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Beauty Shop Structure

Brunette (clarification of thin strands of hair, creating the effect of the sunlight on your hair). Coloring (coloring only a few large strands to make a bright shade in the image). Stretching color (a smooth transition from dark at the roots to the light color at the tips, there may be many variations). Transparent color (hair color without color in order to add luster to hair.) Design coloring (individually selected coloristic design made on your hair, with which you can adjust the shape of the face, give the amount) Interior Specialists Beauty "Beauty Shop" is recommended to choose one or another form of painting in such cases: Toning. Choose the tinting, if you do not want to radically change the hair color. You can change the shading or hue saturate the native color, without affecting the internal structure of the hair. Modern, gentle, intelligent color with caring ingredients gently coats the hair, smooths out the structure and nourishes the entire length.

The result – superblesk healthy hair, luscious color and you – perfect in its naturalness and originality. Tinting pigments do not penetrate deeply into the hair structure is gradually washed away and do not affect your original color. Consequently, when you want to switch to another color, you can easily do this without any preparation of hair. The correct daily care (shampoos, conditioners, looking after the foam) will keep longer juiciness paint, glitter and the health of your hair. Persistent staining if you have any gray hair, or you want to become lighter or achieve a bright, fashionable shades, you need a stable dye, with which you can achieve 100% paint the gray hair, long and juicy results.

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Negative Emotions

Are you tired of constant stress, which prevent you from being a harmonious and happy, and want to find emotional peace and inner harmony? Then this is for you. From it you’ll learn how to become a winner over negative experiences. In order to stress does not become an obstacle in your path to happiness, psychologists recommend you the following ways to control your emotions: Exemption from repressed emotions. Anger and other strong negative emotions affect your health, if not timely release. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a diary or to engage in various physical activities. You can also beat the pillow, scream, or cry. Just do psychologists recommend forgiveness.

It frees from the offense, which is a strong stress factor and a source of many diseases. For forgiveness, you can use special meditative techniques, such as meditation, Alexander Sviyash, which you can read on the internet or in his books. Prevention of stress through relaxation. In order to manage their emotions to be able to relax. For this purpose, good fit various relaxation techniques, such as autogenic training.

The greatest effect brings the imaging technique. He was very nice. You relax and draw in your mind your favorite pictures that evoke you positive emotions. For example, you can visualize how you walk along the beach. You well. Birds sing and the sun is shining. You enjoy the beauty that surrounds you … If you prefer breathing equipment, do not neglect them. Use them regularly. This is a great way to relieve stress. Stress at work also has a negative effect on you with prolonged exposure. Therefore, it is important to do your job comfortable. For this purpose you can use the science of feng shui. It should also be able to say “no” and not to transfer the problem to work abroad. A time to solve them. If you do not like your job, then look the other way income and self-realization. If you have problems with communication, and this is causing stress, then learn the necessary literature, visit the training and apply this knowledge in practice. Learn how to find common ground with love man, become a genius of communication. This will help you greatly in life. If these tips do not help you, then look for other methods of dealing with stress. They are a huge number. The main use of them. Remember that in order to cope with problem, we must find its source and the ACT. It is most important. It all depends on you.

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Chinese Smile

For clarity, perform one exercise. There is such an ancient, ancient technique described 2000 years ago. Maybe someone who read about the Taoist techniques, or doing Chinese philosophy, know about it. There is a technique. The inner smile. What do you do when you are well? The first and easiest – is to smile.

Smile, even if you do not want to. Let a force and insincere. Once there was a smile on your beautiful face, at once pleasant thoughts climbed into his head. You did not call them – you just smiled. The smile was genuine. Now – note: try to translate into a smile – a smile all over.

Turn your body into a smile. Imagine, as arms, legs, abdomen – all takes the form of a smile. Rejoice! Many thousands of years ago, people noticed that in a good mood the body warm. When warmed up, it means changing your metabolism. If you laugh, then as much as sweat begins to stand out. Hence, metabolism increased. Through an artificial smile you make the body produce endorphins – the hormone of happiness. The hormone causes joy to produce other hormones that are involved in the process of harmony. What does this mean, you can only to feel himself. Do not hurry. It did not work, try again. Who is involved – is obtained at all. Can not just those who are not engaged. They never succeed because they are always in what – a doubt, always stand still and talk instead of moving. They always argue, their time – because the dispute is not born truth, the dispute comes a problem. Arguing only those who have time for this. And you try. Make at least one a step that will bring you to the target by one step. Then another step, another and another. Let it be the smallest steps. In martial arts there is such a moment – to reach the goal be to calculate the distance. If the distance is a little high you do not attain the goal. One little finger shall go to the goal. Few, for one finger. When you feel that all the time – ahead of target. That's moving toward the goal. Tiger does not think when they see their prey. He's going to fly, and when he jumps – it itself perfection. To be healthy you need to do? Believe, to hope? Let's find out what kind of position? Yes, exactly – the position of waiting, a beggar. So, what should I do? To be healthy – you have to be perfectly (!!!) THEM! This position requires the move, work, create, create, live in the present. So live that excitement shivers ran over his body.


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