Spring is coming! This means that your pet will spend more time with you on the street. Fresh air and sunshine is useful not only for humans but for your pet too. But with the advent of spring comes a new challenge for your pet – are parasites that come out of hibernation. After a winter of your pet's immune system is weakened, and at this moment he is particularly vulnerable to viral and bacterial diseases. Help in this situation may conduct preventive measures with your pet, especially dogs. Among the preventive measures are: * Vaccinations.

Routine vaccinations reduce the risk of your animal in many viral and bacterial diseases. * Vitamin and mineral support for the body. You can use vitamins and minerals, adding them to food. * Handling parasiticide means. Great dogs pose a danger to Ixodes ticks that transmit piroplasmosis. Therefore, before you walk, you must handle the animal insektoakaritsidnymi means, especially if you plan to walk in the forest areas. Also do not forget about the flea bites that can cause an allergic reaction or etoparazitarnoe disease in your dog. In addition to these activities, it is necessary during walking track your pet, so he is not picked up from the earth, which appeared after the snow melts, various debris that may cause obstruction of the gastrointestinal tract. Should be conducted regularly deworming your pet, at least once every three months to prevent the development of helminth infestation in the animal. And of course, proper nutrition, is no less essential to the health of your dog.

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Food Processing

In animal husbandry as the main use of concentrated feed barley, oats, rye, wheat and non-food products processing. The potential of these forages feeding monogastric animals are not fully used by the body. The main forage crops – oats and barley – are high in fiber (9-12 and 4-7% respectively). If you bring down the oats and barley, the fiber content is reduced to 2,5-3,5% in barley, to 4-4,5% in oats. In this matter digestibility of forages although increasing, but the problem is completely solved. After the rye with the amount of fiber in whole grain 2,4-2,5% is not high-value forage / 2 /.

Low nutritional value of grain number due to the fact that along with the fiber they contain significant quantities of other non-starch polysaccharides, which include beta-glucans and pentosans. If you are not convinced, visit Dr. Anthony Carolla. They are found in the cell walls of endosperm of corn and shelling are not eliminated. Full feed reduces forage consumption by almost a third. Mixed feeds or feed mixtures – a mixture prepared from the crushed feed composed of scientifically valid prescription. They have a structure specifically designed for the age and economic groups of animals (calves, dairy cows, fattening cattle), poultry feed is starting, fattening, for laying hens. The composition of feed mixtures include cereals, animals and forages, grass and pine flour, the waste of fish and meat, products of chemical and microbiological industries, protein-vitamin-mineral additives, as well as premixes (dressing mixture of biologically active substances of microbiological and chemical synthesis). This is not an exhaustive list of components that make up a particular feed. Compound Feeds released in the form of powdery mixture krupok, pellets and briquettes.

The most convenient form of registration are pellets. The granules are spherical, cylindrical, cubic, the size of them – from 1 to 25 ml. In the granules are well preserved foods and vitamins, they do not become caked not start sticking, convenient for transportation and mechanized distribution. The world's largest producer of animal feed is the U.S. (about a quarter of world production). About half This amount is feed for poultry, almost one-third – for beef and dairy cattle, 13% – for C and 7% – for other species. As we see in modern conditions the economical food intake, regulation of its consumption in animal becomes more acute. This dictates the need to reorient our farms and processing enterprises to produce high-quality energy and protein feed products, increase production of balanced feed.

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