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Technolgy in the Salon Business

To pass between Scylla and Charybdis can only skilled pilot – because today you can order a project right in the technical department of the sea. The local professionals will convince you that project will be ‘Globe at SES’, and certainly will do everything to make sure all rules were followed, just because you work on the areas from which a good half will belong to the subsidiary that is not income-generating – all sorts of sterilization room, additional bathrooms, elegant lounge for the staff, etc. And the only technology salon business know how, which allows to make and ‘sheep and the wolves are safe enough to eat’, without disturbing the ‘forehead’ standards, but not allowing the wind to roam over squares. Error third – afford zapudrit brains when purchasing equipment. I see how this is happening – why not share? At trade shows, koi me have to go without much pleasure, but on duty, an acquaintance of many newcomers with equipment suppliers. It seems that everything is done as in the time-Shearn firms that to a large Money vparit holders tight purses week in the Canaries – the impact is on all the receptors of the first signaling system in man: * rumor – music rumbles through microphones loud barkers are invited to a presentation – to sure, try to hear in his voice mobile phone. * Sight – roam the crowds of onlookers and charged babes, pavilions painted bright gaudy colors, colorful balloons and flowers.

* Smell – smell hovers itself different cosmetics and perfumes * touch – anywhere squeeze between visitors, and sellers just at hand is not enough. In general, the atmosphere of the booth and eastern fairs – the colorful, noisy, zazyvnoy. It uninitiated easily confused, having inflated nag for thoroughbred racehorse – as it did in the old days. In addition, each seller does not shun foreign goods find fault, and put their products the best in the world. Error when opening a beauty salon and spa Salon In this situation it is not often seen as tired of the noise and stuffiness, an excess of information, people flop over the negotiation table – and chohom bought the first one got a supplier of equipment for all classrooms. Although it is known that virtually no one company where the entire line would be really good. There is a ‘shock’, a strong position, but there are continuous, inefficient things. Such hasty, unwise purchases of equipment – one more often common mistake when creating a beauty salon.

Did not properly – ill and died Beauty – as a people. Someone husky – plows, a tractor and money forges a , while others – from birth slackness in the knees, rickets and flatfoot. Just like in the song: ‘I’ll bet the fish, and no money to nadybal’. No one of the most successful ever complain that ‘customers have nowhere to go. ” But the heads of failed permanent heard sobs and sobs – ‘client went fisted, bred competitors, the master of escape. ” No, colleagues, is not so! For several years in the salon business consulting We are quite seen enough to salons, where from the financial pipes, despite the best efforts leadership, shed only a thin trickle of rusty. But for all the similarity – the weak results, such ill beauty salons in different ways and in different diseases. Continued follow.


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