult. Previously, organizations working in the sphere of national Health, held different views about this, but today most of them are inclined to believe that cigarette smoking is addictive. However, the important fact is that smokers can quit smoking if they have such a desire and belief in themselves. Millions of people quit smoking, without the help of physicians and millions of consumers of tobacco products under the influence of changing conditions and social norms have changed their habits on how often, where and when they smoke.

In some countries, such as the UK, has quit smoking are now almost as much as those who smoke. Smoking cessation offered a variety of ways, for example, the use of alternative sources of nicotine, such as patches or gum. However, most people rightly believe that the main thing – it's determination to refuse smoking and self-confidence. Smoking cessation: what to consider if you decide to quit smoking, stop smoking, it may be difficult. -For those who decide to quit smoking, the main thing – a desire to stop smoking and belief in yourself. -The pleasure derived from smoking, can prevent a person quit smoking, if he really wants to do and confident in his abilities.

-Many millions of people to quit smoking once and for all. -Council on how to quit smoking, can be obtained from various sources, including health authorities. In some countries there are telephone services for smoking cessation. -If you decide to quit smoking necessarily need to do this


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