Typical Water

Particular attention should be paid to animal welfare. Healthy fish are mobile, their bright coloration, dorsal fin, most highly elevated, schooling fish are kept groups. Sick fish are inactive, swim in an unnatural position. Fins, especially the spinal cord, they usually are pressed. On the body of fish should not be a stain, not peculiar to this type of painting, as well as wounds or lesions. When inspection of fish should be special attention paid to the condition of the skin, gills, fins and eyes. If you are sick or at least suspect in this regard, the fish, it is best to refrain from purchasing fish from this tank.

When you choose to content of fish should not be excessive haste. It is better to first become familiar with a good representative of this type, then it will be easier to distinguish the healthy from the sick fish and pick the typical and best representatives. With regard to the number of fish in the aquarium's hard to say anything definite, yet we can recommend locate fish in an aquarium unsaleable size 40-50 l in such quantity that each fish up to 5 cm accounted for at least 2 liters of water, a length of 8 – 10 cm – 3.4 hp. over 12 cm-8-10 liters. However, exceptions to these rules very much exemplary.

In a large aquarium on one fish can have a smaller amount of water. More residents can live in aquarium of the same volume, if arranged blowing air or water filtration. In low aquariums can contain more fish than in the high screen, even with equal their volume, since the enrichment of water by air is largely from surface water. Very large differences in the volume of water required for each instance of certain sizes of fish, but belong to different species. Since the norms for the amount of labyrinth fish (anabantidy) may be 2-3 times reduced, and the rocks of the goldfish, orfy and many domestic fish 2-4 times povysheny.Mnogie fish living in stagnant water and slow-moving, require less than living in flowing waters and different mobility.

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Spring is coming! This means that your pet will spend more time with you on the street. Fresh air and sunshine is useful not only for humans but for your pet too. But with the advent of spring comes a new challenge for your pet – are parasites that come out of hibernation. After a winter of your pet's immune system is weakened, and at this moment he is particularly vulnerable to viral and bacterial diseases. Help in this situation may conduct preventive measures with your pet, especially dogs. Among the preventive measures are: * Vaccinations.

Routine vaccinations reduce the risk of your animal in many viral and bacterial diseases. * Vitamin and mineral support for the body. You can use vitamins and minerals, adding them to food. * Handling parasiticide means. Great dogs pose a danger to Ixodes ticks that transmit piroplasmosis. Therefore, before you walk, you must handle the animal insektoakaritsidnymi means, especially if you plan to walk in the forest areas. Also do not forget about the flea bites that can cause an allergic reaction or etoparazitarnoe disease in your dog. In addition to these activities, it is necessary during walking track your pet, so he is not picked up from the earth, which appeared after the snow melts, various debris that may cause obstruction of the gastrointestinal tract. Should be conducted regularly deworming your pet, at least once every three months to prevent the development of helminth infestation in the animal. And of course, proper nutrition, is no less essential to the health of your dog.

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