Visavia – Finally Legal Clarity

Court explains ruling of November 21, 2008, the Verwaltungsgericht Mainz in a still not final judgment explained the use of consulting and distribution terminals visavia distribution of OTC preparations and even prescription medicines for legally permissible use of visavia admissible. The only condition of the Court is installing a printer, to print certain information on the recipe already in the delivery process. This purely technical extension will be included in the visavia standard in the future. It was begun to equip existing systems with a prescription printer. Previous decisions of other courts made it clear the legality of the visavia not yet in the desired clarity, so it unfortunately came to an uncertainty in the pharmacy market. ROWA therefore expressly welcomes this judicial decision which leaves no doubt more on the admissibility of the visavia. It is also gratifying that the Court recognizes the benefits of the visavia for consumers and its importance for the future viability of the German-based pharmacy. Literally the Court describes how visavia as a way of quickly obtaining medicines, without taking the may long way to the nearest emergency service pharmacy or the length of time the shipping route in buying.” “In addition, the President declared the Verwaltungsgericht Mainz in its decision that the visavia a considerable advantage for supplying medicines to the population” represents..

Sunday, June 27th, 2021 News