Gregory Grabovoi

I threw another system and was looking for a new one. It was not until until my mother in his quest is not came across the teachings of Gregory Petrovich Grabovoi. Change, of course, there were no for one day. Understanding and acceptance of it lasted for several years. Now she and several others formed a kind of group. They help everyone who is drawn to them, as well as working to transform negative events into positive ones.

Such groups exist in almost every city of our country, as well as in the former Soviet Union. Moreover, after the arrest of Gregory Petrovich, little has changed. Many people continue to work on his system, helping themselves and others. Main the principle teachings of Gregory Grabovoi simple: if you want happiness in life, love and wealth – so wish everyone on the planet. To work effectively with the events there are a number of techniques based on the concentration of the energy of love in adverse events.

Published many books about the techniques developed by Gregory Petrovich, to find them no problem. In the books of many examples of how these techniques helped the people and even saving lives, many cases of healing from incurable diseases. But, alas, not all people can be helped even by such a powerful and boundless energy, the energy of love. More precisely, can help everyone, but sometimes help is not visible. If the person is not ready to heal, does not believe that he can help – you do not help him.


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Security And Safety Systems

Sales and service centers (supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, hairdressers, cinemas, fitness clubs, gas station station) are open and accessible facilities and have large areas of trade, warehouse and office premises, parking. To create an effective security system and surveillance of such objects requires some specific knowledge and expertise. Existence of an efficient system Surveillance and its elements at such facilities should not be noticeable and create a sense of discomfort among customers and visitors. Development of NOVUS and a wide list of equipment allow us to find cost-effective solution given the specificity and conditions of the protected object. Creating a security video surveillance systems (EAS systems) NOVUS for such objects provides a solution to key problems and provides: a permanent identification motor vehicles in parking lots (serial numbers, model and color), as well as supplying the service and transportation; pre-programmed or set by the operator in real-time route surveillance of certain areas, identification of specific objects and persons; oversee the work of staff duty and service premises (warehouses, offices and delivery, etc.); system compatibility access control, security and fire alarm systems, detection systems and alarm systems; video recording fees at the box office in order to avoid possible errors and fraud; monitoring of ATMs; Creation of graphics cards of the observed object with specialized software I-RAS, I-RAS +, IMAP, and work with them through the registrar; automatic notification duty security facilities in the event of critical situations; manual and automatic control of external devices (barriers, fencing, lighting, sound alarm); the ability to create additional observation posts monitoring; remote monitoring in real-time playback of recorded material and the installation of individual configurations and options.


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