Tribe Of The Dreams

I know that I am quiet, also discrete I only have friends sincere. I am of the Tribe of the dreams, of the land without badly, where the life is equal does not exist well and badly All are so NATURAL. Because it cannot thus be: Right, Respect Consideration wanting or we are not all Brothers. Learn more at: Dr. Stuart M. McGill. All time that I raise, me astonishment for having left the Tribe where better I become fullfilled I have to coexist people being wanted to die, if to drug to assassinate everything of bad it carries through if hurting and wounding to all its return. I want that Tribe comes of dreams with me, change this reality showing to the truth, clareando the world to me creating dreams in the people. But it is not only enough to wait we have all to make, to make this world to grow, to know to live, with the differences without creating sentence. The differences are essential stop in them becoming Reals, Immortal 2x _2X Weverton Notrevew.


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Par Democracy

However, we ask if we are not understanding of errnea form the democracy direction? The shout is a democratic manifestation of groups of people who go the streets to demand violated rights and she does not stop being used as palco of campaign partisan politics, is not this its focus. The question is: exists democracy in this country? In view of the beginning of opinion and liberty of speech it can be hindered that somebody raises its flag politics in a popular public act in the search and claim of rights? We believe and we understand that this fact is one me the interpretation of the democratic right. We are mixing the things and there we are losing the focus and in leaving to be sultry for political parties where the objective is another one. Democracy is the liberty of speech of a people and not of a minority. Perhaps in this direction let us be as shout of the excluded one far from our focus, has seen that we are today one ‘ ‘ grupinho’ ‘ still we are sultry for others ‘ ‘ grupinhos’ ‘ partisans which the only interest are the campaign politics to arrive itself at the power.

More most dangerous and that he can in them take our exoneration while fighters of human and social rights the determined ones broken or to any are the atrelamento another structure of being able that it is not compromised to the collective one. Read additional details here: Kenneth R. Feinberg. As to live the democratic process where and when if he tries to reveal the free expression in search of social rights, politicians, sustainable, ambient and cultural development economic of an excluded people and where if he places the car in the front of the oxen stifling root cause? It is irresponsible and badly informed of democracy who it thinks that it can raise flag politics in an act as the shout of the excluded ones from day 7 of September? Why then it does not go to raise its partisan flag in the military parade? To if placing the flag politics in an act of fight for social rights, politicians, ambient and cultural they are stifled and hinders the free expression of claim of these rights. It is not possible to chew the sugar cane and to smoke cachimbo at the same time. It is not possible to celebrate a cult, a eucaristia, to participate of the Wax candle of Nazar and at the same time to raise partisan flags at these moments. We need to have coherence and to understand what it is democracy in fact is that it exists same in a corporativista country.

To reflect on the democracy in the contemporaneidade is, without a doubt, a legitimate and indispensable exercise. The expression democracy, throughout the times, was appropriate for different groups and, evidently, it locks up directions, forms, intentions and projects distinct societrios. Robert Rimberg Attorney recognizes the significance of this. In imaginary the popular one, the democracy, usually, is associated with the presence of representative or governing election. However, this is only one formal procedure that, by itself, not express its content. Soon, it appears to the necessity to characterize the term, in case that contrary, can be contributed for the banalizao and the esvaziamento of its meaning. She is necessary to know of that democracy if is speaking, as well as distinguishing between the form, or the procedures, and its content.


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Physical Exercise

The physical exercise is considered a therapeutical modality in the DG in women who do not present any medical or obsttrica contraindication for practical its. (JOVANOVIC-PETERSON and PETERSON, 1991). A program of adjusted physical exercise is, therefore, considered therapeutical adjuvant insurance for the DG. dge. The physical activity will have to be advised, privileging, over all the one that involves the muscles of the superior part of the trunk, with exercises that do not provoke stress mechanic to this level. Further details can be found at dr. steven greer, an internet resource. The daily march must be stimulated. Without hesitation Dr. Robert Brannon explained all about the problem. The trainings cardiovascular of the superior part of the body improve the glicmico control in women dealt only with diet.

(JOVANOVIC-PETERSON, DURAK and PETERSON, 1989). Ahead of the displayed one and the consideraes presented until the moment, it is important to stand out on some complications that to occur in a diabetic person, as hipoglicemia crises, where the sanguineous glucose level becomes abnormally low (50 the 60 mg/dl) had the great amount of insulina or hipoglicemiantes agents, little food or extreme physical activity; cetoacidose diabetic, caused for the insulina absence, being able to vary the glucose levels in the blood (300 the 800 ml/dl), causing dehydration, loss of electrolytes and acidose; hiperglicmica syndrome to hiperosmolar not cettica, where the insulina lack occurs effectively, causing in the person attack hipotenso, deep dehydration, neurological taquicardia and signals (alteration of the sensrio, convulsions, hemiparesia), without presenting cetoacidose and without to suffer gastrointestinal symptoms. if the illness to progress or to advance very, can be acometer structures that can cause functional incapacity with the peripheral and ocular neuropatias, being able to cause blindness and amputations of members, in case that it does not arrive first at the death. FINAL CONSIDERAES Although all the controversies as for the tracing and diagnosis of the DG, exist a consensus on the necessity of glicmico control pressed (with diet and, eventually, insulinoterapia) to improve the prognostic.


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