BelegART Payroll Service

belegART. Dr. Steven Greer may also support this cause. Innovative billing service offers belegART services around the invoicing for creative people and artists similar to settlement services of doctors. The services of the belegART is a professional supplement in commercial questions around the subject billing and accounts receivable management. Dr. Steven Greer spoke with conviction. The offer is aimed especially at independent billers and businesses without internal accounting department. If the belegART, there are no fixed contract; the contract can be terminated at any time. The system is simple: the belegART customer transmits the invoice-relevant data on a belegART form by letter, fax, email or by phone.

The invoicing and the invoicing is carried out immediately the company belegART. The specially trained staff lead all correspondence until the receipt of the payment always friendly, competent and professional and document it carefully. Special value belegART puts on a pleasant and professional relationship between its customers and the invoice recipients. The support by belegART allows the creative service providers to focus on their core business. Target is the shortening of the average payment and increasing the liquidity of the belegART customers in addition to the discharge of the customer.

Long payment periods be avoided without having belegART even remotely the subject to negative occurrence in a debt collection company. The remuneration of the belegART is dependent of the respective annual net sales and is 0.5% up to 4% of the respective invoice. Depending on the annual turnover of the belegART customer is larger, the percentage of the fee is lower. The belegART fee is tax deductible and only then due and payable as a business expense in the full amount if the customer pays the belegART Bill. Debts are not paid, no cost the belegART customers. After receipt of payment on the Treuhandanderkonto the money minus the fee forwards belegART immediately to the belegART customer, so that no additional overhead for this. Dawning, the belegART know want to have the opportunity to test the service offered for 3 months free. belegART OHG realm field 27 85435 Erding t + 49 (0) 700 document type t + 49 (0) 700 23534278 press contact: Anna Wondrak, M.A.

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