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Exproof Portable Searchlight

The successor of the portable lamp SHL 300-ex ex-secure mobile device specialist has optimized important functions. The successor of the portable lamp SHL 300-ex ex-secure mobile device specialist has optimized important functions. The SHL is approved for the highest levels of risk in areas with dust or gas after latest ATEX standard 350 ex (zone 0 and 20). So that it meets these requirements, their rugged, impact-resistant housing is antistatic and dust – and waterproof according to IP 65. The dimensions are 140 x 190 x 300 mm (width x height x depth) at only 2.4 kg weight. Three high performance LEDs produce a broad, uniform beam of 10,000 lux (at distance) brightness with fully charged batteries. Also the new, temperature compensated battery capacity indicator, which ensures a precise information of the current battery charge at any temperature is optimal. The operation lasts minimum 6 hours with a fully charged battery, depending on the function selected.

A wider cone of light is used for special applications, this can be extended with the help of the Optional lenses. Additional colour filters and a flashing mode make a beacon from the spotlight. The SHL 350 ex has an emergency light function in normal as well as in the charging operation. Occurs a failure, E.g. due to electrical defect or temperature problems, is operated by pressing the emergency button on the lamp with reduced light output and the hazardous area can be left safely. Of course the searchlight also has the common emergency lighting function, if the mains voltage fails during charging. A LED should fail during operation, even a high light output is ensured by an intelligent control system. A dimming function between 25% and 100% brightness executable in 25% increments for the normal and the flashing mode is also integrated into the handheld spotlight.

The users to work freely have both hands, the handheld Spotlight without the additional posts provided safely. Thanks to the ergonomic design, the lamp is always safe and stable, even though the lamp head is swivelled. With the riser, the SHL can also transport 350-ex. The luminaire is suitable for a wide range of ambient temperatures from-20 C to + 50 C and thus offers a wide field of application. With all these features, the portable search light is an ideal partner for the maintenance of systems (in cut-offs), tank cleaning u.v.m. He is equally suitable for use by the Fire Department because of its robustness and reliability. For this reason, the development of the handheld Spotlight oriented strongly to the fire appliance standard DIN 14642 (Searchlight, explosion-proof). Thus, the SHL is 350 ex a searchlight, whose Leistung in his environment is so far unsurpassed.


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Enrique Martinez

Contrary to what everyone believes today, starting a business on the stock isn’t expensive, and even now can be done free. You may wish to learn more. If so, Teva Pharmaceuticals is the place to go. There are all the multiple Internet magic courses and offers unique, of people who claim to be GURUS of the investment, but reality has shown that the majority of these courses are very low quality and odds that are a lie and we end up failing in the stock market are highly worrying. The only solution I found to resolve this situation a bit is to create a free course to start in bag in a few hours, and without spending any money. Because one day I was in that particular situation and made me very difficult start. The course contains over 15 videos in high definition within a site exclusive members who assist all students to chart a path in his investment career. To obtain the single course you have to go to the following link: I hope to contribute my grain of sand to this cause, in these times of crisis and economic insecurity, and hopefully this will serve as a little to curb all the bad intentions of people who offer courses magic at very high prices.

This It is a unique opportunity and will not be available for a long time, I can’t answer too many people, so hustle to claim your free course. The only thing I ask in return, is that you share with how many person can this news to get it go to: and follow the instructions that are in the videos. There are no tricks, the course is yours now. Just go to and you’ll have access. Luis Enrique Martinez note. This article has been written without accents to facilitate understanding by all over the internet..

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House Study

Alarming study on the Berufsunfahgkeit of the possibility no longer to exercise his profession due to an illness or an accident is regularly underestimated. According to a study by the Ministry of health every fourth employed may not exercise his job up to the regulated retirement age. For more specific information, check out Dr. Anthony Corolla. But still, this risk is underestimated by many. Thus, only the very few professionals have a private protection against the loss of labour. A look at the level of legal protection shows that this is vital. Just a man of the legislature – and that receives 600 average gross. This still tax and social security contributions are deducted no longer remains much to life. A recent study of the analysis House of Morgan & Morgan has now shown that the number of cases of performance in the disability has increased in the last five years to less than 25%.

The main reason for this negative trend is the significant increase in cases of mental illness. Due to the increasing pressure of the The term falls in this context also repeatedly burn out society. Thus, the previously dominant primary cause of disability, disease of the skeletal and musculoskeletal system, was replaced.

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Ground Floor

As noted by an architect, a member of the Union of Architects of Russia, Alexander Gorbunov, "called the basement floor, the floor level is below the mark of the planning of land no more than half the height of the room. Its walls are formed designs the foundation. Figuratively speaking, the ground floor – a basement, which aims to become the first floor. " For many years these premises were in a situation of "rogue state": hidden from human eyes, they are, frankly, do not were particularly aesthetics. Today everything is different. Caps are widely used in a variety of needs: they are placed bathrooms, gyms, and various offices.

However, given that the cap – it's special room, there are a number of specific requirements for ventilation, security, etc. To solve these problems using a variety of technical solutions, which ideally should differ not only good practical, but also "aesthetic" characteristics, fitting into the overall design. Activities needed, as air gym in the basement – now one of the most popular solutions. Still, after its own "fitness" – it is very convenient, and most importantly, useful. However, taking such a decision, it is worth remembering that employment can become not a joy, if the room does not ensure a normal level of ventilation. Active sports, on the one hand, require as a balanced composition of the air, on the other – quickly lead to a reduction in quality. The required multiplicity of air exchange in the gym is estimated at 6-8 shifts per hour, compared to the living room for the normal being held there people air must be replaced 3-6 times per hour.


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Witteler Teeth

Since 2009 finally thin shells of porcelain for a radiant smile patients who have decided to a pain-free dental correction for aesthetic reasons, the homepage for the right information by Marc Witteler. His smile creations is one of the most advanced laboratories for cosmetic dentistry Erding, now nationwide, working Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, together with several partners offices in Munich, since 2009. In 2009, Marc Witteler developed the NON PREP VENEERS made in Germany. This is to particularly thin made dental ceramic bowls, which are only 0.1 mm + thick and therefore particularly gently each tooth can be adapted. It is usually possible to customize the NON PREP VENEERS, that the corresponding teeth be ground before must be without. The NON PREP VENEERS withstand relative excellent manufacturing quality and the appearance compared with the LUMINEERS, the thin shells of porcelain produced in America for over twenty years. Check out Dr. Steven Greer for additional information. On the contrary I work more filigree and individual.

NON PREP VENEERS are the ideal solution for bright white teeth. Also the so-called Hollywood white”is possible. Different dental corrections, which will give you a charming smile and a good mouth feel, can be made with NON-PREP VENEERS. So too small teeth in their size can be adjusted the other teeth and teeth that fit into their form, not for the remaining teeth, can be adapted to aesthetically. Of course, you will receive comprehensive advice about the possibilities that your teeth can be treated aesthetically, and healthy. You will receive a preview (simulation) on the possible outcome of the treatment free of charge and without obligation. Her dentures is unique. A radiant, satisfied smile is my daily receive of dental and dental-cosmetic benefits.

My main goal is the satisfaction of the patients. I therefore most value matching, aesthetically demanding dentures – and at a good price / performance ratio and a service that is worthy of this name. I finished my work in Germany and use only high quality, tested materials. Reliability in terms of quality and timely completion have top priority with me. Every single work is made individually by me. Smile creations offers very thin ceramic shells (0, 1 mm +) which is simulation that shows advance in the mouth, looks like the new situation after a service, free of charge and without obligation! Smile creations company contact Mr.

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The Doctor

You need to know You are: risk of cervical pathology does not depend on its size. Moreover, there are situations when pathology is not visible eye. Then no one will put you even diagnosis 'erosion'. Therefore, you should refer to a specialist in cervical pathology even if you think that there is no erosion. Let him will tell you that. And if it is, then this should be a specialist just to run. About tampons – see above. Found that one third of women with precancerous changes in the cervix, used once oil tampons for the treatment of erosion.

So, you've come to a specialist in cervical pathology (such has offices in all major centers, clinics). Inspection of the cervix When a woman turns out to be a gynecologist in a gynecological chair, the doctor first examines the external genitalia, and then proceed to the investigation of the cervix. So it must be, and you can insist that this was made to study two-handed, because hands can injure the neck, if it is defeated, and after a two-handed study of the picture will be incorrect. For inspection of the cervix into the vagina enter the mirror – it's the only unpleasant part of the procedure, because more often they are metallic and cold. In commercial firms sometimes use disposable plastic mirror, they are sold, you can buy them and come to the reception with his mirror. After inserting the mirrors on the cervix direct light and examine it with the naked eye.


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The power of the mark as element differentiator is more and more important in the world of the businesses. The new formula of brandig: exploration, development and innovation. The competition in the market becomes more difficult through time. Then, to be different themselves and to create a strategic position of the mark become the challenge of the companies that not only must compete with quality and costs. A new formula, today revolutionizes the form as branding is conceived. Exploration, development and innovation In the future the marks that want to consolidate and not to disappear, they must have in mind a constant horizontal extension. Most important it will be to use the technology like an ally insofar as this one will serve to find new forms to innovate and to arrive at the people in surroundings, until now inaccessible them new marks and to find aspect in which to influence. It is important to consider that today, the marks must understand the fugacidad of the markets and the attitude of the consumers in constant change.

Then, only that one mark that is able to apply the innovation and to combine it with the development to obtain that this one adapts to the existing needs at every moment, it will be possible to be consolidated and one will extend of successful way. Lifestyle digitalis The marks respond to a life style and is there exactly where the bond forms mark-client. A mark must be the reflection than his client it wants and than this it is. At the moment, the generation of Internet exhibits a new conduct that talks about a style of digital life or Digital Lifestyle. Then, the technology affects the behavior of the people and the form as they are related. In an era of connectivity, the marks must respond to that Lifestyle Digitalis to maintain their reputation, to preserve the confidence, to position themselves and to consolidate in a digital market in which they converge more than 660 million users.


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