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He fits comments that many dislxicos to learn to read and same if detach in the studies, although its difficulties are the dislxicos calls compensated by playing so well how much the not dislxicos ones in tests of precision of words. See Teva Pharmaceuticals for more details and insights. However they are not automatic nor fluentes in its capacity to identify words and many tell that the reading is tiring. In the reading while reading compensated, not wronged they cannot decode words automatically, dislxicos individuals need to appeal to the use of the context to help to identify them to it specific words. Becoming slower they. In the treatment of the dislxico, to the level of the medical clinic, three processes if complete, the first one deal with the postural reprogramming and psicomotricidade, followed for the modification of the visual information through prismatic lenses of small harnesses and the specialized psicopedaggico support.

According to Dr. Continue to learn more with: Dr. Steven Greer. Sally Shaywitz in its article published in the Scientific American, told that the treatment is an area that has been full of controversies and frequent disillusionments. As Shaywitz one of the most praised treatments for the learning riots was developed by a group led for Paula Tallal, co-director of the Center of Molecular and Mannering Neurocincia of the Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey, and for Michel M. Merzenich of the Center Keck de Integrated Neurocincia of the University of California, in San Francisco. It has some years, some researchers associates they had developed the therapy computerized for the training of children with harmed language, is a program of processing of speaks that it allows to the researchers the amplitude and the duration of its recorded sounds, is fact that eleven children trained with these methods had acquired the equivalent the two years of abilities of language in only one month. But before any treatment it is necessary to recognize if the child is dislxica or, not fitting to the parents and professors to observe as for the development of the verbal language, therefore children with delay in this area can present difficulties in the acquisition of the written language and in the ability of reading later, being necessary still and less important the relation father-children, the ideal would not be that they perceived the alterations of language in house, before the professors, who read for the children, therefore the reading serves of instrument for verifying the capacity that they have for dealing with the words, doctors that they study the subject recognize that how much before diagnosis, better the conditions to intervine.


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Learn Chinese Language

China – the world's largest country by population living in its population. And if you think that this underdeveloped country and the people in her work as slaves for a handful of rice, you're wrong. XX century China was a kind of test strength. Dr. Neal Barnard is actively involved in the matter. The country has swept the revolution, a change of power … The economy was not very good, and a stable, open political position could only dream of. China today – a prosperous state, with advanced economies, politics, culture, education and other sectors. Industrial production grows, the economy develops.

Does not stand still, and education. There are many government programs aimed at improving the quality of education. Collaboration with other countries. The official language of China was adopted by the language or Mandarin Chinese. Chinese belongs to the Sino-Tibetan language family.

In Chinese language speaking 90% of the population of China, which currently stands at more than 1 billion inhabitants. Chinese is used for communication in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Thailand and other countries. More than 50 million people speak Chinese. The official Chinese language, or Mandarin – the national language, in addition, Mandarin is one of the languages of the United Nations. Modern Chinese is divided into nine groups of dialectic. In the coastal and central regions of the country people speak six dialects. In the cities of Ningbo and Shanghai dialects prevalent in the group in the city of Fuzhou – Dialects severnominskoy groups in the cities of Shantou (Swatow or) and Xiamen (Amoy or) in Taiwan common dialects yuzhnominskoy group in southern Jiangxi province in the north-eastern part of Guangdong Province in the city is dominated by Meysyan dialects of Hakka, the city of Guangzhou (Canton or) in the central and eastern Guangdong Province – Cantonese dialect group, and in Hunan people speak dialects of hsiang.

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Civil Registry Office

Apostillization original documents: Stamp ‘Apostille’ may be placed on the original documents issued by various government bodies. Placing stamp “Apostille” to the original educational documents issued in the territory of Ukraine, carried out by the Ministry of Education. In this case, the territorial principle is not taken into account – the document may be issued in any city / region of Ukraine. Stamping ‘Apostille’ on the original documents issued by the Civil Registry Office, carried out by the territorial principle – document issued by the registrar given region, certified by the registrar in the combined archive of this region, and then apostilled the Ministry of Justice. The apostille does not put down: on the originals, copies and photocopies of passport documents, military ID, work books, weapons permits, certificates of registration of vehicles (data sheets), ID cards, regulations, documents which have the character correspondence. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Dr. Stuart M. McGill on most websites. Apostille certifies the authenticity of the signature, in which the person signing the document, and, where appropriate, the identity of the seal or stamp which the document (Article 5 of the Convention). The apostille does not require further certification or legalization, and is recognized by the authorities of all States Parties to the Convention.

A distinctive feature of the apostille is the following inscription: APOSTILLE (Convention de la Haye du 5 octobre 1961). List of participating countries of the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961. Please note that Germany, which also joined the Hague Convention is not recognized as such Ukraine. Therefore, the documents from Ukraine to Germany does not recognize the apostille. If you are going in this country, you need to do a full consular legalization of documents.

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What is this profession so – a translator? Answer at once – a very creative, but paradoxically it may sound – within certain limits. Which means "language" and that such "professional foreign language? Who is the translator at all? Assistant, a rival or an ally? The language reflects the vision of the world a nation, it reflects the mentality of a country, its culture, traditions, even historical events. Language distinguishes us from all other living creatures on the planet who do not have it, in comparison with them we have a huge advantage: we are endowed with a powerful weapon – a word that allows us to express their ideas and negotiate. It is believed that practice of international relations occupy a central place in 6 languages. The leader among them, of course, English, native of this language are four hundred million people. Three hundred million use this language in as a means of business communication, not being native speakers. Another half billion people on earth use it as an additional language in the work or in everyday life. With regard to professional knowledge language, this question is very thin.

The work of an interpreter is very creative, yet requires skill in the art is not only a perfect knowledge of foreign languages, but also a brilliant speech of ownership. After the translator has to translate into totally different fields, from translation of speech at a meeting of judges to the operating instructions for appliances. Perhaps this profession is not as creative as a profession artist or actor, but certainly no less fascinating than the profession of engineer or manager.

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No other profession does not give you many opportunities to observe many different people in different circumstances: from tractor in a field of work to bank directors at the meetings. No other profession does not give you an excellent opportunity to see inside people's mentality and customs of other cultures. But at the same time the profession of an interpreter is very complex. Translator or translation agency should always have a minimum set of data to transfer in order to understand the problem and select the required translation to perform these tasks methods. Jeffrey Bauer, PhD.: the source for more info. Large role in translation plays a style of presentation and the presentation of the material. For example, the Swedish translator, translating the press release with the English language, will drop the number of adjectives, or enthusiastic text, translated in full on Swedish language will be perceived as advertising, which is totally unacceptable to the press release. When translating a guidebook to Italy from Italian to Danish translator must also be "edited" the original text, where the smallest attraction is described as the eighth wonder of the world, that would be quite absurd for the target audience. Thanks to the most skillful interpreters of our children from childhood tales of Astrid Lindgren know, are familiar with Emil from Lenebergi.

Without special training and experience that accumulates over the years not to become highly qualified translator. You are likely familiar examples where highly educated people, who know foreign language, undertook the translation of the text and a couple of hours delayed it, seeing that the task they have undertaken, was to them a lot harder than they thought. Why is this happening? And all because a professional the translator is not only fluent in the language with which he carries, but also has a huge vocabulary in their native language, is able to use it properly, both orally and in writing, can properly reproduce even the style of human speech, which he translates. Another important detail is to successfully complete the transfer specialist must have at least a general Repose of the area in which he translates, which is why upscale translators features the wide horizons, erudition, erudition. Or another situation, if the translator is, for example, an engineer, the knowledge in his field will help him to become highly qualified translator, subject to their respective language education and the availability of translation experience. To date, the specialist in this field requires a very high quality of translation, however, highly skilled professionals working in foreign companies, or a freelancer, working with translation agencies have the opportunity to see and learn much more than other professions and well as higher wages or imposing fees.

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Ethics And Citizenship

The ethics exist to establish norms that they determine as ‘ ‘ we must be’ ‘ in our attitudes, and our behaviors. Thus, ethics are a critical reflection of the morality, therefore it judges the different moral, it establishes norms and it imposes limits. To say on ethics and moral, is to explore the subjectivity human being, and therefore it is about something extremely complex. If you have read about Dr. Anthony Carolla already – you may have come to the same conclusion. tor. The ethics and the citizenship are factors important to structuralize a society, and the lack of these factors can provoke great social riots and take a society to its self-destruction. As well as the ethics, the concept of ‘ ‘ cidadania’ ‘ it is flexible, therefore it is determined by each social group arrives at a certain agreement on which are the behaviors to be taken so that the life in society is free of conflicts.

Therefore, it has the necessity to foment the ethics and the citizenship in favor of a life more joust, more solidary, more human being. A society without ethical principles and exercise of the citizenship never will become a happy society. In an extremely capitalist society, dominated for the fever of the consumption, where what it determines its social status is ‘ ‘ TER’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ POSSUIR’ ‘ , instead of ‘ ‘ SER’ ‘ , the individual becomes each more individualistic time, and one of the impediments in the exercise of the citizenship is the comfort position, the comodismo, not to want to become involved itself. We live in a society where to take off advantage of the fragility of the other it is to be smart, it is to be optimum. The justifications for the lack of the practical one of the ethics and the citizenship are innumerable, however amongst them what more we listen, he is that ‘ ‘ SYSTEM THE CULPADO’ ‘. However, if we are integrant part of this system, consequentemente we are part of the one of the problem, and being part of the problem, we have that to act to foment the change that as much we clamamos.

The society crosses great world-wide crises, however the biggest crisis that we face is the crisis of the conscience, of distortion in the values of the family, the lack of the religiosidade, the respect to the next one. We need to retake our values, that are each time more forgotten, and from there, it is that we will be able to live in a society more joust, fraterna, more happyer.


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Presentation Functions

Heading of the Game: Thinking the functions of objects 2.2. Objective: The dynamics of the activity, a symbolic game, makes use of figures of objects exploring relative aspects to the inclusion, complementation, competition, grouping, construction of concept, classification, conservation, seriao, imagination, verbal reading and writing, addition, notion of relevancy, attention, concentration, perception and memory. 2.3. Material: Figures gotten in referring magazines the domestic ways of transports, medias and objects, A4 paper and black pencil. 2.4. Dynamics, rules and functions of the game. The mediator invites the participants to make a circle and explains the dynamics and the rules of the game; b.

It places a box or an envelope with the figures in the center of the circle; c. It requests that each participant removes a figure randomly and if presents to the group as being the object represented in the figure, nominating a basic function for the same (concept); d. Of as the participant one in ahead, each subject to o if to present will have that to remember and to speak, in the sequence, the names of the figures that represent the participants who if had presented previously (attention, memory and conservation); e. Concluded the presentation, the participants will form object sub-groups for affinity of functions (inclusion, relevancy and classification); f. After that, each sub-group thinks maximum of functions for each object, nominating them and writing down them (complementation, seriao, reading and writing); g. After this stage, each sub-group goes to add the functions of each object and, later, all the nominated objects (addition); h. Finally, the integrant ones of the sub-groups come back to it circulate initial and share its results: they present the nominated figures of objects, functions to each one and the total of functions attributed to objects of the sub-group (competition); i. The object sub-group or the team will be winning of the game that to obtain the biggest number of functions.


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FCmx Continuous

Continuous agreement Intervalado (objective: Anaerobic threshold (l) (a)). It is characterized for dividing the session, first using the continuous method of training and later the intervalado method; remaining during 25 min. 70% of the FCmx (entre13 and 14? scale of Borg) and applying after that intervaladas series of 1 min 85% of the (between 16? scale of Borg). of stimulaton and 3 min. of active recovery. Combined Continuous Intervalado (objective: Anaerobic threshold (l) (a)). It is characterized for dividing the session, first using the intervalado method and later the continuous; initiating with intervaladas series of 1 min of stimulaton 85% of the (between 16? scale of Borg) and 3 minutes of active recovery, 70% of the FCmx (entre13 and 14? scale of Borg) soon 25 minutes continuous 75% of the FCmx (entre13 and 15? scale of Borg). Continuous agreement Continuous Intervalado (objective: Anaerobic threshold (l) (a)).

It is characterized for starting and finishing the session with continuous method 70% of the FCmx (entre13 and 14? scale of Borg) initiating continuous activity, then executing intervaladas series of 1 min of stimulaton 85% of the (between 16? scale of Borg) and 3 minutes of active recovery, 70% of the FCmx (entre13 and 14? scale of Borg) and concluding again with continuous activity. 6.ANALISE BIOMECHANIC Introduction the musculao is very studied, mainly for the cinesiolgico aspect, in which if it searchs to determine the main muscles worked in the force exercises. Really this approach is very important, therefore, to prescribe an exercise, it is basic to know which joints and muscles must be worked. In this training, we will present exercises, the main joints and its movements, the involved muscles and some tips for the practitioner. Initially, it is interesting to analyze the degree of treinabilidade of the practitioner, therefore in case that he is an beginning pupil, it must be initiated the trainings with the great groups.


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Ramon Gallegos Nava

It can be said that most of us have a considerable number of pending regarding the school, possibly the residue of anxiety still intimidating a corner of consciousness, and may prevent us to be forever facing new challenges and to learn new things. It is possible that our school authoritarian, always attentive to the results, inducing fear and constantly watch the clock. Has helped us settle into our favorite disease, perhaps we are not repressed any spontaneous expression of anger, grief, frustration, we are not encouraged to compete, to strive, to fear being late or not doing anything on time . Noel McInnis, an educator interested in learning the physical environment, describes the process. For twelve years we confine the child's body to a limited territory, the energy limited their activity, their senses to a limited stimulation, their sociability to a limited number of partners and mind to limited experience the world around him. What is it you just learn and not do what you like? Why our schools are in the habit of punishing routine and limiting young people? Maybe because the school, as know it was designed long before I had the slightest understanding of the human brain and for a society that has long ceased to exist.

Also these books written by Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava talk about transpersonal education that is more humane than traditional education, and intellectually more rigorous than many alternatives of the past. His goal is not simply prepare individuals to fend for himself in life, but oriented towards transcendence.


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