No other profession does not give you many opportunities to observe many different people in different circumstances: from tractor in a field of work to bank directors at the meetings. No other profession does not give you an excellent opportunity to see inside people's mentality and customs of other cultures. But at the same time the profession of an interpreter is very complex. Translator or translation agency should always have a minimum set of data to transfer in order to understand the problem and select the required translation to perform these tasks methods. Jeffrey Bauer, PhD.: the source for more info. Large role in translation plays a style of presentation and the presentation of the material. For example, the Swedish translator, translating the press release with the English language, will drop the number of adjectives, or enthusiastic text, translated in full on Swedish language will be perceived as advertising, which is totally unacceptable to the press release. When translating a guidebook to Italy from Italian to Danish translator must also be "edited" the original text, where the smallest attraction is described as the eighth wonder of the world, that would be quite absurd for the target audience. Thanks to the most skillful interpreters of our children from childhood tales of Astrid Lindgren know, are familiar with Emil from Lenebergi.

Without special training and experience that accumulates over the years not to become highly qualified translator. You are likely familiar examples where highly educated people, who know foreign language, undertook the translation of the text and a couple of hours delayed it, seeing that the task they have undertaken, was to them a lot harder than they thought. Why is this happening? And all because a professional the translator is not only fluent in the language with which he carries, but also has a huge vocabulary in their native language, is able to use it properly, both orally and in writing, can properly reproduce even the style of human speech, which he translates. Another important detail is to successfully complete the transfer specialist must have at least a general Repose of the area in which he translates, which is why upscale translators features the wide horizons, erudition, erudition. Or another situation, if the translator is, for example, an engineer, the knowledge in his field will help him to become highly qualified translator, subject to their respective language education and the availability of translation experience. To date, the specialist in this field requires a very high quality of translation, however, highly skilled professionals working in foreign companies, or a freelancer, working with translation agencies have the opportunity to see and learn much more than other professions and well as higher wages or imposing fees.

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