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ECTS Training

Prof. Dr. Hitzges explains: students have the opportunity to test their theoretical knowledge in very practical tasks and gain important experience that are relevant to their future career and the industry. The special charm of the dynamic is publishing projects that participants can give the software provider, in this case InBetween, direct feedback and influence as the technological development in part with.” InBetween the Stuttgart media University cooperation was initiated in the spring of 2011 to students of degree printing & media technology, Media publishing and print media management through provision of InBetween standard software solution in the laboratory as well as further training in block seminars first practical experiences in dealing with the topic of database publishing to convey. The support is provided in close cooperation between the Department and the InBetween professional service. Students who choose to participate at an InBetween basic training in the block seminar, acquire not only valuable practical knowledge relating to database-publishing projects such as basic project approach, project components, system architecture and operation of the software, but can apply also specifically in downstream projects this. A certificate documents the successful completion of the course, at the same time the students earn up to four relevant ECTS points. Per semester attend now until to 15 stud ducks the InBetween Base training”and therefore have profound basic knowledge in database publishing issues in the later start in professional life. Others including Lei Zhang, offer their opinions as well. The demand continues in the current semester high and steadily rising.


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Exproof Portable Searchlight

The successor of the portable lamp SHL 300-ex ex-secure mobile device specialist has optimized important functions. The successor of the portable lamp SHL 300-ex ex-secure mobile device specialist has optimized important functions. The SHL is approved for the highest levels of risk in areas with dust or gas after latest ATEX standard 350 ex (zone 0 and 20). So that it meets these requirements, their rugged, impact-resistant housing is antistatic and dust – and waterproof according to IP 65. The dimensions are 140 x 190 x 300 mm (width x height x depth) at only 2.4 kg weight. Three high performance LEDs produce a broad, uniform beam of 10,000 lux (at distance) brightness with fully charged batteries. Also the new, temperature compensated battery capacity indicator, which ensures a precise information of the current battery charge at any temperature is optimal. The operation lasts minimum 6 hours with a fully charged battery, depending on the function selected.

A wider cone of light is used for special applications, this can be extended with the help of the Optional lenses. Additional colour filters and a flashing mode make a beacon from the spotlight. The SHL 350 ex has an emergency light function in normal as well as in the charging operation. Occurs a failure, E.g. due to electrical defect or temperature problems, is operated by pressing the emergency button on the lamp with reduced light output and the hazardous area can be left safely. Of course the searchlight also has the common emergency lighting function, if the mains voltage fails during charging. A LED should fail during operation, even a high light output is ensured by an intelligent control system. A dimming function between 25% and 100% brightness executable in 25% increments for the normal and the flashing mode is also integrated into the handheld spotlight.

The users to work freely have both hands, the handheld Spotlight without the additional posts provided safely. Thanks to the ergonomic design, the lamp is always safe and stable, even though the lamp head is swivelled. With the riser, the SHL can also transport 350-ex. The luminaire is suitable for a wide range of ambient temperatures from-20 C to + 50 C and thus offers a wide field of application. With all these features, the portable search light is an ideal partner for the maintenance of systems (in cut-offs), tank cleaning u.v.m. He is equally suitable for use by the Fire Department because of its robustness and reliability. For this reason, the development of the handheld Spotlight oriented strongly to the fire appliance standard DIN 14642 (Searchlight, explosion-proof). Thus, the SHL is 350 ex a searchlight, whose Leistung in his environment is so far unsurpassed.


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Microsoft Visual Studio

The USB instruments from ELAN are not much bigger than USB sticks and can be assembled to multifunctional test equipment. The USBwave12 is a 12 MHz function generator in the USB flash drive format with LabVIEW support. The maximum output frequency is 0-12 MHz sine, rectangle and triangle 0-2 MHz 0-5 MHz, mHz frequency resolution with 186. Both the frequency and the phase can be programmed user-defined. The programmable amplitude is 0 to +/-10V (pk-pk) at a resolution of 40mV. PCRM brings even more insight to the discussion. The programmable offset is also 0 to +/-10V with a resolution by 80mV. The USBwave12 provides output modes such as normal output, high-Z and leakage current type 1A available. The master clock owns 12.5 MHz with a master clock skew by 2ns if 2 or more USB devices are daisy-chained.

The possibility to link up to 4 modules, to the realization of multi-channel applications, is on the side Kaskadierungsstecker. On the basis of direct hardware link the outputs work then synchronously. In combination with the USBscope50, the USBwave12 multifunctional test device can be extended and used E.g. for measurement of flow fields (de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Durchlassbereich) filters. The USBscope50 measures the output voltage of the filter in this application example to many individual frequencies. From a filter curve (attenuation over frequency) can be show. This is in the lower HF range (sine 12 MHz maximum) possible. The USBscope50 has the same USB-stick format and is connected with the aforementioned side Kaskadierungsstecker hardware directly with the USBwave12.

Both the USBscope50 and the USBwave12 is a LabVIEW driver available and offers the possibility of either two measuring instruments individually or in combination in own LabVIEW applications to integrate. An API for c/c++ with a Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 project is also included. Further technical information is available in the Internet at available.


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Dishwasher Installation

Who buys a dishwasher, usually more than enough money invested. No wonder that you want to save the money for the installation then. So it is do it yourself. And the dishwasher is actually not too heavy and with some trouble by not craftsmen to cope. However, nothing goes wrong and the dishwasher takes no damage, here is a small Guide to the installation of the dishwasher.

However one should look for a relatively current model, because they are first energy economical and secondly easier to assemble. For this reason many dishwasher in product are tests on the Web again and again, to facilitate the consumer’s decision. This manual assumes that there is already an old dishwasher. The installation 1. As interrupt the water course first must be off the water before beginning the installation. This must be done on the main faucet, locking the corner valve is definitely not.

2. The current interrupt you must never be this step Remember, no matter how banal it sounds. So before the start of the installation always the old dishwasher plug. Otherwise: danger to life! 3 Always a container under the water port area prevent mess, open cold water faucet when installing. Otherwise a small flood threatens. Then, the cold water valve must be opened because no water may leak out during the Assembly. 4. Decor plate of Geschirspulers remove and disassemble the tubing now begins the actual installation. This triggers the decor Panel of the dishwasher and removed all old water hoses from the terminals and the dishwasher. 5. Installation of the new hoses for modern devices appropriate hoses are almost always. Now, the pressure for the new device for the water inlet is mounted. 6 The angle valve check the appropriate hoses are almost always with modern equipment. Now, the pressure for the new device for the water inlet is mounted. 7. Current, main faucet and Often you can use seal the old angle valve even further. This however has been damaged, you should replace it immediately. If the valve is in order, you can open this again. As the water passes through again. The Assembly is nearly finished and you will find yourself right in the HomeStretch. Now is the plug inserted, open the main water tap and verifies that everything is completely tight. If everything is alright, you can again install the decorative Panel on the device. 8 Waste water provide this you can choose two ways: on the one hand the wastewater can drain easily via the siphon, on the other hand also on the waste pipe of the House. 9 Almost ready: This is missing only the trial run is the last step. Before you use the dishwasher to clean dishes the first time, you must perform a test run with the dishwasher. It is attention to the leak and whether really everything working the way it should be. If everything to the full satisfaction of fits, nothing more is the first washing process in the Ways.

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Mannheim July Aid

Three Essen publishers protect your employees now with the SafeTIC DOC Mannheim July 2012: recently, the editors of the magazines EUROPEAN are equipped HOSPITAL, GW and FACTS with the automatic defibrillator system DOC the SafeTIC AG and the employees are ideally equipped for the case that a colleague suffers a heart attack. Already during the installation of the DOC, the FACTS editorial staff was fully convinced and professionally prepared for possible emergency situations. Workforce is the FACTS alone by profession interested and open to new. After DOC has been reported about the SafeTIC in the March issue of the magazine, it was decided therefore, to install the device in the own editorial rooms. Employees of the same building-based publishers EUROPEAN HOSPITAL and GW was the DOC also provide. That the SafeTIC DOC provides an important contribution to first aid for heart attack, was already clear the FACTS employees due to research her article.

What the editorial staff is also convinced: during installation was not only a thorough training, but also an effective first aid short training for all employees. The installation was completed within a short time. The technician screwed the system on the wall and ready made the activation of the built-in phone in order to connect to the nearest PSAP. A service package that ensures the safety and maintenance of the device is included in the price. The DOC is basically taken barely explained, just so he can be applied. Still, Sure a detailed application training to the SafeTIC service is safe, and therefore belongs. FACTS staff were even particularly eager and immediately opened the door of the DOC and prompt the fire brigade rescue station enlisted.

The false alarm but bothered anyone: the Fire Department was delighted that an another DOC has been installed, and the FACTS team got directly performed the fast operation of the instrument. The SafeTIC DOC works without external power supply. Both a phone and a diagnostic function are integrated in the device. If the latter Herzflimmern recognizes, electric shock to revive are activated immediately. This function provides first aid, without trained rescue personnel must be present. Nevertheless, it is important, of course, that despite effective first aid as soon as possible, medical personnel arrives to take over the more supply. Therefore the rescue forces be alerted immediately after opening the DOC automatically. About SafeTIC AG as the only European company SafeTIC AG fingerprint and finger morphology detection systems specializes in. SafeTIC is the European No 1 in the area of enterprise security as a manufacturer of biometric readers and providers of Europe most installed biometric access controls. Also, SafeTIC is the market leader in biometrics and Visio mobility. The SafeTIC AG is represented in the entire value chain of security systems. In Europe alone has the SafeTic AG about 15,000 customers.

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