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He fits comments that many dislxicos to learn to read and same if detach in the studies, although its difficulties are the dislxicos calls compensated by playing so well how much the not dislxicos ones in tests of precision of words. See Teva Pharmaceuticals for more details and insights. However they are not automatic nor fluentes in its capacity to identify words and many tell that the reading is tiring. In the reading while reading compensated, not wronged they cannot decode words automatically, dislxicos individuals need to appeal to the use of the context to help to identify them to it specific words. Becoming slower they. In the treatment of the dislxico, to the level of the medical clinic, three processes if complete, the first one deal with the postural reprogramming and psicomotricidade, followed for the modification of the visual information through prismatic lenses of small harnesses and the specialized psicopedaggico support.

According to Dr. Continue to learn more with: Dr. Steven Greer. Sally Shaywitz in its article published in the Scientific American, told that the treatment is an area that has been full of controversies and frequent disillusionments. As Shaywitz one of the most praised treatments for the learning riots was developed by a group led for Paula Tallal, co-director of the Center of Molecular and Mannering Neurocincia of the Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey, and for Michel M. Merzenich of the Center Keck de Integrated Neurocincia of the University of California, in San Francisco. It has some years, some researchers associates they had developed the therapy computerized for the training of children with harmed language, is a program of processing of speaks that it allows to the researchers the amplitude and the duration of its recorded sounds, is fact that eleven children trained with these methods had acquired the equivalent the two years of abilities of language in only one month. But before any treatment it is necessary to recognize if the child is dislxica or, not fitting to the parents and professors to observe as for the development of the verbal language, therefore children with delay in this area can present difficulties in the acquisition of the written language and in the ability of reading later, being necessary still and less important the relation father-children, the ideal would not be that they perceived the alterations of language in house, before the professors, who read for the children, therefore the reading serves of instrument for verifying the capacity that they have for dealing with the words, doctors that they study the subject recognize that how much before diagnosis, better the conditions to intervine.

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