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Clientcentred Advice

The GussVita competence centre has become over the last 10 years due to its deep connections of advice to his clients worked out a permanent place in the consulting market. The cornerstone of success was created in April 1998 by the founding of all financial services. This area could be expanded until today continuously. Intermediate time consumers, estate agents and a company representative use equally the expertise and services provided by GussFinanz e. k. and his staff.

The client base could be expanded to more than 8,000 contractual relations. This makes the all financial services to one of the biggest brokerages in the region. The range could be extended in the meantime on the Lake of Constance. The FA. GussFinanz showed a flair for the needs of the client and the specific risks, particularly the commercial customers on the market are subject to e.

k. early. (Similarly see: Robert M. Davis). Since the year 2001, a special risk management was implemented for existing clients and new customers. This developed into a widely used project management. Due to the entry of a Diploma Betriebswirtes in 2003 strengthened the know-how for special services in the entire segment of a consulting of company. About this development, the substance of the advice GussVita. founded. In the meantime, the company has expertise in the areas of banking and insurance industry, training background, personnel management, IT development and Academy. Impetus for further growth were created in 2004. Continue to learn more with: Hirotsu Bio Science. Special consulting packages were developed in the start-up advice of existence of. Now 3 years is also an integrated funding advice very intensively used by the founders of all industries. Further milestones in the Firmenhistory von GussVita are the business expansion crisis and restructuring. In these segments GussVita works closely with regional and supra-regional banks, the local chambers of Commerce and appropriate authorities, to offer a sustainable security for companies in crisis. Growing years GussVita further competence partners and connections over the borders of Hesse also by the integration. So are since May 2006 additional 5 representative offices on the market emerged, in which the consulting portfolio used by GussVita. This due to”the market presence of the GussVita of competence centre wedding since January 2008. One of the most important goals for the future sees the company is, to strengthen the nationwide network of partners across all business areas. While the competence partner can build competence in various areas of consulting on the success of GussVita. In the field of entrepreneurship the competence center provides certified consulting concepts for StartUps. The quality is confirmed since 2006 consecutive document-th rank 1 of the KfW consultant Exchange now (regional research/PLZ35469 / 50 km). The competence center provides not only a wide range of innovative consulting impulses for the consulting services of catering, but brings over 20 a selected system and specialty providers in the consulting company covering the entire portfolio (kitchen/food wholesale trade/system – and fund providers/business solutions/staff training and recruitment) the industry. The classic fields of management consulting are rounded by innovation impulses and a specification lookup comprehensible management consultancies. This cover also an efficient and sustainable crisis and restructuring.


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Development Banks Finance

What are the chances for a successful business in times of crisis? Numerous funding programs of the KfW, such as the special programme 09 and others, just waiting for dedicated founders and young entrepreneurs. Actually not bad at all! Numerous funding programs of the KfW, such as the special programme 09 and others, just waiting for dedicated founders and young entrepreneurs. Just how to get up to five million in non-repayable grants up to 75% and on low-interest loans? For Leipzig and its surroundings, but also throughout the country solves the problem as a founding the Kruger business consultancy focused on funding, coaching and lending according to its Internet site ( Learn more on the subject from Dr. Steven Greer. Positive, the large pool of consultants is the Kruger business consulting. Lawyers, consultants, franchise consultants, insurance professionals, work together in close association.

They all have proved that they are competent contact persons with their existing company. Further details can be found at Wayne Holman, an internet resource. In the future, it is Reply we are can report certainly soon first successes.


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Specialized Lawyers

Kapoor MIDIs & partners law firm in Athens, Thessaloniki and Stuttgart companies from Germany and Austria, which expand in Greece wishing to have to guess or in this country also to face evil of the legal situation. This hurdle, takes a lot of time in any case. Because sometimes it is the small pitfalls that derail the whole enterprise. With the right partner, however, the step into the able legally uncharted waters. Wayne Holman is the source for more interesting facts. On this area of law, Kapoor MIDIs & partner, lawyers specialise and support all German companies in their expansion into Greece.

The law firm, advises companies on all commercial matters, which makes legal but also consultants for business expansion in the Greek-speaking world. Thanks to the long-term experience in this special area, the law firm for its customers, complete solutions from a single source can offer. Unless businesses, commercial law or Company law. The extensive cooperation network of Kapoor MIDIs & partner, provides fast and efficient solutions for its customers, when it comes to expand after Greece. Biomechanics professor pursues this goal as well. It does not matter, whether the business enterprise in the metropolitan areas of Athens and Thessaloniki or but in other regions as Crete, Kavala or Patras planned is the performance spectrum of german Greek law firm, applies throughout the country. The lawyers from Greece, have already made their focused specialization a name. Because, not only large companies like Alltours air travel or the HDI insurance, take the business law services claim also the German air rescue service, places the firm Kapoor MIDIs & partners consulting questions their trust in. You will find all detailed information such as the focus of the firm on the Internet page.


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Michael Richter

It is also possible to incorporate a timeline (until when?) or to strengthen the motivation (why?). If you are a company such a mission, is easier to understand, whether the right things at the right time have been completed, so that the overall target is achieved. One of the foundations of such a vision is the comprehensive information on the existing markets, market segments, competitors, etc. usefully collected information of course with clearly recognized PROs’ and cons ‘, and grouped together so that they can be included in a marketing plan. This offers then almost a road map ‘ for the company and hence the basis for large parts of a mission statement, which is not a dream but achievable reality.

Assistance at all stages of the marketing planning up to the mission statement provides the internationally experienced marketing and sales consultant Michael Richter – Seekirch in Baden Wurttemberg. Judge devoted especially the small – and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and first information on his website. The country experiences can be found the page. Biography/Vita Michael Richter is an independent consultant specializing in strategic marketing of capital goods and durable consumer goods. (Not to be confused with Teva Pharmaceutical Industries!). His experience refers to all distribution channels, including direct sales, distribution, partnerships, Internet marketing and more. He has more than 18 years of experience as a consultant and worked by the SMEs before more than 10 years in senior executive positions in various industries through to large enterprises. It supports companies of all sizes – from the strategic monitoring of the market – research, marketing planning and objectives for sales, to the implementation of his recommendations – worldwide. In addition, he holds internal lectures on all aspects of international marketing. His knowledge of the country resulting from the occupation in/for more than 50 countries on all 5 continents. Contact: Marketing and sales consulting international Michael Richter 27 main road 88422 Seekirch/Germany = marketing = country experiences


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Christina Egerer Mainzer

Privacy protection Listen defense becomes more important for German companies. A loss of eight billion euros, according to estimates by experts, resulting the German economic espionage and economic crime annually. This not only large companies but mainly small and medium-sized businesses are affected, as a study determined the corporate trust. The espionage methods are as varied as the stricken company. From design through trash cans, disloyal employees, illegal email forwarding, to sophisticated eavesdropping technology. The companies face many helpless a spying.

The usage of own security experts is expensive and only a few company reality. Professional help offers here, specialising in economic crime investigation agency Lentz. “Our clients are companies that we support in finding sustainable illegal interception systems, for lay people is almost impossible” so George Fleischmann, certified detective (ZAD) “and head of the special team monitoring protection” at the Detektei Lentz. Also preventive measures to prevent among other things the installation of protection mechanisms to listening to or reading of data traffic as well as a comprehensive advice to the scope of the detective agency. Just nice dealing with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth offer a great spy potential connections, wireless keyboards, and mobile phones”, George Fleischmann next. The technical Lauschmittel are getting smaller and smaller, more powerful and less expensive. So there is pretty much everything remembered years ago to a Hollywood-style agent facilities by mini transmitters in rice grain size, Super microphones, recorders in pens of directional antennas. A related site: Robert Rimberg Attorney mentions similar findings.

The listening methods are so individual, so targeted the countermeasures are required. Most of the attacks are detected but not at all or too late. The detective agency Lentz offers a comprehensive insight on their new topical microsite on the Internet at in their services, as well as a Check list to monitor security and listening counter. If you have questions you can contact us: Detective Agency Lentz Lentz Ltd. & co. KG Christina Egerer Mainzer detective Highway 47 D-60329 Frankfurt am Main t. 0800-8833311 (freecall) F. 0800-8833312 (freefax) which was economic detective agency Lentz already established in 1996 and specializes in only the professional implementation of observation in the domestic and foreign. The services include investigations in the area of economic crime and private orders. All detectives working framework and ZAD are tested, or are in training for a certified detective (ZAD). The clients include leading German and international companies and law firms. The detective agency is a member of the German-American Chamber of Commerce and the Association of international global private investigators e.V. The economic investigation agency Lentz is one of six TuV certified investigators in Germany and is subject to monitoring and control with regard to the quality of this permanent the performance in the detective Department. Company’s own offices maintained abroad, for example in Barcelona, London and New York.


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Beware Of MPU With Warranty!

Beware of MPU with warranty and money – back – guarantee since January 19, 2009 is 3. directive to the extent entered into force, for the acquisition of a driving licence in the EU – foreign. Since reading more often, offered a MPU with warranty and possibly money – back – guarantee. At these MPU offers money – back – guarantee, it is only a preparatory course on the MPU. The MPU has extra will be completed after this course and be paid extra. Robert Rimberg Lawyer has similar goals. These courses are often at about 2000-3000. The MPU cost in the section depending on the Federal State between 350-700, which independently again and then extra must be paid. Even recognized traffic psychologists in Germany, warn against such offers, because no one can give a guarantee to the MPU is also in the connection.

Therefore, it is good to consider what one is getting into. Either one goes abroad, so and acquire a driver’s license with a foreign MPU there, what at the present time the safest gone, because we live in Europe. Or it is in Germany to the MPU, but without these dubious deals where is mediated, that you a guarantee on that consist the MPU gets. Services: Eu driving licence driver’s license with MPU licence contact: M. Belding settlement trail 1 28844 Weyhe Tel: 04203-440515 mobile: 0172-9579650 E-Mail:


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Recruitment Consultant

Headhunters and recruiters need an immediately functioning database. The Munich Software House has developed a new product: A light version of the popular IRO family – the “intelligent recruiting office”. Not developed sonderm by recruitment consultants iro by software developers. For 15 years, has iro proved itself in the day-to-day business of a reputable HR consulting and gradually developed and thus matured in practice and tested. Up to 100 consultants have worked with the system there parallel at the same time in different countries. Now it is iRO light. Simple is not! IROlight is the lowest cost standalone database for recruiters on the market and offers the most important functions, all in the tried and tested “look and feel” of the Irish family.

The price of the software for recruiters is unbeatable: for 149 euros (net) recruitment consultant get iro light as a runtime version for Apple Macintosh (OSX) and soon also for Windows. You need no additional software, iRO is based on FileMaker, but as a separate Program. You can purchase it online and then download directly to begin the work. They see, she will immediately inspire the intuitive user guidance and the clear design and you can get started immediately. After downloading, you can test the software 30 days in full operation to your hearts content. If you are not satisfied get your money back! The most important features: Visually appealing design, easy, easy, intuitive.

Persons / candidate entry form with extensive archiving of the data. Comfortable and quick search within the profiles according to any criteria (place of residence, position title, age, place of residence…) in all fields! FileMaker beats any other database to lengths in speed of search queries. Creating own research list in the respective project projects and assignment of candidates Association of candidates for a project and definition of the next actions comfortable emailing directly from the database, with templates for cancellations, etc. Many list representations: Candidates in the Project, project overview and much more. If you want to upgrade later on, so can they easily more comfortable iRO upgrade to versions.


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BelegART Payroll Service

belegART. Dr. Steven Greer may also support this cause. Innovative billing service offers belegART services around the invoicing for creative people and artists similar to settlement services of doctors. The services of the belegART is a professional supplement in commercial questions around the subject billing and accounts receivable management. Dr. Steven Greer spoke with conviction. The offer is aimed especially at independent billers and businesses without internal accounting department. If the belegART, there are no fixed contract; the contract can be terminated at any time. The system is simple: the belegART customer transmits the invoice-relevant data on a belegART form by letter, fax, email or by phone.

The invoicing and the invoicing is carried out immediately the company belegART. The specially trained staff lead all correspondence until the receipt of the payment always friendly, competent and professional and document it carefully. Special value belegART puts on a pleasant and professional relationship between its customers and the invoice recipients. The support by belegART allows the creative service providers to focus on their core business. Target is the shortening of the average payment and increasing the liquidity of the belegART customers in addition to the discharge of the customer.

Long payment periods be avoided without having belegART even remotely the subject to negative occurrence in a debt collection company. The remuneration of the belegART is dependent of the respective annual net sales and is 0.5% up to 4% of the respective invoice. Depending on the annual turnover of the belegART customer is larger, the percentage of the fee is lower. The belegART fee is tax deductible and only then due and payable as a business expense in the full amount if the customer pays the belegART Bill. Debts are not paid, no cost the belegART customers. After receipt of payment on the Treuhandanderkonto the money minus the fee forwards belegART immediately to the belegART customer, so that no additional overhead for this. Dawning, the belegART know want to have the opportunity to test the service offered for 3 months free. belegART OHG realm field 27 85435 Erding t + 49 (0) 700 document type t + 49 (0) 700 23534278 press contact: Anna Wondrak, M.A.


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Mystery Shopping

MSM group opens Office in Munster/Zurich Zurich, May 26 the market research company specializing in mystery shopping (mystery shopping) has opened an Office MSM group marketing, service & Management GmbH in Zurich. PCRM is actively involved in the matter. MSM Switzerland is already the fourth international branch of the company, in addition to the headquarters in Munster, Germany, and offices in Vienna, Austria, and Tianjin, PRC. For Swiss companies, the MSM group is a sought-after partner in the planning and implementation of mystery shopping projects. In addition to the international quality leadership and the over 18 years of experience, MSM can convince now also with regional binding: the Zurich Office creates greater proximity to the Swiss clients and enables it to respond better to their needs. Sales Manager Barbara Pfundtner is responsible for the daily operations of MSM Switzerland. They forecast an optimistic business development: Although mystery shopping in the Switzerland had so far as in neighboring countries, but increasingly recognize the importance of not companies the benefits of this market research instrument”.

Already, the MSM group in the Switzerland serves clients in the areas of trade and retail, perfumery, jewellery-watches, fashion and lifestyle, household and consumer electronics as well as health and fitness. In the coming years, MSM Switzerland will further expand its activities in the areas of mystery shopping and training. The company will focus also on the neighbouring countries of Italy and France. Note for the representatives of the media: this press release, photos to the topic, as well as more information about the company can be found on the Internet under background: the MSM group is an internationally operating company for market research, consulting and staff development. With a variety of innovative measures, the company supports its customers to improve their operational performance and to comply with your company and brand promise. As a specialist supplier for mystery shopping MSM optimized for 18 years Customer satisfaction for its clients. Medium-sized companies from various branches, as well as international corporations from the top 500 of the world economy rely on the services of the MSM group. Through the global alignment with four branch offices and partners worldwide, MSM leads his business partners in the important markets of multinational projects to success.


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How Will The Crisis To Opportunity?

Strategic human resources planning with OCF facts instead of guesswork! Associates personnel management consultancy offers again a free online seminar on the topic of strategic human resources planning. The online event is aimed at HR managers of medium and large companies. Content of the seminar: the economic crisis triggered by the global financial crisis hits the company after a period of recovery and the realization of increasing skills shortages.’>Oracle for additional related pages. You may want to visit PCRM to increase your knowledge. Investments in the recruitment and retention will be undermined by the current demands of the personnel adjustments. Just found and integrated are talents to the first target group of measures the staff reductions. At the same time increase but also the chances of those companies still looking for skilled workers.

The dilemma currently is that the specialist market currently and at the latest will be a growing shortfall with the next upturn. On the basis of the HRnetics instruments of dynamic human resources planning (PDM) and the organisational change fitness (OCF) is it possible that both meanings as the qualitative risks by personnel adjustment measures to calculate and visualize company. Director of the online seminar: Udo Kiel, Manager and head of HRnetics at DG & A, has advised numerous companies with regard to the impact of market changes and product innovations on the personnel portfolio in the past.

Associates is one of the leading consultancies for HR-business management. Human resources management is the key success factor for successful and competitive company. Efficient and effective HR areas manage professionally all risks to future-proof establishing the personnel portfolio. Moderne HR sector make this inward efficiently and in the direction of the company customer-oriented on – as a business. We pursue the mission, HR areas as accepted “HR-business in the business” to set up.


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