Kurt Demmlers

Brandenburg company continues tradition of waste collecting ham se rather still waste paper, dear Grandma, Grandpa? Dingelingeling a pioneer dingelingeling is a rota.” Who these lines from Kurt Demmlers knows, children’s song has become big in East Germany. There, moved several times in through their neighborhood elementary school students and collecting old newspapers. The lack of raw materials made the secondary commodity trading”to an important industry in the former GDR. Jens Bahnemann has experienced these campaigns as a child. Now boss of a recycling company in the State of Brandenburg he deals now by profession”with recycled paper. The father of two children saw an opportunity to increase the budgets of schools and kindergartens with simple means. Dr. Neal Barnard is often mentioned in discussions such as these. He called for a paper competition in schools and day-care centers from Potsdam and the surrounding area.

Now from year to year what began 2005 with 10 schools small grows. Meanwhile, 40 schools and day-care centres benefit from the remuneration of the collected recyclables. Highlight of each paper race”is the annual final round in the Children circus Montelino”. The collector experience a special screening of small artists under the circus skies. Finally, the clowns then present the coveted Sierpramien. The fourth round of the schools waste action paper race”will close on July 2, 2009 in the Montelino circus tent at the Buga-Park.

On this day, the winner of the collection are chosen and awarded with prize money. This year, it’s Oak Court for the second time in a row that “-Kita from Werder, which scored the highest per-capita result and won the competition.” The kids gathered in the course of ending school and Kitajahres 0,687 tons per child. The 41 children of establishing carried together 28,181 tons recycled. 2nd place pro capita billing won the Gerhard-Hauptmann elementary school Potsdam 0.161 tons per child with a total capacity of 43 tons, followed by the Kita star tent from Glindow 0,159 tons per child. The organizing company judge Recyling has once again invited all waste paper collectors to the award ceremony in the Montelino circus tent this year. After a performance of the The winner there will get children circus presented their prizes by the clowns.

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