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Ground Floor

As noted by an architect, a member of the Union of Architects of Russia, Alexander Gorbunov, "called the basement floor, the floor level is below the mark of the planning of land no more than half the height of the room. Its walls are formed designs the foundation. Figuratively speaking, the ground floor – a basement, which aims to become the first floor. " For many years these premises were in a situation of "rogue state": hidden from human eyes, they are, frankly, do not were particularly aesthetics. Today everything is different. Caps are widely used in a variety of needs: they are placed bathrooms, gyms, and various offices.

However, given that the cap – it's special room, there are a number of specific requirements for ventilation, security, etc. To solve these problems using a variety of technical solutions, which ideally should differ not only good practical, but also "aesthetic" characteristics, fitting into the overall design. Activities needed, as air gym in the basement – now one of the most popular solutions. Still, after its own "fitness" – it is very convenient, and most importantly, useful. However, taking such a decision, it is worth remembering that employment can become not a joy, if the room does not ensure a normal level of ventilation. Active sports, on the one hand, require as a balanced composition of the air, on the other – quickly lead to a reduction in quality. The required multiplicity of air exchange in the gym is estimated at 6-8 shifts per hour, compared to the living room for the normal being held there people air must be replaced 3-6 times per hour.


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The Doctor

You need to know You are: risk of cervical pathology does not depend on its size. Moreover, there are situations when pathology is not visible eye. Then no one will put you even diagnosis 'erosion'. Therefore, you should refer to a specialist in cervical pathology even if you think that there is no erosion. Let him will tell you that. And if it is, then this should be a specialist just to run. About tampons – see above. Found that one third of women with precancerous changes in the cervix, used once oil tampons for the treatment of erosion.

So, you've come to a specialist in cervical pathology (such has offices in all major centers, clinics). Inspection of the cervix When a woman turns out to be a gynecologist in a gynecological chair, the doctor first examines the external genitalia, and then proceed to the investigation of the cervix. So it must be, and you can insist that this was made to study two-handed, because hands can injure the neck, if it is defeated, and after a two-handed study of the picture will be incorrect. For inspection of the cervix into the vagina enter the mirror – it's the only unpleasant part of the procedure, because more often they are metallic and cold. In commercial firms sometimes use disposable plastic mirror, they are sold, you can buy them and come to the reception with his mirror. After inserting the mirrors on the cervix direct light and examine it with the naked eye.


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