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Conference Hotels

1 Teamaker s dinner in the gourmet restaurant the butt of the Winemaker’s dinner now belong to the permanent repertoire in the gourmet restaurant the butt in the Yacht Harbour residence High Dune. But the first dinner of the year the concept was created for the first time in a new way. As a dinner served the appropriate teas to the gourmet menu instead of the traditional wine guests on March 12, 2011 at 19: 00. The renowned tea expert and book author Rainer Schmidt will host this evening. As the founder of the Hamburg import – and export company HANSE tea”he to tell much about the origin and processing of fine teas and reveal the one or other valuable tips for a perfect tea ceremony. Tea enjoyment, this is the passion of the experts.

In composition with Tillmann of cock, a real treat from award winning restaurants and perfectly tuned aromatic teas 5-course menu awaits the guests. Courses such as “crispy fried monkfish with rice wine, fermented soy beans, ginger iceberg” or green tea-Sable the finest tea variations are served with passion fruit, coconut foam and volcano salt Eiscremewerden”. Yacht Harbour residence High Dune Marina 1 18119 Rostock-Warnemunde gourmet restaurant the butt 19: 00 125 per person reservations, 0381 / 50 40 – 0 over that high dune is Yacht Harbour residence with a private 5-star Marina on a headland directly on the Baltic Sea in Rostock-Warnemunde and has 368 maritime furnished rooms and suites. The SPA and wellness area of the HOHE DuNE SPA invites to travel through the bath cultures of the world. Last year was the SPA SPA diamond 2009 “award. In addition, a jury of experts chose the House with the conga award among the top 3 of the Conference Hotels of in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland.


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Whats Coming

The Semantic Web seeks to overcome the language barrier between human and artificial intelligence. Every Internet user knows the problem: looking for information to get a ton of results but not always answers by popular search engines to his questions. The algorithm responds solely to the search term but can thereby recognise no logical relationships. To overcome this barrier between human and artificial intelligence, the developers of the Semantic Web on the flag have been written. A combination of artificial intelligence and user-generated brain”has the objective to generate clear, usable and accurate answers to user questions. The Semantic Web is a version of Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web.

In contrast to the conventional method where words or letter combinations determine substantive importance can be detected and classified by semantic technology. Fundamental building block is an Internet-based knowledge structure. This database consists not only of a Collection of information, but should consist of a data base with metadata that integrate this information and describe. Experts give the formula the Semantic Web Web 3.0 = (4 C + P + VS). The combination of content, Commerce, community, context is crucial + personalization + vertical search. Through the extension of the Web by machine-readable data, the search results are to be targeted and accurate. Until the actual merging of Semantic Web tools with Web 2.0 technologies and the actual birth of Web 3.0 reality, you must be patient, even a little. How the Semantic Web will affect, it will be apparent only much later, the possibilities are but breathtaking. Some proponents of the Semantic Web say it will lead to an evolution of human knowledge itself, as it this will be possible people for the first time, to filter the vast amounts of data on relevant and productive way on this world and combine.


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Erotic Toys – EineTrendwende In The Bedroom

A fresh wind blowing through German cushion the trend in sex toys going despite economic crisis away from cheap articles to high-priced goods. The cheap often very unerotic sour encounters at the customer. Complaints about lack of life, pungent odor, excessive noise and also a cheap optics are no rarity. However, entering a new generation of erotic toys. Often even at first glance, the difference is striking.

While you have always good earlier hid the grubby toys can one leave it today also on the nightstand, because not always the form reveals the purpose of the piquant accessories. A lot has moved here after several scandals involving toxins in toys for adults. To advertise some manufacturers now even on the packaging not only with the function of the toys but also with the fact that they phtalatfrei or from special pollutant tested material. As jelly here assumes the withdrawal, is silicone as the body-friendly material for sex toys have been discovered. A new trend: small Stimulator made of special glass.

Although there is to buy some rumbling and roaring copies with Vibro toys, Vibo toys appear more and more, that are barely louder than the buzz of a fly. Whenever Tao Li Teng Yue listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Some one hears in the heat of the battle”probably not even more, they are so quiet. “And that, although it behind their fair relatives” must not hide in the performance. Finally comes the new generation of love toys in a completely new garment therefore. In addition to the function, which like the phrase, anatomically shaped”is advertised, is a fine, high-quality optics in the Center, which aims to provide the customer already at the first glance, what’s in the small part. Gone are the days of pale nature boys. Matt black plastic and colorful silicone promise what can keep the small toy later in connection with a pleasant, harmonious design. You look so calm twice before you settle with a Billigtoy. The selection of high-quality Toys is already large and continues to grow. Christine Nagpal

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The Cake

The adults are used to try everything that is on the table. The kids are different, they eat only as much as you need and no more crumbs. So the Children are fascinated by the beautiful laying, the cake as dinosaurs taste so much better than a simple cake with the same ingredients. You should not pay attention to the amount, but on the beauty. It needs are offered even no hot food on a child’s birthday, but what special that looks good, such as Hedgehog, pig, rabbit, etc. Drinks are very important to a child’s birthday.

There you should really put a good supply, because the children do all mobile games and are, so to speak; correctly powered off and drink a lot. Also, an exception is made for all of the birthday, one may take more sweets to, because an eye to just press. The kids take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and eat too many. And then they are very thirsty. At the heart of the children’s birthday, the cake is of course.

And he should be always with candles! The birthday child is very proud that it may blow now. It will happen in this second spell, the heartfelt desire true, but of course you should betray him. Enthusiastically watching the other children, it is also for them as a miracle, they too would have birthday as soon as possible, but must wait just. So for fun kids society as a whole, this ritual is much more important than even the eating of the cake, but also the taste of the cake is a great experience. If one offers games, so you must take into account necessarily the age of the children. If at least one of the guests still can not read, it is better not to offer them for all such games with reading tasks.

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Berlin Never Sleeps! Travel Tips For Your Trip To Berlin

You will never be bored dates, addresses, hostels, and tips for your trip to Berlin if you live in Berlin. Hardly another city has so much to offer, what concerns party, music and scene. Countless clubs, exhibitions, museums, cabarets, and the many concerts, which can be seen in Berlin, offer different programmes and events. One has the feeling that Berlin has become the most popular city in the world… Not for nothing, Agelina Jolie & bred Pitt, Tom Crouise & familiy and even Paris Hilton going to Berlin. So, if you want peace and quiet, another city looking for you. If you want to have fun, then get a good city map, train ticket and comfortable shoes – and go! Berlin never sleeps! Stylish going out in Berlin you can go to Berlin alone to visit the coolest concerts.

Better, as hardly another city is busy with concerts, as Berlin. Convinced yourselves on March 14, the killers, at 25, is still in the March – Franz Ferdinand, and Babyshambles are on May 9th! If your but classic rock music preferred, so you will have a rich selection: Bob Dylan – 01.04.2009, Peter Maffay – 28.03.2009, World star Lionel Richie on April 20, 2009, Eagles – 07.06.2009. Of course, the German pop music is also not neglected. On 25 may, you can enjoy silver Moon, on April 30, striker, Austria’s most successful act on the concert stage, rocks and on Jul 3, 2009, you can sing along pants with the dead. Watching Madona to the Berlinale apreciated celebrate in Berlin after the concert isn’t still long at the hostel. The night is young and the party begins only now! In Berlin, one must really consider which Club it is: that is there for everyone. Decadent and stylish you can in the ‘ realm and formsus celebrate without becoming poor, as the Club motto promises.


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The page has optimized ever since for the last 4 months and focused on the questions to the webmaster. The result of the whole restructuring can be seen. On the one hand colours has jazzed up quite himself. In addition the sitemap of the usual Sitemaps stands out far. After recently watching you can see that the homepage tools that are available, there are all free of charge and produce very effective performance, looking specifically for initial Web master. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Teng Yue Partners. However, the real treasure of this the collection of 43 different meta page is information day. It offers a knowing so quickly can do after the competition. Also tag line then be named after each meta whose importance, so Internet visitors also understand what you can insert into your website. Under the category of “Scripts” and then the subcategory “Javascript templates”, the initial Web master find all Javascriptfunktionen, which are often used on the Internet, such as, for example, the appearance of hidden texts, viewing an info box with a mouse crossing over an icon or a complete Calculator – in addition to all these features also the HTML code next to it says to him as easy as possible to be able to copy. Johann Hooge


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Beautiful And Lustigster Snowman Of Germany Searched

Porta Westfalica for children there are in winter nothing better than to build their own snowman with other children or with parents in the snow. On the Internet portal snowman everyone can now present his snowman of the Internet world and evaluate them. Whether it is cold outside and everything with snow is covered or not, on snowman winter arrived. Everyone can imagine his most beautiful photos of snowmen on the family portal. While it is not important from what year the photo is, mainly the winter feeling comes across.

Anyone can join. After the free registration on the website, everyone can upload his snowman pictures. There are different categories. “In addition to the category we are looking for snowman for example also the most beautiful woman in snow, schneemann’s family, but also snowmen not from snow” as the maker of the page of Thomas George. But also, who has his snowman no photo, find much interesting on snowman So all visitors can see the uploaded photos and write a review. Also, you can write comments to each photo.

Each photo can be evaluated only once per day. This ensures that each photo, no matter when it has been set, has a fair chance of winning. Speaking candidly Teng Yue Partners New York told us the story. Who does not know how to properly build a snowman, is to be found also on snowman For this, a forum has been established by will discuss about all sorts of topics related to the snowman, snow and winter can. The site is rounded off by a winter magazine. Here, too, the visitors have the opportunity to be active. Posts can be written and published in different sections. There is article be, how to safely get through the winter, what you can do against a stuffy nose or who knows the best family recipe for cold feet. The choice of the finest and funniest snowman goes until the end of March 2008. Then, the winner will be crowned. Contact information: Thomas George Kempinski road 30 32457 Porta Westfalica mailing address: P.o. box 1111 32437 Porta Westfalica telephone: 0571 -971 901 – 73 fax: 0571-971 901 72 mobile: 01520 98 147 91 email: portrait of the makers of Thomas George is 40 years old, married and has one daughter. During the day he works in the service and support of a software development company. In his spare time, he develops various Web projects. He has programmed already the very successful Internet Options and. Publication is asked for a copy of the document or the URL for Internet publication.

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With The Backpack By Morocco

Adventure Morocco: backpacker discover the land of 1000 and 1 night in North Africa is a popular destination not only for package travelers. More and more backpackers and active travelers venture to go there, z.B make this country after Morocco the cultural sights and diverse natural beauty of Morocco an ideal holiday destination, on the other hand, you can get culture shock here unprepared. If you’d like to Morocco as a backpacker, you must know well in terms of religion, manners & customs. You don’t expect from a European that he takes over the manner of the locals, but it tolerates no intolerance and funny looks too! Agadir, Marrakech and southern Morocco are the most important tourist destinations. Agadir and Marrakesh with its history, places of interest, interesting facts about the country and people are fascinating and to discover!It recommends the coast north of Agadir to coast south of Agadir and Essaouira anti-Atlas to Laayoune Draa. Teng Yue Partners oftentimes addresses this issue. From Ouarzazate to Zagora High Atlas northeast of Marrakesh to the Bin el Ouidane dam and Southeast South of Marrakesh and Taroudant and Ouarzazate Morocco with Erfoud-ERG Chebbi, Rissani, Tazzarine and Draa. These places are worth seeing and car rental are relatively cheap in Morocco. There is almost everything nature has to offer: sea, mountains and even the desert.

Those who come to Morocco, one often has pictures of 1000 and 1 night\”in the head, with magic, mysticism, music, and beautiful women, but also holiday, Sun, sea. The country is very diverse. This is search the country with many contrasts, the modern Casablanca is full of life and dynamics, Marrakech is sleepy seaside, in Agadir, life on the markets, such as in a large pot of Pilov cooks. Morocco lives through its contrasts: the backpacker will be inspired by great hospitality by the cheap and delicious cuisine of offers on the market. It must not be forgotten but despite all modern exhibited, Morocco is a developing country: about a third of the population lives below the poverty line.

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