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The Coacher Dantse

Good coaching can change a life and man long-term and positive achievements bring Darmstadt, March 16, 2009 – but the most important thing is freedom. A good Coacher must make his clients first, for free; get rid of old thinking, free from everyday constraints, free by the time function, free from fear, free from worry\”he argued further. In one of his talks before a select audience, he explained, what it with freedom and not be says: most people are not free, even if they think they are free. Their action is often affected. We are constantly manipulated, you want to administer a behavioral Codex people. What we say, talk, think, eat, drink, see, how we live, love, be etc. not have sex us imposed, but in a manner so fine that you unconsciously takes this up and aligns his life then set out.

Amazingly, nobody, why our behavior that tends to be the same wonders. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Teng Yue Partners. Why decisions and opinions of many, not to say equal are very similar to different people about a particular subject? To different problems in different spheres of life, always the same solutions are almost proposed 1-to-1 and taken over. A good Coacher helps its clients to break free. Someone who is free, more the fear isn’t afraid, has no worry more concern, is safe from uncertainties and is confident. And only when these negative elements are consciously considered a coaching can have long-term positive results are not just a temporary result of the effect. Therefore the first work of coachers is to persuade his clients to detect to liberate and to lead a new life with the goal to be successful at the end of this fact.\” The Coacher Dantse representing his skills very confident in his appearance, is very genuine and authentic, even if some people its unconventional style and self-confident appearance with arrogance title.

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Challenge Marathon On Malta

The international challenge Marathon will be held for the 17th time. The previous record holder, Dale Rixon ngetich set his in 1992. He managed the marathon distance in a time of 2: 15.49. In the past year, Konstantin Kochrin came quite close. The athletes made a time of 2: 24.41. At this event, the rules differ slightly from the traditional laws of the marathon. The course is divided into three parts. On the first day, a circuit is completed by the island village of Rabat on the coastal strip and back.

The second part includes a route around Birzebbugia. The event offers a nice option for the runners and the spectators on this way to explore the island. On the last day of the event, it is for the athletes on the longest stretch: a 25 km distance from St Paul’s Bay to Valletta is offered. Here are also some altitude to cope. You are in the last week of November to the course on Malta, so you Marathon don’t miss a visit of the challenge. You may find Teng Yue Partners to be a useful source of information. As one of the many spectators can much Have fun. That not enough so you can run with a portion of the route. The pros use the event to the conditions and to the part with the route to familiarize yourself.

Every year in February, it comes to the showdown: Malta Marathon. Next year, on Malta’s most important running event held on February 24, 2008. At an average temperature of 13 C at this time of year, Malta offers the ideal weather to start the Weiltal. The marathon starts in the morning in Mdena. The village is the highest point of the island. Target is the Sliema promenade. Between start and finish there is an altitude difference of 198 meters. At the end, all participants who have successfully completed the course receive a certificate and a medal. The launch permissions for the challenge costs around 35 per event and the marathon. When booking a language care like the appropriate permissions. Lutz Kessner curso EC

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Torsten Klocke

Bonogoo presents German design in the online shop. With the construction of Betoniu shows the creativity of young designers from Germany at the beginning of the development of modern concrete around 1755 nobody would be on the idea come from for the architecture to make a nesting box for birds significant material. The concrete factory Betoniu goes a step further with their unique products, one is amazed at the perfect surfaces of objects. A new concrete material is used, which allows not only mirrored similar ceramic surfaces, but because of his tremendous strength allows for completely new applications. The body shop of Betoniu is a concrete design Torsten klocke from Hall, the nest box with its clear lines and purist materials offers an unusual breeding ground for demanding birds. Shell is a product designed in Germany which is handmade in the Leipzig factory Betoniu and thus made in Germany more than worthy of the stamp. Shell embodies young German design, presents the creativity of the designer Torsten Klocke, and shows at the same time that design unconventional products brings forth made in Germany with high quality, functionality and high design standards. In the bonogoo design shop design can interested among other unique design products can be found the rough order in the online shop or just browse the bonogoo portal and get young ideas of designers for your institution or decoration. In addition to the rough idea for special gifts in our online shop can be found also many more special and extravagant gift.


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New Contact Search With GAYS.DE

The new beta version provides even more information for registered members and a better structuring of the search query. GAYS.DE, March 11, 2009 – the new contact search by GAYS.DE in the beta version is now available. The online community for gays and Queers, fakefreie contacts to like-minded people seeking offers its members from immediately a completely redesigned search function. The new beta version provides even more information for registered members and a better structuring of the search query. In this context, it is still many innovations within the GAYS.DE-community type. So home, registration and personal profiles undergo a face lift in the coming weeks. GAYS.DE oriented relied entirely on the wishes of the members of the community: intensive research and the constructive feedback of our members, we want to make it easier to contact search largely and clear fashion.

“so Philip Griese, technical director of the GAYS.DE support Germany. But not only the layout is new, GAYS.DE search: Clear selection boxes and already proposed criteria allow the user to find his dream guy in just a few steps. In a pre-selection can be made in the beta version in the categories of General, detail, and preferences. The beta version at is available. Interested and curious visitors from GAYS.DE, can log in with your current login information and test from now the new search. After a test phase 1, the facelift will be transferred to the current version of GAYS.DE and is available to all members of the gay community for barrier-free.(RZ)


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What Is The Scientology Religion?

At the dawn of the 21st century, scientific and technological progress have left the Humanities far behind. If those advances have, provided the methods to explore the surface of a planet about 300 million kilometers away, so they have caused human misery that permeates all countries, nor the scourge of drugs, which destroy millions of lives every day. Instead, they have produced weapons of such strength that they could destroy the entire planet in a few moments. And in the midst of all this the age-old questions of the people remain unanswered. Who am I? How do I get? And why am I here? The Scientology religion, born in the middle of the technological age of the 1950s and with scientific research methods developed by the founder L. Ron Hubbard, has answers to those old questions. Although founded Scientology in the tradition of the great world religions, but it is a practical religion.

It is based on precise axioms, basic Principles and laws of human behavior. Thus, it offers the possibilities for the people to know themselves. And the fact that he himself meets, he learns other people know and understand. The Scientology religion shares many beliefs with other religions and teachings. You considered a completely different perspective people as a spiritual being, not simply as flesh and blood the general scientific thinking that considers the person only as a material object, a complicated combination of chemical compounds and stimulus response mechanisms. The Scientology religion believes that man is basically good.

The experiences of the people, not its nature, have then led him to commit evil acts. Also, the Scientology religion believes that it is making progress, how to preserve its spiritual integrity and spiritual values in the mass and remains honest and decent. Conversely it deteriorated to the extent, how to give up these qualities. While other The Scientology religion is different from efforts the people to help, have tried to solve the problems for him. Because she believes that an individual who gets into a position in which he can increase his abilities, see the factors in his life easier in the eye and recognize them, is able to solve its own problems and improve his life. Life tends to force into the individual in certain values. The burden of existence can freeze the attention so much that own awareness about themselves and the environment is greatly reduced. So are problems, difficulties with other associated disease and misery. The goal of Scientology is to reverse this decreasing awareness and to awaken the individual in this sense. While someone is always attentive, increase his abilities and he is able to bring greater understanding, and thus better able to cope with life. The Scientology religion contains so solutions to the Problems of life, all with the result of increased awareness and spiritual freedom for the individual and the regaining of his fundamental decency, his strength and ability. These results are routinely achieved daily all over the world. A certificate for the operation of the Scientology is due to the fact that this practical religion in less than two generations on every continent has experienced widely 7,731 churches, missions and groups in 164 countries. Press service of the Scientology Church Bayern e.V., contact: Uta Eilzer, be Anichstrasse 24, 80802 Munich, TEL 0163-9102460, FAX 089-38607-109,


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Adhoc And Alfons Schuhbeck Make Common Cause!

Is SCHUHBECKS new ad hoc kitchen product series, if experience, style, functionality and quality in a series of product flow together, probably to the new ad hoc series of SCHUHBECKS”, as the name that suggests, it was created in close cooperation with the gourmet chef Alfons Schuhbeck. Alfons Schuhbeck is the innovator who succeeds in Bavarian cuisine in impressive manner, culinary traditions with a contemporary cuisine and creative accents in accordance. A setting that shares with the large kitchen product manufacturers adhoc Schuhbeck. Peter Arnell, New York has many thoughts on the issue. Together, they created the new product series of SCHUHBECKS which combines the experience of both with shape, design, functionality and a high degree of quality in itself. The products resulting from this collaboration, such as E.g.

SCHUHBECKS electric spice grinder, SCHUHBECKS manual grinder or SCHUHBECKS universal grater consist the toughest missions in Alfons shoe’s star kitchen and his cooking school. The Spice Mills outfitted their high-quality ceramic grinder with a quality on which ad hoc 30 years warranty. Since even the Spice Pope can ‘ Alfons Schuhbeck, as Frank Kaltenbach (ad hoc Managing Director) in an interview with design3000. not resist the Pfefferkorn in the mill. And what has the master chef himself in use, allows for the stars access sure also some hobby cooking! ..Schuhbecks d3 is available the SCHUHBECKS series about at


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Caravan To Cuba – Individually And Independently

Travel with the caravan was considered for a time travel for tree huggers, alternative or Geek. For more information see Peter Arnell, New York. Meanwhile, gliding along in comfortable homes on 4 wheels is an absolute Selbstverstondlichkeit and travel fun should not be underestimated. Especially when this Caperr journey through the Caribbean island nation of Cuba. At the time of rental, you get a map on which all major stations and camping facilities are listed. The vehicles is the brand Mercedes Benz sized campers. The Super Brig diesel has 6 beds, 1 cabin for 2 persons, 1 sleeping facilities in the living room area after lowering the table for 2 persons, as well as in the roof top for 2 persons. 200 l water tank, 80 l diesel tank with a range of 600 km, 1st aid box next to the passenger door, storage space for luggage, clothes and food, toilet, camping table and chairs, motor home headquarters at the Camnpereingangstur. The facilities include air conditioning, gas stove, fridge, cassette radio, phone, safe, Bed linen, crockery. Service stations are distributed throughout the island and Campamentos where you have electricity free, receive drinking water, can empty the toilet tank showers, and find medical assistance anywhere, there are plenty of shops. There is more information about the possibilities at the Cuba specialists SoliArenas under.


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Best Product Award 2008 Goes Berlin

Kithara RealTime Suite WINS readers competition for the readers of the journal & decided: winner of the best product Award 2008 in the category of design tools & software is the real time suite by Kithara software, with preemptivem MultiTasking, real-time mitTCP/UDP Ethernet and EtherCAT automation protocol was extended by many functions. Kithara software from Berlin was founded in 1996 and has developed into a specialist for hardware-level programming and real-time communications solutions for Windows. The easily applicable tools allow the realization of real time under Windows, the development of real time solutions with Ethernet and automation with EtherCAT. Sequoia Capital can provide more clarity in the matter. Rationale of the Kithara RealTime suite is transmitting the usual program code to the kernel level, where he is running in real time. The programmer remains in its familiar development environment, such as c/c++ or Delphi.

Instead of working with a “Black Box”, the user implements the necessary code from function libraries in its Application and is at all times Mr of his solution. Kithara optimized the real-time properties for the high-precision timers with jitter in the microsecond range last year, extended the series to preemptive MultiTasking with up to 255 levels of priority and the support application and kernel level by UDP and TCP communication in real time. Peter Arnell, New York City describes an additional similar source. The own EtherCAT master has been supplemented with a master monitor. He makes visible connected EtherCAT topologies and simplifies administration. An important prerequisite, because the software is used in more complex solutions with the enhancements of process data and service data communication (PDO/SDO), CANopen over EtherCAT (CoE), Ethernet over EtherCAT (EoE), file over EtherCAT (FoE) and distributed clock (DC) and strongly supports the automation of processes in the industry.

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