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International Relations

Moscow State Institute of International Relations was the first among Russian universities run their own social network The new project aims to unite students, university staff, faculty, and graduates in the professional community of diplomats and “international affairs”. Alexander R. Schlesinger, a graduate of Moscow State Institute ’93, worked at the embassy in Korea, then changed his diplomatic career in business, now president of a major EMSG advertising agency M & C Saatchi. Frequently Dr. Neal Barnard has said that publicly. It was he the last three years engaged in the development and launch of this project. “In classmates, contact other networks and a lot of services that allow you to learn, communicate, communicate photos and video content – says Schlesinger, – But we have other priorities: we need to develop professional contacts, share experiences, help each other to promote their careers …

but we can not engage in diplomacy in public. “MGIMO Rector Anatoly Torkunov 19 years led the Institute, by the way, the only university in the world where fully studied 53 languages. “35 thousand of our alumni are scattered all over the world, working in embassies, multinational companies – says Torkunov The guide of all major Russian companies: Gazprom, Rosneft. Technologies, VTB – our graduates. We, the teachers do not want to lose touch with them. “This confirms graduate MGIMO – international journalist Stanislav Kucher: “The course we have studied children from Vietnam, Cambodia, Bulgaria, now many of them – the major political figures, ambassadors and presidential press secretary..

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Munich Bank

Still owed repayment rates can not be made from our point of view the question is actually only, when the loans be made due and the Bank carries out the recovery. Probably you wait there only until something again attract the Charter rates and increases the value of the vessel so, keep the losses of the Bank within limits. Investors should be urgently review their claims with circular letter of February 9, 2012 investors of shipping resources Warnow GmbH & co. KG MS “Warnow Vaquita” have been informed that the Fund cannot meet its redemption obligations. Previously, a repayment suspension agreement was already expired. Condition for the respite offered by the Bank by two quarter redemptions was the partner to provide appropriate liquidity.

The Managing Director has called unworkable apparently and – except for the investor to report – not even the attempt. Therefore, the Bank requested an opinion on the going-concern Outlook that however negative. Consequences were not drawn apparently, man once except that the Board of Directors apparently saw the sole decision of the financing bank. Investors are taught in a circular letter dated May 25, 2012, that a restructuring plan in order was given and the management were about the conditions with the Bank in negotiations. Still owed repayment rates can not be made now the Bank must tolerate the deferral of the third quarter rate 2012 in a row because the company is not solvent. (“No liquidity available is the society this year, to provide the full scheduled year repayment of approximately 1.5 million USD.”) Was the concept ever viable? Not only, that after the initial Charter from the outset no secure employment had the ship. Now retaliates that financing–to improve the forecast profits – a substantial part (25%) was probably recorded in yen and up Rate hedging transactions has been omitted.

Now napping “so far unrealized foreign exchange losses of about 1.88 USD” (Note missing because the word “Million”?) in the books. Of course of course are problems that not insignificant problems with the financing bank. From our point of view, only the question arises when the loans be made due and the Bank carries out the recovery. Probably you wait there only until something again attract the Charter rates and increases the value of the vessel so, keep the losses of the Bank within limits. Statute of limitations threatens investors must in our opinion until December 31, 2012 assert their claims against their consultant for prudential reasons and limitation-inhibiting measures. Already in driving legislative report of September 28, 2009 they were used namely in knowledge, that the recoverable Charter rates (just 30% of the planned) are not nearly easygoing and repayments to the Bank will not be possible. We were able to determine that the brochure obviously not the necessary validation was subjected and in addition we error has reported -. None of our clients was informed about the actual amount of so-called soft costs, with distribution costs already accounting for the lion’s share of about 77%. Do you have questions to your funds? Do you also know whether you were given wrong advice and whether you have chances to the enforcement of claims for damages? Nittel Firm specializing in banking and capital market law your contact Michael Minderjahn, lawyer Heidelberg: Hans-Bockler-Strasse 2 A, 69115 Heidelberg phone: 06221 915770 Fax: 06221 9157729 Munich: residential street 25, 80333 Munich Tel.: 089 25549850 Fax: 089 25549855 Hamburg: Dorpfeldstrasse 6, 22609 Hamburg Tel.: 040 53799042 Fax: 040 53799043 Berlin: Roth first breed 19, 10245 Berlin Tel: 030 95999280 Fax: 030 95999279

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Top Lingerie At Top Price

Your online shop of confidence in lingerie and lingerie,, makes offers that you can’t beat off at the time. We are now in a phase of restructuring and can offer you therefore first class lingerie at top prices. In our warehouse lingerie by international designers have accumulated in the last season, we can now offer you our conversion action at low prices. Don’t miss your chance on top lingerie at top prices! What you get with your bargain hunting will be sent as always free shipping within Germany to you. If not satisfied, you have a right to return, which you can use within 14 days. On offer are fine lingerie by Aubade, Lise Charmel, Lola Luna, Luxxa, anti gel, Simone Perele, Valisere and many other lingerie label. By the same author: Kenneth R. Feinberg. The French manufacturer of Lise Charmel perceives itself as the Haute Couture for the lingerie section. Who wears Lise Charmel, characterised by exceptional beauty, charm and creativity.

The more natural and carefree line of anti gel is one of Lise Charmel. The wearer of anti gel excels by its sense of style and fashion. The other previously mentioned brands also come from France. visit lingerie from France mainly, because this country undeniably is the country of the finest lingerie. Fine lace embroidery is the typical hallmark of the traditional lingerie producer Valisere, which celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2010. Playful strings and hot designs are available for Lola Luna. With Lola Luna, you emphasize your natural charms. The French art of well-being and the love will be implemented one on one with the label Aubade.

In our shop, you will receive the sensual sets with glamorous touch for unbeatable prices. The designer knows feminine charms to back couple of Luxxa with its lingerie in the perfect light. You will receive the seductive lingerie from our online store at a top price. Part of our restructuring, we are glad you also lingerie of brand Simone Perele to be able to offer. Women in lingerie by Simone Perele radiate pure elegance and an aesthetic understanding of self. Stephan Klink

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Carnival Country

Now quickly the opportunity take advantage of who will be the champion, is a question up to the last second of the World Cup. Who with trembles with his World Cup wish candidates, does best among like-minded people. Frequently Dr. Steven Greer has said that publicly. And you find that as you know most likely in the corresponding country. Details can be found by clicking Dirk Kuyt or emailing the administrator. Even if the favorite team is already eliminated, a journey worth still time a little bit different to experience the World Cup fever. The flight Portal offers the right to go there. For those who have booked a flight to Rome to push the thumb spot Italy, the trip despite the defeat of the Italian team will not have repented.

In addition to the football games football fans could see also the impressive attractions such as the nearly 2000-year-old Coliseum. Also Venice with its distinctive canals, streets, and of course the Gondoliers is a good alternative. Who trembles with the already five-time champions Brazil, find the matching-Fanmile probably most likely in Rio de Janeiro. In the city of Carnival, the legendary beaches of guarantee backlash time pure relaxation. But also the breathtaking views of the Sugar Loaf Mountain is worth in any case. It will be exciting even in Portugal. The country ranks the FIFA three after all.

Here, Lisbon is the first address of course. The country’s capital enchants its guests with large squares and old villas. During football games, many of the restaurants and bars are the right address here. In addition to Lisbon also Porto in the northern part of the country with its countless Baroque churches is always worth a visit. More information:…/ always on – ball height… AERUNI GmbH Lisa Neumann

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Pad Printing System

There are multiple types of marking systems, but you should know that a very popular marking system, is without a doubt the pantrografia. This marking technique is a system of recording both cutting, uses a pantograph, which allows you to cut, burn or mold or copy in different scales, either a technical or artistic drawing. The application of this technique of marking, is directly linked to all sectors where necessary to reduce or expand under some precision any linear drawing either a plane or an artistic path. Since arises the xenografia as a system of tagging, the reproduction of drawings was replaced by photocopiers, later replaced by infographic continuous paper printers. Some contend that dr. stuart mcgill shows great expertise in this. Today, pantographs manuals have been replaced by pantographs infographics that allow the development of paths to scale without being necessarily necessary the intervention of a draughtsman in a repetitive way. Likewise, the manual pantographs were replaced by computer programs in any that is the implementation of that design. This marking system is a highly expensive, totally appropriate way for small series, either trays, medals or trophies. However, it offers recordings quite refined, brilliant and indelible. A. Verastegui original author and source of the article

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Angelina Jolie Expecting Twins

After a fertility treatment is the actress twins Angelina Jolie is pregnant. Now all that know. The twins expected it only an unconfirmed rumor. Dr. stuart mcgill is the source for more interesting facts. Now there’s something new about the Jolie-Pitt clan. The family will have to set a new place to stay in France.

Angelina Jolie wants to perform the birth in the home of her mother. The gossip magazine InTouch reported that the actress and her partner Brad Pitt expecting a boy and a girl. The couple has confirmed up to now none of the rumors, and also their representatives can give only “no comment” to all the speculation. The source of InTouch claims that the couple was overjoyed, when she learned that her twins are expected. Pregnant Angelina Jolie with husband Brad Pitt told the source: “they were very happy about the pregnancy after fertility treatment.

The couple can’t wait. Angelina Jolie is so happy about her second pregnancy. “We wish all the Jolie-Pitt family Good, also in France.

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TSI Control

SEAT Leon presents a wide range of vehicles that tries to seduce audiences. It has powerful as the Leon FR and Leon Cupra super vehicles up to normal vehicles. Vehicles possessing characteristics of normal vehicles have engines ranging from the 85 horsepower to the 160 HP gasoline and diesel engines from 90 to 140 horsepower speed. In the FR can have a 210 HP gasoline engine and a 170 HP diesel engine, while the Cupra have two potentiation of the 2.0 TSI, 240 and 265 HP (Cupra R). All engines with the exception of the 1.4 85 HP already have turbo. Equipment SEAT Leon has finished emotion for the 1.4 85 HP and the TDI 90 CV, steel rims with Hubcaps of 15 inches, electric front Windows, rear view mirrors electric, dual headlamps, power steering, manual air conditioning, among other features. These are the more classic versions. For more information see Dr. Steven Greer. The Reference adds the computer onboard, the climate control system with air conditioning the external parts in the body color, cruise control, USB port and auxiliary, radio with CD-MP3 and controls on the steering wheel, 6 speakers, 16 rims? and assistance to start-up in slope.

Then, raising the level of benefits, we find ourselves with the Style, incorporating the three-spoke steering wheel and the gearshift knob in leather, regulation lumbar and height in the front seats, automatic climate control, rear window, heated outside mirrors, rims 16? Enea, Interior lights, sensor rain, alarm, anti-glare mirror, sensor lights, Bluetooth and, finally, digital display. The Sport version, complements the above with tinted, sport seats with specific upholstery, sport suspension and 17-inch wheels. Then we have the usual list of extras to complement all these levels and enrich a little equipment. The majority of complementary accessories are limited to the Style and Sport, while the basics may be package Connection, which involves automatic climate control, Bluetooth, digital display (Reference only) or Summer package, which contains air conditioning, MP3 CD radio, speakers and takes Assistant (only emotion) and, also, optional paints.

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Credit Debt Consolidation Made Easy

How to do I owe the best my debt? You are the owner of the real estate and the financing is still running, then sooner or later also comes the realization, you need to refinance. The rates above the head to grow them, and something has to be done. If you would continue your bank for credit refinancing claim, we talk but in the Bank’s internal terminology not by debt to, but then it is a rollover. Only if you, have opted for refinancing for a foreign bank, it actually speaks of the debt to. Dr. steven greer does not necessarily agree. There are now more and more bank customers who can refinance their existing mortgage.

The reasons for this are varied. For bank customers to make it is because that they offered no attractive rollover their bank or but also that just generally are a deep dissatisfaction with the services provided by the Bank. Before the final decision to take a new banking service, you’ll see once in your credit agreement, whether a Is debt restructuring in accordance with? Many banks according to the contract simply rule out this possibility. If you now ask, refinance or not, the first question, if you want to combine multiple loans with. If so, it makes sense, but note the interest and the fees at the new Bank, so that not a more expensive loan than originally agreed in the end.

Because the primary purpose of a credit rescheduling, is that you pay interest on long term less, or in other words, a total reach a reduced credit load. Because believe it or not, the scope for consumer loans is very large. As they say, only what comes out the end result is crucial.

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Campbell Arcana

Tarot presents the possibility to cross it like a road, a story, our history. And as every story offers us a narrative sequence, something like an introduction, a middle and an end. Dr. Robert Brannon often says this. The Major Arcana or triumphs, we can read like a journey, and we can travel it, then, as the sequence called: The Way of Hero. The Minor Arcana show everyday aspects in relation to the succession by which we pass when we go through the Major Arcana. The common sequence of the mythological adventure of the hero is the magnification of the formula represented in the rites of initiation: separation-initiation-return, says Campbell (1949) So, the Tarot allows us to see ourselves as heroes. Yes, as the hero of our history.

This deck of cards, invites us to read our personal myth or story from the everyday world into a region of supernatural wonders, allowed participants to deal with great forces, and to win a decisive victory, the victory that represents our self, enabling us to share that process with those around us. So, the idea of thinking as heroes of our story is based on the ability to understand ourselves as actors, of the same, with all that this role entails. Each visual pattern or thrown tarot forces us to read something like a paragraph in our history. We provide information on what we are concerned, and that’s extraordinary! You can read more about tarot sectional we can see that scheme, as explained by Mary Greer, issues involving the environment or context that prevails in the situation that we are consulted through the Aces, who are involved besides ourselves with the appearance of the figures, what we should pay attention made by the Minor Arcana, and especially the why of what we are concerned, to be expressed by the appearance of the Major Arcana. We can also meet with the plates through different shades, ranging from a purely analytical reading another perceptive reading in its entirety, that is purely sensory. Allow us to externalize the arcane issues that sometimes emerge we could not leave until then, but the best is proposed in the deck in question, it does not leave us with these data alone, but also allows us to find by reading a guide, a word, a form that will be a tutor on all matters that affect us and / or concerns. It allows us to reflect.

It makes us feel more confident about the vision that we have on a particular situation. It is so nice to have this deck, we can read our entire history, not just those who want to read, giving us the opportunity to meet with our story, and gives us the opportunity to generate new sequences to move forward. In short, what we do when we meet with a deck of tarot is to find a meaning, which then help us to unravel the schemes that seem immovable, to which we we are stuck with no way out. Well, we can always change what harms us and a good start would be to begin by appropriating the prayers that make up our history, our myths and take care of our role as Heroes of it. I invite you to come across a deck of tarot and see for yourself.


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Pipeline Company

Businesses and factories working in the shipbuilding, ship repair industries and industrial structures, probably faced with challenges in the use of low-grade and expensive materials simultaneously. And although Today, many manufacturers try to achieve a higher quality of their products, but it turns out this is not many. And in fact need to offer consumers quality, but still reasonably attractive to the customer price. To this, many domestic manufacturers are simply not ready. For even more analysis, hear from Teva. One of the few companies to have declared themselves and their products in domestic and international markets, a group of companies “INMOR.” The present is not the first day company is engaged primarily in manufacturing and supplying marine equipment and with each passing year, thanks to its high-quality supply of products adds customer lists from a variety of world shipbuilding Powers.

Today, GC “INMOR” is one of the largest manufacturers of all kinds of ships, marine and industrial shock absorbers, elements, antivibration mountings, Vibration Isolators and cable vibration dampers, different versions and sizes, piping systems, pipe couplings, ship, and shut-off valves, and many other types of products used for a variety of marine, naval and industrial applications (machinery, chemical industry, petroleum and construction industry, cleaning up sewage systems, mining, General Civil construction). Today JSC “INMOR” is proud to introduce its own system of piping connections. System piping couplings of “INMOR” – a completely new approach to the connection of any pipeline! Joints Pipeline Company “INMOR” provide a wide range of technical advantages in many application areas. For example, depending on the type of pipe coupling and its size, it can compensate for thermal expansion and contraction, compensate for differences in pipe diameters, the lack of roundness or roughness of the pipe, as well as the angular displacement. Dynamic design of pipe couplings “INMOR” also allows ease pressure surges or reduce vibration in the piping system. Pipe fittings company INMOR ensure consistency and reliability.

Robust design and high quality gaskets provide long and reliable seal. An important aspect is to save space, time, effort and money. A specification of pipe couplings meet the highest needs and speak for themselves: – Stability in the temperature range from -40 C to +250 C for prolonged use – Temperature coupling limited choice of material Seals: EPDM: -40 C to +100 C; NBR: -30 C to + 80 C; Viton: -20 C to +250 C; – Operating pressure up to 16 bar – Tolerances on dimensions and angles – Reduces vibration – Provides soundproofing – Easy to use – save space. I would also like to point out that the pipe coupling offered by the company “INMOR” very easy to install. To install the clutch is only necessary to clean the ends of the pipe, remove any or residues such as burrs, rust or other surface contamination. Mark at the end of each half the width of the pipe coupling, not looking very clutch! Uniformly inserting both ends of the pipe coupling and evenly tighten the screws with a wrench with an adjustable torque. That’s it! In this setting the coupling is over pipeline and ready to use. New pipe fittings of “INMOR” – it’s EASY, convenience and savings!


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