Russian Federation

Holiday homes in cottage settlements are becoming increasingly attractive in the eyes of the inhabitants of Moscow, compared with the usual metropolitan condominium. A growing number of Muscovites who have financial opportunity to try to improve their living conditions in different ways. Today, an increasing number of wealthy Muscovites chooses to live an elite cottage settlement. Quality of life is much higher than in individual country house. Elite and the respectability of the village is made up of many components.

Of course, he should be comfortable cottage accommodation, built from environmentally friendly quality building material to the mark. The new housing estate is created in a single architectural style, and, as a rule, each luxury home is built on an individual project. In addition to the house itself, important value and comfort of household plot. In each village elite suburban necessarily the presence of highly professional. It must be remembered that the protection of elite settlements danger to life is reduced to a minimum. Calm for the safety of loved ones and property – an important factor in a comfortable stay.

Good transport accessibility – another essential component. For modern life overriding the components that are paid attention – this is the availability of infrastructure and world-class communication. Elite cottage settlement must include the service industry and a highly developed infrastructure: parking, space for walks and recreation, medical facilities, children’s and sports playgrounds, cafes and snack bars, swimming pools and playgrounds. The closer to the boundary of Ring Road is a new gated development, the higher the level of its infrastructure. Order and calm on the streets of the village and cottage in recreation areas, uninterrupted operation of all communications services guarantee performance. Beautiful clean lake or river, beautiful surroundings, nezasorenny forest – But in what area should be located elite country village. One of the most prestigious areas of elite construction – the southwest – as time and has a great environmental area, many forest arrays, lakes and rivers. Get to the capital of the Russian Federation of any cottage community, located on the Kiev highway, possibly as soon as possible because it is one of the most modern, with six lanes. Make your life easy, comfortable, modern and keep in touch with the capital and at the same time to live outdoors in a protected cottage – it is really possible. Cottage Village Kiev highway – is that modern man chooses.

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