Beware Of MPU With Warranty!

Beware of MPU with warranty and money – back – guarantee since January 19, 2009 is 3. directive to the extent entered into force, for the acquisition of a driving licence in the EU – foreign. Since reading more often, offered a MPU with warranty and possibly money – back – guarantee. At these MPU offers money – back – guarantee, it is only a preparatory course on the MPU. The MPU has extra will be completed after this course and be paid extra. Robert Rimberg Lawyer has similar goals. These courses are often at about 2000-3000. The MPU cost in the section depending on the Federal State between 350-700, which independently again and then extra must be paid. Even recognized traffic psychologists in Germany, warn against such offers, because no one can give a guarantee to the MPU is also in the connection.

Therefore, it is good to consider what one is getting into. Either one goes abroad, so and acquire a driver’s license with a foreign MPU there, what at the present time the safest gone, because we live in Europe. Or it is in Germany to the MPU, but without these dubious deals where is mediated, that you a guarantee on that consist the MPU gets. Services: Eu driving licence driver’s license with MPU licence contact: M. Belding settlement trail 1 28844 Weyhe Tel: 04203-440515 mobile: 0172-9579650 E-Mail:

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