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Prostate Cancer

Studies exist in Brazil that points, to each year, is registered 22 news cases for 100 a thousand inhabitants. The prostate cancer costuma if to reveal of the 50 to the 80, when he is registered 60% of the disgnostic. In initial phase, the prostate tumor not cause no bother to the patient. The symptoms are obstrutivos (as fine spurt; weak, intermittent, with presence of an effort iniciale acute urinria retention) and irritativos (as increase of the miccional, disuria frequency and miccional urgency), what it increases the necessity to carry through the preventive examinations (PSA and retal touch in all the men above of 45 years of age or 40 years will have familiar antecedents of prostate cancer). sseas pains occur in a more delayed phase, when already the dissemination of the tumor in other agencies occurred as ganglia, bones, liver and lung. The prostate cancer can occur in all independent, however it has a bigger predominance in the black and lesser race in the yellow race. The medicine not yet discovered the cause, but already it knows that it does not have a relation with sexual habits, alimentary or vices (tobacco, alcohol and others). The healthful alimentary habits and physical activities are useful for any situation as for the heart and hipertenso and, also, for prostate and rectum.

Currently for the diagnosis of the prostate cancer PSA tests are used, retal, biopsia and rebiopsia touch of prostate. precocious of the cancer, it very adds little to the retal touch and dosage of PSA. On the PSA examination. The collection of this examination must be carried through obeying the following cares: Jejum of 8 hours and absence of ejaculao 2 days before the collection; Not to have done use of supositrios, not to have carried through retal touch or sounding 2 days before the collection; Not to have if submitted the transretal ultrasonografia in last the 7 days; not to have carried through collection for prostate bipsia (6 weeks) or colonoscopia (15 days) before the collection; To prevent exercises as to walk of bicycle or to the horse 2 weeks before the collection; The use of previous medicines, therapies (x-ray, chemotherapy) or surgeries must be communicated the Professional, at the moment of the collection of the material for analysis.


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