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Wood Milling

Milling – machining of materials by cutting rotary cutters that are on the surface of the cutter. Cycloid is the absolute trajectory of milling. In the milling cutter and the part Procurement (future item). Milling (and themselves mills) was invented in the interval between 17 and 18 centuries ad in Germany and Austria. The first milling machine was patented by an Englishman, Eli Whitney in 1818. Milling classified according to various criteria, depending on what is allocated in the first place in the course of processing.

Classification: The shape of the surface, which describe in the space of milling cutters depending on the type of instrumental Depending on the direction of flow and position of the plane processing with respect to fiber material (in this case wood), depending on the direction of cutter rotation more detail describe each type of klassifikatsiy.Danny classification is divided into a conical, cylindrical, face, face-taper, profile frezerovanie.Pri conical milling tool axis is tilted to the treated surface, edge cutters describe a conical surface. In the process of a cylindrical milling cutters describe cylindrical surfaces with parallel work surface and the axis of rotation. Mechanical-conical milling – perpendicular to the processed surface and the axis of rotation of the cutter, is described by a conical surface. Profile milling. It is characterized by a curvilinear shape cutter blade, which describe the rotation described surface complex .Delyat at end-, face, shaped, disk. Depending on the type of instrument obtained this or that piece (or profile). End milling receive slots, grooves and undercuts, etc.

Formed different profiles, such as moldings and window frames and dr. longitudinal, cross and face milling. For the longitudinal milling is characterized by parallel to the plane of the filing and processing of fibers material for the transverse – perpendicular to the grain of the wood to the feeding direction and parallelism of the plane machined surface for face – perpendicular to the direction of feed and the machining plane fibers materiala. copropagating and counter-milling. In the first method of processing surface is cleaner, but with less performance.


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Personal Growth

At this stage of personal growth, we need to deal with such concepts as objective and subjective opinions. To move forward, I would like to express their views on this matter. In my opinion, people mistaken in saying that express an objective opinion, every time estimate what a situation or object. What we know about the surrounding reality? As is well known eye sees the color objects emit a certain range waves, as far as I know, this spectrum is only a small portion of all possible waves. So that we never see the full saturated pictures. The human ear can also catch some air vibrations (sound), in What is the amount of any existing. 2000 units of the brain processes information from 4 million coming.

In fact, the reality is much broader than we imagined. Objective point of view should cover everything that happens and be expressed by an outside observer. Thus, if all that happens, we can not reach, so we can no longer be a bystander, because everything that occurs primarily occurs in the brain. The information comes from the senses, and after treatment with filtered and adjusted in accordance with the way our brain has been difficult. Conclusions are already shipping with their opinions, experiences, and are issued solely through the prism own world of each person.

What we know about the world? The universe was formed as a result of the "Big Bang" although a few, very long time, our solar system is on the edge of the galaxy the Milky Way. That's all that we know objectively that's precisely what I think is the most objective view of the world. And then there are people who argue that even with an objective opinion, in the end we get together for "a very long time ))). Here it is the earth seen from space, it beautiful in itself, but it's worth closer and we see how the world changes, we find ourselves in a lot of subjective maps of reality. Religion, education, environment, school, work, everything is constantly imposes his imprint on our views and we never think objectively. Each person can express only a subjective point of view. Moreover, few people have the ability to think objectively, for its own subjective world. This article is solely the subjective opinion of the author (s), as everything on this site.

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