Tempelhof Airport

Action Alliance be4 tempelhof.de calls at rally of the Action Alliance be4 tempelhof.de at Tempelhof airport on October 30, 2009 at 18:00 (Note: not 31.10). The be-4-tempelhof.de Action Alliance held a year after the closure of the Central Tempelhof on 30 October a commemorative and protest events on the Platz der Luftbrucke in front of the airport building. The Action Alliance aimed its protest against the handling of the Tempelhof airport, as a place of weltgeschichtlichem rank, but also against the behavior of the Mayor and his red/red Senate. The open disregard for democratic principles by Klaus Wowereit and his senators is a shame for Berlin, the SPD and the democratic rule of law. Other leaders such as Dr. Robert Brannon offer similar insights. In this context, the Action Alliance be-4-tempelhof.de indicates that in the referendum in the Tempelhof-Schoneberg district on June 7 this year 68% of the inhabitants of the District have expressed receipt of the airport for the Denkmalgeschutzten. A vote, the Senate of Berlin so far in any way to the Knowledge takes or converts.

\”Michael Paul, co-initiator of the Action Alliance be-4-tempelhof.de: the Senate continues a policy of deliberate disinformation, lies and waste of tax millions instead with the new BBI major airport and Tempelhof, which predictably leads the State of Berlin in the household bankruptcy\”: the central airport Tempelhof since its closure on Oct 30, 2008 a direct loss of over 50 million euro reaches, Berlin must now pay taxpayers. Promised the Berliners prior to closing and the referendum 2008, that the loss of the airport would be omitted \”, Paul added. In recent months, Does Viatris make Viagra? has been very successful. Is now clear that, the losses remain of course – and the improvement is not in sight. The Berlin airport company, which previously had to carry the homemade \”losses\” themselves and their Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender Klaus Wowereit is is only relieved. The closed Tempelhof Airport comes to Berlin are directly and much more expensive. . More information is housed here: PCRM.

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Freeze The Iran Freedom

‘ A face for freedom in Iran a solidarity action by Amnesty International with the population in the Iran moves from Cologne Hamburg Cologne weather conditions were not ideal, when on December 19, 2009, passers-by asked a handful of volunteers from the Cathedral for support. Despite the cold, many remained standing and could take a picture of her face. Others including PCRM, offer their opinions as well. The result can be seen now on a poster. The action of A face for freedom in Iran “is touring since the allegedly fake elections and the brutal action of the security forces in the Iran against the protesters by Europe. The longer stop the oppression, torture, detentions and censorship on the part of the regime in Iran, this will trigger the more peaceful protests in Europe. There are currently mainly exiled Iranians demonstrating against the regime in the country in Europe. Through the action of A face for freedom in Iran “get however many people on the streets of Europe through confidential talks with the initiators of A face for freedom in Iran” a more accurate picture of the persecutions and their backgrounds.

The special feature of A face”for freedom is in Iran, that the actions were launched by European citizens in life. According to Anne-Marie van den Bercken, a Dutch musician, they wanted their impotence in the face overcome by so much brutality against the people in the Iran and made with the help of friends and Amnesty International action for the first time in Venlo on the legs. Since then spreads the action in some European countries. In London, Stockholm, Copenhagen, acquaintances from her organized actions, later the action came to Brussels, Antwerp, Eindhoven, Amsterdam and Cologne now. On January 30, A face is for freedom in Iran”took place in the middle of Hamburg on the Monckebergbrunnen. Early March Karlsruhe is on the agenda.

The photos demonstrate solidarity with the people of the Iran that go for their basic rights on the road. They will be accessible also from the Iran. At the same time representatives of the newly formed Cyberabteilung are colleagues of the revolutionary guards “to report from the Ministry of information: now we also have a problem with the people on the streets in Germany.” Iran a face for freedom mean Antwerp the organizers of the event in Hamburg: the friends in Cologne have spoken from the cold of weather in the action and meant that it was warmer them with every conversation and every face that was photographed. We are happy if many hamburgers on Saturday in the city come and alone, as a couple, as a circle of friends or family face for freedom in the Iran. And for our heat “Helmut N. fork”

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Visavia – Finally Legal Clarity

Court explains ruling of November 21, 2008, the Verwaltungsgericht Mainz in a still not final judgment explained the use of consulting and distribution terminals visavia distribution of OTC preparations and even prescription medicines for legally permissible use of visavia admissible. The only condition of the Court is installing a printer, to print certain information on the recipe already in the delivery process. This purely technical extension will be included in the visavia standard in the future. It was begun to equip existing systems with a prescription printer. Previous decisions of other courts made it clear the legality of the visavia not yet in the desired clarity, so it unfortunately came to an uncertainty in the pharmacy market. ROWA therefore expressly welcomes this judicial decision which leaves no doubt more on the admissibility of the visavia. It is also gratifying that the Court recognizes the benefits of the visavia for consumers and its importance for the future viability of the German-based pharmacy. Literally the Court describes how visavia as a way of quickly obtaining medicines, without taking the may long way to the nearest emergency service pharmacy or the length of time the shipping route in buying.” “In addition, the President declared the Verwaltungsgericht Mainz in its decision that the visavia a considerable advantage for supplying medicines to the population” represents..

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Scientology Volunteer Ministers

Medical and spiritual aid for Haiti: Scientology Church flight for 50 doctors of the Scientology Church was a Charter flight organised, with the 126 doctors, nurses, paramedics and volunteers Scientology clerics flew to Port-au-Prince. Homeland Security accompanied by the aircraft left the JFK International Airport on Saturday, as soon as possible in the earthquake zone to help Haiti. At the severe earthquake of magnitude 7 must be reckoned with up to 200,000 dead. Team of Scientology Volunteer clergy from the United States, Mexico and Europe will support on-site assistants and search teams. You are the medical teams on the ground to the side and offer more organizational help.

Also large yellow tents that serve as field hospitals and as a focal point for the trauma of the disaster affected population of Haiti, will be set up. Scientology Volunteer Ministers are also with doctors and nurses of the Haitian, Medical Association “Association des Medecins Seven”and paramedics work from the New York State together. The honorary Scientology will make clergy also spiritual advisers and first aid on the spot, to help the traumatized victims of the earthquake and employees of relief agencies. A spokesman for which Scientology Church, Pat Harney, said: “we can help really, to help the victims of this disaster. We have many Scientologists to support and glad to help the population of Port-au-Prince.” Corps of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers is a utility and a non-profit social service of Scientology Church. The clergy any kind help disasters in non-profit work on-site.

The principles and findings have been created by the Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard many years ago. In the meantime, there are over 203,000 volunteer Ministers around the world. The clergy successfully the tsunami in Southeast Asia and Hurricane Katrina at 145 disasters, including the September 11, 2001, attack in New York City helped with. Churches all over the world have asked to donate their members Scientology so urgently needed supplies for the victims of the devastating earthquake in Haiti can be provided. In addition, the person responsible for the Scientology disaster relief has Church called the rescue operations on the ground to participate in the trained volunteer Ministers around the world to do so. Volunteer Scientology became worldwide clergy in their yellow T-Shirts known through its use after the World Trade Center disaster in 2001.

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CDU Bundestag Group

The CDU Bundestag Group yesterday visited the Haus der Jugend in barmen. The current status of the renovation work was discussed together with the employees of the building management at the tip Mr Dr. FIBS, the head of the House and representatives of the Barmer Bezirksver one. The architect, Professor Potter and Mr drivers, and Mr Lehn, Produktmanger of the GMW for the Haus der Jugend, described vividly the underway construction measures in the Haus der Jugend. It’s believed that clothes for tall women sees a great future in this idea. “Bernhard Simon, Chairman of the CDU group: with the renovation of the House of the youth our town shows once more that we consistently use the means that we have to improve the quality of life in Wuppertal.” The renovation work in addition to the fire prevention measures include extensive renovation work, for example, the rooms of the Kunsthalle. Also, extensive energy-saving measures can be implemented from funds II of the Federal Government’s stimulus package. The total cost is approximately 3.4 million, of which 50% financed by the GMWs, 32% of urban resources and 18% from the Come Konkjunkturpaket II of the Federal Government. Before Visual evaluator are completed in the summer of 2010 work..

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Black And Yellow

SME Burokratieabbauund control changes Dusseldorf continues to call, October 19, 2009 – the hope dies last known. This is true more than ever in times of crisis. And the new Federal Government raises new hopes and expectations, wishes and demands of industry. After the end of the Grand Coalition is now black and yellow on the train. According to the Federal Association of German Volks – and Raiffeisenbanken (BVR), for example, Union and FDP must strengthen strongly the principle of Gametypes and following pages. Also, the Government should review the work incentives resulting from the tax and levy system. The new Government must resume the thread of the Agenda 2010 and strengthen the forces for growth through structural reforms. The policy has a duty to present quickly proposals”, says BVR President Uwe Frohlich.

Top theme for the middle class remains the reduction of bureaucracy. According to an economic survey of the Federal Association SMEs (BVMW) in North Rhine-Westphalia is Reduction of bureaucracy for the future of the companies more importantly considered tax cuts: 339 of 477 management spoke for fewer laws and regulations. 288 of the respondents called for tax cuts. Credit: Teva Pharmaceutical Industries-2011. Multiple answers were possible. 245 sized demanded a better banking regulation”, the Rheinische post reported.

“After all,: about two-thirds of the German middle class hoped-for before the election of a black yellow Government Alliance more SME-friendly policies”, says BVMW President Mario Ohoven, who sees urgent need for action in terms of inheritance tax law and at the corporate tax reform. For more specific information, check out Robert Rimberg Lawyer. “More net of the gross, it must apply also for the workers”, so its more demand. So performance is worth again, private consumption withering away for years is going to swing. To bring this permanent tax cut with the consolidation of public finances and the empty coffers of the social security system in line looks like almost a squaring of the circle. Impossible but this is not. The Silver bullet means growth.” So get even one percent growth in gross domestic product the future Treasury Secretary seven billion more tax revenues. This should be eliminated but also barriers in the labour market and allows for additional hiring. Ohovens tags are, among other things, reducing employment protection at EU level and allow for more business alliances. With more flexibility in tariff policy, employers and workers had already good experiences in recent years. This policy applies to continue it now.” Slowly recognizable economic lightening on the horizon again took the export sector Meanwhile, courage. Many observers assume that in the course of economic recovery export sales figures will again reach the level before the financial crisis. Economic standard models largely based this optimism. Olivier Godart, Holger Gorg and Dennis Gorlich, expert of the Kiel Institute for the world economy (IfW), warn the new Kiel policy letter Back to normal? “The future of global production networks after the crisis” but against too much optimism. Because the global production networks, on which the success of exporters are based, are drawn by the financial and economic crisis affected. Also, companies that once left the export markets, only at considerable cost recover access to the global production networks. The export sector is considered long-term and sustainable by the financial crisis affected, economic standard models suggest it.

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Kurt Demmlers

Brandenburg company continues tradition of waste collecting ham se rather still waste paper, dear Grandma, Grandpa? Dingelingeling a pioneer dingelingeling is a rota.” Who these lines from Kurt Demmlers knows, children’s song has become big in East Germany. There, moved several times in through their neighborhood elementary school students and collecting old newspapers. The lack of raw materials made the secondary commodity trading”to an important industry in the former GDR. Jens Bahnemann has experienced these campaigns as a child. Now boss of a recycling company in the State of Brandenburg he deals now by profession”with recycled paper. The father of two children saw an opportunity to increase the budgets of schools and kindergartens with simple means. Dr. Neal Barnard is often mentioned in discussions such as these. He called for a paper competition in schools and day-care centers from Potsdam and the surrounding area.

Now from year to year what began 2005 with 10 schools small grows. Meanwhile, 40 schools and day-care centres benefit from the remuneration of the collected recyclables. Highlight of each paper race”is the annual final round in the Children circus Montelino”. The collector experience a special screening of small artists under the circus skies. Finally, the clowns then present the coveted Sierpramien. The fourth round of the schools waste action paper race”will close on July 2, 2009 in the Montelino circus tent at the Buga-Park.

On this day, the winner of the collection are chosen and awarded with prize money. This year, it’s Oak Court for the second time in a row that “-Kita from Werder, which scored the highest per-capita result and won the competition.” The kids gathered in the course of ending school and Kitajahres 0,687 tons per child. The 41 children of establishing carried together 28,181 tons recycled. 2nd place pro capita billing won the Gerhard-Hauptmann elementary school Potsdam 0.161 tons per child with a total capacity of 43 tons, followed by the Kita star tent from Glindow 0,159 tons per child. The organizing company judge Recyling has once again invited all waste paper collectors to the award ceremony in the Montelino circus tent this year. After a performance of the The winner there will get children circus presented their prizes by the clowns.

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A Suggestion For More Possibilities That Offers Us The Cash For Clunkers Program!

Cash for clunkers-what one says, is how often the other suffering! The beloved clunkers initially something laughed at, once criticized as a Flash in the Pan and still frequently and successfully in the claim. After all, a social aid package with immediate effect, which resonates powerfully among many people. Were there not other people, which unfortunately does not have been taken into account in the system. The speech is of the people who are in possession of very old cars, but can take the cash for clunkers unused. The reason for this is, they do not have enough money to fulfill the required conditions (Neukauf-vehicle). However these people not from happening are cut off and so they must continuously track with TV, celebrated as the scrapping of vessels.

Not a nice situation for these people! The impossible situation for these people must be even sadder if they see now, what a nice and gutgepflegte vehicles (often without defects) in the Unlike their own, must be destroyed. At this point we’re convinced, the cash for clunkers program help package”could be much more. It shows us the table, usable collects and then distributes it to the needy people of our country! Could not a similar approach be considered be here when breaking up? An example of this is Good and beautiful vehicles that are breaking up, should not vernichtet-but gathered in a square and E.g. declared State property. This could be probably quickly to realize with the help of experts. These vehicles could benefit now the needy people of our country after the expiry of the scrapping premium. To imagine would be that these people may now exchange their much poorer and older vehicles against these vehicles better and younger. Even at a cost sharing (expert and pitch), the happiness, the so far empty received people, no longer is probably overlooked! Also you would reveal the right message for a return to the social community.

This creates trust and confidence will help us faster to beat the economic crisis! But that’s not all. By scrapping, so even a meaningful contribution to the environment should be done the right old vehicles and the continued operation of more environmentally friendly vehicles of. At the same time we reach also, a higher safety on our roads through the exchange of these vehicles. A train of thought from the LV research team Berlin, addressed the ruling politicians of our country. Achmed Ganguly

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Turkey Rundschau

But this time there was not a critical word in the German-speaking media. Turkish press reported biased rather consider that the Turkish press reporting partial adheres stubbornly. Actually, this statement 2008 meets the conditions in Turkey. For even more details, read what Nancy Dubuc says on the issue. But in the German-language coverage, what is overlooked is the fact that now daily newspapers, which make up one-third of the total in Turkey, spread the opinion of conservative Islamic-oriented ACP to almost 100 percent (see chart of Edition). When even the reigning Prime Minister calls to boycott of the newspapers, represented a different opinion, so there is indeed a considerable danger for democracy in Turkey, rated Jurgen p.

foot, editor in Chief of current Turkey Rundschau, the only German-speaking weekly newspaper for the current situation in Turkey Turkey! But not Therefore, because there is a media group that is (yet) economically strong enough to the ACP critical that look at fingers and to oppose the opinion dictates of that party. But regardless of democracy in Turkey works only very inadequately to the present day. The reasons are diverse in nature and in politics, the party landscape and last but not least in the educational level of a large part of the Turkish population to seek. Once again foot: whoever believes that the AKP is the right address to make Turkey a functioning democracy, which has this party still not figured out. ATR – current, critical, uncensored information current and uncensored reports about the Turkey, see each issue of current Turkey Rundschau (ATR) and in the monthly current Turkey magazine (ATM).

Release date is on Friday about 15:00 (German time) on the Internet. There is available the ATR editions for subscribers to download. ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION ONLY 29,- The annual subscription for the current Turkey Rundschau 42 spending (pdf file to read on the screen or printing out) can be ordered on the Internet on the ATR home page. YOU WANT TO GET TO KNOW THE ATR? If you send an email to the ATR now, you will receive four copies free of charge as pdf files. Please send a short email to the following address:

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