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St John Energy

New action – new diseases, hitherto unknown. Man drowns in the ocean they had created artificial fields of influence. The consequences of their impact as yet little understood. Everything that is done by man to ensure comfort and maximum convenience, communications and others created their own, their own effects on our body. This is a general characteristic of the man – at first successfully create the problem, then try (and sometimes fruitlessly) to solve it. Poor environment, social tension, the stress caused by external and internal psycho-emotional impact, reduce the immune system, undermining our health. Old diseases are modified, Taking a more severe form, and there are unknown ones.

Already have an antibiotic-resistant strains of microorganisms, there were quite allergic to conventional medicine. Moreover, the drugs in his Most have side effects, effect on the body which is not always possible to predict. The man faced a choice – or reduce harmful effects on the body, or learn to properly oppose them. Because no one wants to deprive themselves of the benefits of civilization, will have to find solutions to these problems and seek new ways to treat and protect the body. In the course of going any means, but were the results and a real help. Preference, of course, better to give bezmedikamentoznym and as safely as possible to the health facilities are not pulling for an even more unknown types of diseases. Actually, it's time to face the nature and use its limitless potential to help themselves.

Who is the best of Mother Nature knows her child and be able to protect and preserve? Get a new development of safe and proven for centuries treatment and prevention of diseases, leading the roots of folk and alternative medicine. Investigated and successfully applied in practice, energy methods, which are considered tools of medicine of the future, although this treatment also comes from the ancient times and, most all employed remarkable healers of the past – John the Baptist, St John and, of course, Jesus Christ. Nowadays, these methods do not knowingly receiving closer attention. Established and confirmed many kinds of bio-energy impacts that are beneficial to humans, had a serious help in the restoration of human health, activity, removal of various types of negative influences. In after 15-year research and development group of scientists from Murmansk received a unique energy-Tools – CD-drives – a product of the third millennium technology. On the site, "NE-drive – and live energy water "is widely represented by a whole line of the family of these unique products, which is recommended for widespread use. No side effects, ease of use and safety make them versatile helpers and companions for life. As the tools or the energy-vibration, resonance medicine, CD-drives can help solve several problems related to energy, technological, information and other dangerous lesions, an environmental fields. All that been introduced by man into the 21st century and what can be characterized by our comfortable modern era has brought its own problems. And many of these problems successfully solve new energy devices, a brilliant representative of whom are CD-drives.


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Ramon Gallegos Nava

It can be said that most of us have a considerable number of pending regarding the school, possibly the residue of anxiety still intimidating a corner of consciousness, and may prevent us to be forever facing new challenges and to learn new things. It is possible that our school authoritarian, always attentive to the results, inducing fear and constantly watch the clock. Has helped us settle into our favorite disease, perhaps we are not repressed any spontaneous expression of anger, grief, frustration, we are not encouraged to compete, to strive, to fear being late or not doing anything on time . Noel McInnis, an educator interested in learning the physical environment, describes the process. For twelve years we confine the child's body to a limited territory, the energy limited their activity, their senses to a limited stimulation, their sociability to a limited number of partners and mind to limited experience the world around him. What is it you just learn and not do what you like? Why our schools are in the habit of punishing routine and limiting young people? Maybe because the school, as know it was designed long before I had the slightest understanding of the human brain and for a society that has long ceased to exist.

Also these books written by Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava talk about transpersonal education that is more humane than traditional education, and intellectually more rigorous than many alternatives of the past. His goal is not simply prepare individuals to fend for himself in life, but oriented towards transcendence.


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Windows Mobile

In addition to Skype calls, fring enables free calls and instant messaging between mobile phones, on which it is installed. On what phones can run fring? The basic requirement – the phone must be connected with Internet. Suitable for both WiFi connection (if it is in your phone), and gprs or 3G. WiFi connection is preferred not only because it is fast but because it's free. When connecting via gprs or 3G to pay your operator for the data (though, if you have unlimited plan, you will not be affected).

In addition, the connection via WiFi for free elsewhere, even if you use your phone abroad – international roaming. That is, if there is WiFi You can call podeshevke and abroad. Another essential requirement for fring – it works on phones with Windows Mobile or Symbian os, as well as on i-Phone. But it does mean a lot of models because most models of Nokia and Sony Ericsson, as well as some Other manufacturers are working on Symbian os. And what about sound quality? Quality depends on the phone. On phones with Symbian os is higher, apparently due to the smaller stream of data (bandwidth), required for fring for Symbian os. But even on phones with Windows Mobile audio good enough. He may not be as good as a pc version of Skype (which, incidentally, is better than the sound of a regular phone), but still the quality is sufficient for normal conversation.

For better hearing recommend using a headset (headphones with microphone). This is especially important on phones with Windows Mobile, because they sound goes through the internal speaker phone and a speakerphone. In the speakerphone sound quality is lower than that everyone around will hear your conversation. This behavior is associated with a feature of Windows Mobile and does not depend on the program you are using, whether the original mobile version of Skype or fring or any other program. Therefore, the only way around the speakerphone – is to use a headset (which, incidentally, not only improves sound quality, but also better for your health). So the conclusion from all the above – do not wait, feel free to install fring on your phone and you be able to call podeshevke, wherever you are.


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Typical Water

Particular attention should be paid to animal welfare. Healthy fish are mobile, their bright coloration, dorsal fin, most highly elevated, schooling fish are kept groups. Sick fish are inactive, swim in an unnatural position. Fins, especially the spinal cord, they usually are pressed. On the body of fish should not be a stain, not peculiar to this type of painting, as well as wounds or lesions. When inspection of fish should be special attention paid to the condition of the skin, gills, fins and eyes. If you are sick or at least suspect in this regard, the fish, it is best to refrain from purchasing fish from this tank.

When you choose to content of fish should not be excessive haste. It is better to first become familiar with a good representative of this type, then it will be easier to distinguish the healthy from the sick fish and pick the typical and best representatives. With regard to the number of fish in the aquarium's hard to say anything definite, yet we can recommend locate fish in an aquarium unsaleable size 40-50 l in such quantity that each fish up to 5 cm accounted for at least 2 liters of water, a length of 8 – 10 cm – 3.4 hp. over 12 cm-8-10 liters. However, exceptions to these rules very much exemplary.

In a large aquarium on one fish can have a smaller amount of water. More residents can live in aquarium of the same volume, if arranged blowing air or water filtration. In low aquariums can contain more fish than in the high screen, even with equal their volume, since the enrichment of water by air is largely from surface water. Very large differences in the volume of water required for each instance of certain sizes of fish, but belong to different species. Since the norms for the amount of labyrinth fish (anabantidy) may be 2-3 times reduced, and the rocks of the goldfish, orfy and many domestic fish 2-4 times povysheny.Mnogie fish living in stagnant water and slow-moving, require less than living in flowing waters and different mobility.

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