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Activated Carbon Pros

From time immemorial, our enlightened people consider activated charcoal completely harmless to the body. And is it true? And what really need this coal? Activated charcoal can truly be called universal means of cleaning, although most people accept it in the main flatulence. But allergists, for example, also recommend it to their patients. Of course, only if the allergy is not as strong. In addition, Activated carbon is well helps the body cope with various toxins. Therefore, it is prescribed for the patient and poisoning. By the way, and alcohol poisoning as well. So if you feel a bit 'Looked over' the company, and the next day is an important matter, which is not to be missed, immediately after the end of the libation drink activated charcoal.

This tool will be in relative form, although fully the effects of alcohol does not remove. As for the absolute harmlessness of activated carbon, the rumors about this somewhat exaggerated. And this seemingly innocuous substances have drawbacks. After its application Some patients appear constipated. Therefore, people who suffer from this disease, it is necessary first to consult a doctor. You may have to find other means to treat. In addition, activated carbon, in addition to toxins and absorb much needed vitamin.

This means that the substance should be able to correctly apply. Drink it needed well before eating. But after treatment with coal in any case should drink a course multivitamins. Tatiana Ressin specifically for

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