The researchers concluded that by taking targeted by a total of 18 important vital substances admission dementia can be delayed by the Alzheimer’s and mental fitness will be strengthened. In the meantime, these basic results were confirmed by other study groups and strengthened. So it is now undisputed that just older people in Germany have a considerable part of the deficit in the supply of vital substances. It is therefore imperative to optimize the supply of nutrients to maintain the physical and mental fitness. This can be done with tablets. Navitum Pharma has developed a preparation based on these future-oriented research results under the name MemoVitum which contains the 18 nutrients used by the researchers of WHO is suitable to the retirement age. MemoVitum (PZN 4604226) is available in pharmacies, also Internet pharmacies or directly at Navitum Pharma. en P Rosenthal Northland. It is used by physicians for the prevention of age-related Recommended memory disorders and dementia.

Also cheap 3 month packs (PZN 0253876) and 6-month packs (PZN 5858064) MemoVitum are available for the provision of meaningful longer-term use of the drug available. Because of the unique composition, these products should be replaced by the pharmacy not against other products even though they appear similar. Every pharmacy can purchase shipping MemoVitum without extra effort directly at Navitum Pharma. Should a pharmacy once does not offer this service can, the customer can shipping order the desired product directly from the company.

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Physical Therapist

Special conditions for the training as physiotherapist are treated a good social skills, empathy and an open being a physical therapist or looks after people who can move only to a limited extent. Use of gymnastic exercises muscles be rebuilt, that don’t work by an illness or an injury as they should. Typical applications of a physical therapist deal with back exercises within a movement therapy, pregnancy exercises, as well as with specific exercises to correct breathing or relaxation. The physiotherapist patients explains the various devices that are needed for strengthening the muscles, and shows how they are used. He helps people to find natural movements or to stay as long as possible mobile and independent. Modern medical treatment plans following the diagnosis and direction of a physician, physiotherapist puts on an inpiduellen treatment plan for the patient. Special medical applications such as new approaches to therapy, for example, the shock wave therapy, are also part of the responsibilities of a physical therapist. At the Physiotherapie Dresden strong emphasis on it, that the employee was always keep their knowledge through continuing education.

Employment opportunities for physical therapists can be found in clinics and hospitals, surgeries and nursing homes in gyms and wellness hotels. Suitability for the specific requirements for the training as physiotherapist physiotherapists are a good social skills, empathy and an open being. The patient stands in the center of attention, so that the physiotherapist should be appropriately friendly. Those who are interested in the three-year training as physiotherapist, must realize that he has to do with patients from different milieus, who come from all age groups. Content of the training includes theoretical knowledge on finding techniques, the training as physiotherapist Exercise science, Anatomy and physiology as well as prevention. In practice, the trainees learn something about the different types of therapy, ranging from massage to the radiation therapy. A basic knowledge in orthopaedics, paediatrics, surgery and other medical areas is required as well as special techniques of physical therapy. With their profound know-how, physiotherapists play an important role at the present time, because they help people to respect despite the everyday stresses and strains on their body and to find diseases and motor restrictions through training to its previous form.

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Doctors Rural Exodus

Medical supply Hamburg threatens twelve million Germans, 10 May 2011 twelve million Germans are threatened by a medical deficiency, so the result of an investigation carried out by to the shortage of physicians in Germany. Particularly in rural areas, over 2,000 doctors are missing, so that every eighth doctor site remains vacant in some regions. For the next year, the experts at expect a further worsening of the situation. The Federal State of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, in which more than one in two in rural areas lives is affected by the shortage of doctors. Many citizens have no family doctor near their residence, because 15% of all general practitioner posts are already vacant. The result: Even with less critical cases more and more patients call an ambulance, because no doctor is available.

The situation deteriorated nationwide. In Bavaria, a decrease is expected over the next few years by over a thousand doctors. Main reason for the shortage of doctors is the perceived lower Quality of life in rural areas as compared to large cities. In the country often lacks a variety of culture, education, restaurants and other infrastructure. The advantages such as cheaper real estate and the closeness to nature not compensate apparently.

As a result, that particular young doctors see cities as significantly more attractive”, so – Managing Director Daniel Grozinger. Significantly longer working hours are a second reason for the exodus. Country doctors must take care of 50% more patients on average than their counterparts in the city. Lower earning potential in the country are third reason for the exodus of doctors, absence of often-lucrative private patients. The policy attempts to stop the rural exodus of doctors, so far without success for years. This year and next expects a further decline of roughly a thousand general practitioners in rural areas. The medical school is the most expensive for the taxpayer in chemistry. Therefore, physicians should either expert Sven Schmidt proposes tuition pay or commit themselves to work for three years in the country”. About is a free directory of information GmbH. The Internet portal umfagreiche provides to companies from all over Germany. among others with DocInsider, MedMonitor, and dpa subsidiary is currently cooperating news.

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Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is high priority – crowns and bridges at the most famous the vast majority people in Germany are very important to beautiful teeth and they are also willing to invest in a flawless set of teeth. This is one of the initiative the central result implant in order given recent study that 2012 was presented on March 27 at the international trade fair of IDS in Cologne. 81 Percent of the 2,000 people surveyed by the prestigious organization therefore attach high importance to the appearance of their teeth. Comparing today’s results with a comparative study from the year 2008 shows: now nine percent can imagine more people to spend money for the beauty of their teeth. Every third respondent indicated a willingness to do this even. The confrontation with the look of the own teeth happens today more intense than it was four years ago. More people are aware, that you can something the subject of aesthetic dentistry for beautiful teeth clearly has gained importance.

Crowns and Bridges most the study covers also the knowledge of respondents about the methods of aesthetic Dentistry: crowns, bridges, dentures and fillings made of ceramics are the most popular forms of treatment to improve the appearance of the teeth and consequently the possibilities even most used by respondents, While the solutions with ceramic are highly popular. Cosmetic services such as bleaching (whitening a whitening gel) and veneers (thin, translucent ceramic veneers) are still little known land, however, here were hardly used by the respondents. Once you have arrived to do motivation through personal consultation, the need for beautiful teeth. In some areas, there is still a lack of information. People expect expert advice especially by their dentist. He can motivate them through active education to dental aesthetic treatments. In particular the link between cosmetic dentistry and tooth preservation is important to the patient. So must represent the dentists more clearly than ever before that the beautification of teeth also contributes to the long-lasting dental health.

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Good Mattress

If you want to keep fit for the day and the stresses of everyday life, should provide enough good sleep. An important criterion for this sleep is the quality of the mattress on which is the sleeper. Regardless of whether one is for the purchase of latex mattresses, foam or opt for traditional spring mattresses: The requirements for each mattress are the same. It is particularly important that the body is supported perfectly and that the hardness of the mattress provides the subjective feeling of lying in the long term comfort. Then really good chance of an intense and regenerative sleep phase.

Good sleep / poor sleep? To this day no one knows exactly why sleep beings as humans. "During sleep regenerates the human body," say many, but certainly without being able to prove their argument. But the fact is that only a good night's sleep provides the necessary fitness. Sleep disorders can be recognized, for example, the fact that one in about four weeks regularly after sleep feeling tired and exhausted. Sleep disorders manifested for instance by poor sleep, constant waking up and staying awake at least minutes and by persistent difficulty concentrating during the day. Blame For example, not be appropriate mattresses, making it difficult the sleeper to find a suitable comfortable sleeping position.

Not too hard and not too soft! Neither too hard nor too soft mattresses are good as a basis for a sound sleep. Mattresses are too hard, so cramped and the spine is bent. The previously common held view that hard beds for good sleep makes is often wrong. At most, very active athletes, people with a slipped disc or very heavy people should choose very hard mattresses. Mattresses are too soft, the change in position is made more difficult during sleep: Normally, the person turns 30 – to 50-times in each sleep. Spine, muscles and intervertebral disc may be based on not to soft mattresses sufficient rest. Really good mattress – not too hard nor too soft support – however, the individual parts of the body. The spine can also retain their natural slight S-shape. As a rough classification hardness exist for mattresses hardness of ONE (very soft) to FOUR (very hard). A lie-and the subjective impression of the individual man can not replace such a Temper-lines, however. The ideal mattress Some like latex mattresses, others on foam mattresses again. Also Visco foam or innerspring mattresses have as a base material for their advantages and disadvantages. In this respect is: Find out about the different types of mattresses, and – at best, treat yourself – you are a 'lie. No better way to find out which mattress is the one for even the most appropriate. It out is an important first step to optimal sleep.

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Managing Director

Also the physiotherapy in Dresden has adapted its offer on the health situation of the population and the rising demand. Dresden 23.04.2013: The practices of general practitioners are always well stocked and the doctors can hardly save from patients. Also the health insurance companies say that the disease costs imposed by our society are too high and still continue to increase. The reasons for this are the shift in the age pyramid, the so-called demographic change on the one hand, on the other hand the causes in an unhealthy diet combined with a lack on movement and abuse of stimulants, for example by alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine”, explains Jens Wielobinski, Naturopath in Dresden and Managing Director of the practice Wielobinski. Therefore, the physiotherapy Dresden lays increasing stress on prevention, whose nutzen not only in society, but also on operational level is becoming ever clearer. Stressful situations can be by physical activity in everyday life and a nutrition healthy diet manage better and increase the well-being.

Thus, disease prevention can reduce the incidence of diseases of everyday life and reduce its spread in the population. Prevention has thus accounts for a double duty to avert personal suffering and to improve the quality of life, as well as to relieve the State in the visits to the doctor unnecessarily become through prevention. For this reason many health insurance companies participate already the cost of prevention classes”, emphasizes the specialist in naturopathy and osteopathy in Dresden. Also the physiotherapy in Dresden has adapted its offer on the health situation of the population and the increasing demand and its services include various prevention courses. The pleasant a derived class is that you’re not alone. In the group, you can learn about the latest fitness trends in the practice of Wielobinski and find maybe also friendships for life. The experienced staff of physiotherapy Dresden explain step by step new as well as old proven techniques that you can learn and also home run to the part in the blink of an eye.

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All activities that require use of coconut and not the body. It’s a very important brain wave that plays many parameters in mental health. Are used in relaxation, loss of stress, focused energy and other many forms of relaxation then, THETA wave fulfils its role as responsible for learning, the settlement and the Organization of concepts.It has been much studied dreams organized thinking, unify concepts and it is that it is there where are these waves! in dreams. Then we have on the one hand that dreams generate Theta waves and Theta waves produce dreams, good, without further trouble we can say that these waves are superimposition for the mind. They are used in learning, the ability to Association and meditation. Last but not least are the DELTA wave whose objective is to repair, healing, healing and absolute relaxation of the body. The wave that is present in the dream is one that allows the absolute rest of the organs. It is used to get sleep, a pleasant dream and rest.

As and as intervenes in favor these States? Sounds are also the end and Cape and the brain waves are waves (all the explained). These sounds are working to generate altered States of consciousness. But be careful! do not want to say that because they are altered they are negative if not the opposite for example working cure stress, offer keys to success in life, or even lose weight. There are many branches of this new and innovative invention on discoveries in the field of neuroscience to achieve different positive States, security light, and final mental health. Here for sounds have FAQ and they have 60 days free warranty, i.e., you return it if you’re not interested and by a secure method of payment as it is ClickBank.

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What Is Pneumonia ?

What is pneumonia? Pneumonia – a group of different etiology, pathogenesis and morphological characteristics of acute infectious disease characterized by a primary lesion of the lungs and respiratory presence vnutrialveolyarnoy exudation. For inflammation in the lungs of infectious nature (allergic, eosinophilic, toxic, radiation, etc.) uses the term "pneumonia". Pneumonia is among the most common diseases encountered in general practice physician. Prevalence of pneumonia in Russia is 3.86 per 1000 adult population. Pneumonia occur at any age, but more often – in children and in persons over 60 years. Fatality rate for pneumonia among young and middle age is 1-3%, and the elderly in the presence of concomitant diseases mortality increases to 15-30%. 2 – Ha than the established classification of pneumonia? Today been adopted classification of pneumonia, which takes into account the context in which it developed, especially infection of lung tissue and the state of immunological reactivity patient.

In accordance with these conditions can be likely to assume the etiology of pneumonia, which should be considered when antibiotic therapy. There are kinds of pneumonia. 1. Community-acquired pneumonia (home, outpatient). 2. Nosocomial pneumonia (hospital, nosocomial).

3. Aspiration pneumonia (in epilepsy, alcoholism, disorders of swallowing, vomiting, etc.). 4. Pneumonia in patients with severe immune defects (in congenital immunodeficiency, hiv infection, drug addiction, alcoholism, cancer, agranulocytosis, the use of immunosuppressive therapy). Separation of pneumonia, depending on conditions on the occurrence of community-acquired and nosocomial due to significant differences in their etiology, clinical course and prognosis. Community-acquired pneumonia most often develops in the absence of severe physical illness, proceed positively, there are a epidemic period (influenza, SARS), in close teams, in contact with animals, birds, etc.


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Technolgy in the Salon Business

To pass between Scylla and Charybdis can only skilled pilot – because today you can order a project right in the technical department of the sea. The local professionals will convince you that project will be ‘Globe at SES’, and certainly will do everything to make sure all rules were followed, just because you work on the areas from which a good half will belong to the subsidiary that is not income-generating – all sorts of sterilization room, additional bathrooms, elegant lounge for the staff, etc. And the only technology salon business know how, which allows to make and ‘sheep and the wolves are safe enough to eat’, without disturbing the ‘forehead’ standards, but not allowing the wind to roam over squares. Error third – afford zapudrit brains when purchasing equipment. I see how this is happening – why not share? At trade shows, koi me have to go without much pleasure, but on duty, an acquaintance of many newcomers with equipment suppliers. It seems that everything is done as in the time-Shearn firms that to a large Money vparit holders tight purses week in the Canaries – the impact is on all the receptors of the first signaling system in man: * rumor – music rumbles through microphones loud barkers are invited to a presentation – to sure, try to hear in his voice mobile phone. * Sight – roam the crowds of onlookers and charged babes, pavilions painted bright gaudy colors, colorful balloons and flowers.

* Smell – smell hovers itself different cosmetics and perfumes * touch – anywhere squeeze between visitors, and sellers just at hand is not enough. In general, the atmosphere of the booth and eastern fairs – the colorful, noisy, zazyvnoy. It uninitiated easily confused, having inflated nag for thoroughbred racehorse – as it did in the old days. In addition, each seller does not shun foreign goods find fault, and put their products the best in the world. Error when opening a beauty salon and spa Salon In this situation it is not often seen as tired of the noise and stuffiness, an excess of information, people flop over the negotiation table – and chohom bought the first one got a supplier of equipment for all classrooms. Although it is known that virtually no one company where the entire line would be really good. There is a ‘shock’, a strong position, but there are continuous, inefficient things. Such hasty, unwise purchases of equipment – one more often common mistake when creating a beauty salon.

Did not properly – ill and died Beauty – as a people. Someone husky – plows, a tractor and money forges a , while others – from birth slackness in the knees, rickets and flatfoot. Just like in the song: ‘I’ll bet the fish, and no money to nadybal’. No one of the most successful ever complain that ‘customers have nowhere to go. ” But the heads of failed permanent heard sobs and sobs – ‘client went fisted, bred competitors, the master of escape. ” No, colleagues, is not so! For several years in the salon business consulting We are quite seen enough to salons, where from the financial pipes, despite the best efforts leadership, shed only a thin trickle of rusty. But for all the similarity – the weak results, such ill beauty salons in different ways and in different diseases. Continued follow.


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Light TsvetChelovek

Interesting information about light and color. What is color? Color is the effect of light waves on the retina of our eyes. It is possible that, therefore, established one of the most important relationship with our inner world. If you mix all colors of the spectrum, we get white. If we mix all the paint, then we get black. This means that no light hits the retina of our eyes. If, for example, go into the sunlight in a black car, it very quickly heats up as the black surface absorbs all light rays.

The white surface reflects the rays of the same in all colors of the visible spectrum. Colors are arranged, depending on the wavelength of light, in a circle: yellow on one side becomes orange, and on the other – is bordered with green. Orange goes into the red and the red in violet, then – deep blue, which, through blue to green, thus closing the circle. Placed in the circle against each other paint has a curious feature: when mixed they always form a gray color. Komplektarnye color. Standing next to have the maximum contrast effect.

And the art of pop art is so strong that affects up to pain in his eyes. Color forming such combinations, called komplektarnymi. This example, a pair of yellow – purple, blue – orange and red and green. In addition, distinguish colors of the two halves of the circle: from red- purple to yellow – warm. From yellow – green to purple – cold.


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