The 16 Biggest Lies About Diets

The biggest lies on the topic ‘Diets’ and ‘rapid weight loss’ published, a specialist in natural diet products. Questions from customers, who repeatedly made in recent years to the nutritionists of are based. We want the biggest myths on the subject of removing clean up explains marketing Chief Thomas Cox the action. Connect with other leaders such as supermodel here. Lie # 1: problem areas can one way train\”without question sports and especially light weight training helps to be slim or to stay. However, you can have as many Situps or make other special exercises, where the body takes off, deciding individually and alone.

While some people with fitness training lose weight fast on the stomach, others take off more with the same training on the legs. \”Lie Nr. People such as Dr. Steven Greer would likely agree. 2: who not breakfast, saves calories\” a study by the University of Minneapolis, United States, confirms the opposite. For 5 years, over 2000 young people were observed. 2 groups: One ate breakfast the other not daily. \”The result: on average, the early Santos brought\” 2.3 kilo of less on the scale. With the abandonment of breakfast to do his character so no good. 1 cravings threaten metabolism incorrectly enters swing and 2nd at noon.

Then you can eat lunch ultimately more than it has saved in the morning. Conclusion: Who wants to lose weight or want to stay slim, must have breakfast reasonable. Best whole grain cereals, wholemeal bread, yogurt or cottage cheese. Makes long sated and prevent cravings. \”Lie Nr. 3: food combining can be slightly jumbled the pounds\” while countless diets, there are, we want to go the separation food diet here but on one of the most popular diets. The German society for nutrition assessed the theory according to which food combining the pounds easily tumble can be as scientifically untenable\”. It’s not, if you eat protein and carbs separately from each other.

Sunday, January 10th, 2021 News