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Vatican City

Rome is the largest city in Italy and its historical, cultural, gastronomic and architectonic wealth attracts every year thousands and thousands of visitors. Today, fortunately, you can find different Rome hostel, perfect for visiting the eternal city even if we have a somewhat tight budget. If you are preparing a trip to Rome already you need to know what are the main monuments, directions to the Centre and is where all the action, so here are 10 facts about the city you probably unaware. 1. The baths of Caracalla, despite not being in very good condition at present, were very important in his time and occupying an area of more than 100. 000 m 2. In its time of splendor, they had capacity for 1,600 bathers.

2 Rome has a museum devoted exclusively to the pasta. The Museum of the Pasta, unique in the world, presents different machines to make paste, in addition to works of art related to the dough of some contemporary artists. 3. The Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican City is the largest church that has ever been built.

For its part, the city-state of Vatican City is the smallest sovereign State in the world. 4. Apparently, in ancient Rome there was a lack of women, so Romulus kidnapped Sabine tribe women so starring in an important episode in the history of the city, the abduction of the Sabine women. The majority of women were treated as a trophy and the most beautiful became possession of the most important senators. (Perhaps here began this close relationship between the Italians and the women). 5. The crypt of the Capuchins of Rome consists of five chapels and a 60 meter long corridor. It is decorated with more than 4,000 bones of monks of this order that supposedly are beautiful works of art. 6 Rome was the most populous city (more than one million inhabitants) of Europe until the 19th century, when London became the first position in the list of most populated European cities. 7. The first University of Rome, La Sapienza (founded in) 1303), is the largest in Europe and the second largest in the world. It has 21 faculties, 21 museums, 155 libraries and more than 130 departments and institutes. 8. The ancient Romans were very superstitious and had fear of everything related to the left. That is why they called sinister left, hence the origin of the word sinister / to. 9. Are thrown away every day around 3,000 in the famous Fontana di Trevi. Coins are collected every night and the money is used as funds for a supermarket aimed at people with few opportunities and many needs. 10 Italy is probably the country to head in terms of international fashion. Its roots go back to the year 300 B.c. when barbers first appeared in Rome.

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The Demo

Although it is always possible to restart another demo with a new sum of money account and continue operations. These free accounts offered by various websites are usually very easy to handle, only you must download the file and install it on your computer, complete a form and produce the account. One of the benefits of using accounts demos is that you may be accustomed to codes, language and terms used in the FX market, which at the time of practice will allow you to work and operations. In order to obtain success in the foreign exchange market it is advisable before inaugurate activities on a real account, you take 4 months of testing as a minimum on a demo account. Don’t forget to always, that in this market experience and practice are the platform for more successes than failures, in addition to you as operator shall be safe and confident elections take when making operations. You should also take into account that at the time of opening an account real not all it will equal that in demo account, e.g. situations that can induce very different results is leverage or the amount that has started the demo account that will not be probably equal to the sum you will with the real account, therefore also change their earnings. Anyone who wants to start in the foreign exchange market, must necessarily start with a demo account and never with a real account. Remember always what is in jeopardy is capital cu and the end is that you generate benefits and learn how to be a successful investor. Original author and source of the article


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