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Healthy Oils

It can be extra virgin, fine or current following the amount of present fatty acids, being of until 0,8, 2 and 3 respectively. Olive oil refining: it comes from a high-grade oil that needs to be refining to be food (when coming from olives of bad quality or an extraction by pressure in the heat of the moment). Its acidity does not surpass 0,2, for that reason it is an oil with little flavor and less nutritional properties. Acidity: It is the main reference of quality that uses the consumers, is indicated in it labels of the packages. It is necessary to consider that this data it can be deceptive if one does not consider, yes oil is virgin or refining. The acidity is one measurement of fatty acids free presents in the oil. An acid value of the high oil it means that the oil has suffered certain alterations with the consequent effects in the aroma and the flavor.

The acid value of oils virgins usually she does not surpass 0″ 5%. Nutritional differences The virgin olive oil is richer in Vitamin and fitosteroles whereas in the refining process the content of substances that confer to the oil their flavor, aroma, color and many of their bioactivas molecules are reduced. Therefore a virgin olive oil always is going to have majors healthful properties that one refining. Although the price is something elevated more is worth the trouble to have a good virgin olive oil or extra virgin in the table. It remembers not to warm up the olive oil since it would damage his benefits.


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Psychological Order

Almost always if it discovers that the person is presenting some upheaval of psychological order when she is in more advanced period of training. The alimentary behavior is an important aspect in the life style possessing great influence in the health or illness. The not healthful habits acquired in infancy and youth can compromise firmly, becoming established habits that difficult or demasiadamente late are changed or directly and irreversible same collaborating in the development YOU. The families must be alert with regard to the signals presented related to these upheavals.

Therefore one argues on the performance of the family in the development and treatment in YOU. the Word-key: alimentary family and upheavals; anorexy; bulimia; alimentary compulsion; obesidade. Abstract: This article presents the importance of family in the prevention and treatment of eating disorders (ED). And aims you the show the influence of the family in these disorders. Oftenone finds that the person is presenting the psychological to disorder when it is in an advanced stage. Behavior The feeding is an important aspect in life style with great influence inhealth or disease. The unhealthy habits acquired in childhood and youth may commit directly and irreversibly, becoming firmly established habits that difficult or too barks you be changed or even collaborating on the development of YOU. the Families should be alert will be the signs presented related you these disorders. We discuss about the only rolls of family in the development and treatment in the ED.


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