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Dishwasher Installation

Who buys a dishwasher, usually more than enough money invested. No wonder that you want to save the money for the installation then. So it is do it yourself. And the dishwasher is actually not too heavy and with some trouble by not craftsmen to cope. However, nothing goes wrong and the dishwasher takes no damage, here is a small Guide to the installation of the dishwasher.

However one should look for a relatively current model, because they are first energy economical and secondly easier to assemble. For this reason many dishwasher in product are tests on the Web again and again, to facilitate the consumer’s decision. This manual assumes that there is already an old dishwasher. The installation 1. As interrupt the water course first must be off the water before beginning the installation. This must be done on the main faucet, locking the corner valve is definitely not.

2. The current interrupt you must never be this step Remember, no matter how banal it sounds. So before the start of the installation always the old dishwasher plug. Otherwise: danger to life! 3 Always a container under the water port area prevent mess, open cold water faucet when installing. Otherwise a small flood threatens. Then, the cold water valve must be opened because no water may leak out during the Assembly. 4. Decor plate of Geschirspulers remove and disassemble the tubing now begins the actual installation. This triggers the decor Panel of the dishwasher and removed all old water hoses from the terminals and the dishwasher. 5. Installation of the new hoses for modern devices appropriate hoses are almost always. Now, the pressure for the new device for the water inlet is mounted. 6 The angle valve check the appropriate hoses are almost always with modern equipment. Now, the pressure for the new device for the water inlet is mounted. 7. Current, main faucet and Often you can use seal the old angle valve even further. This however has been damaged, you should replace it immediately. If the valve is in order, you can open this again. As the water passes through again. The Assembly is nearly finished and you will find yourself right in the HomeStretch. Now is the plug inserted, open the main water tap and verifies that everything is completely tight. If everything is alright, you can again install the decorative Panel on the device. 8 Waste water provide this you can choose two ways: on the one hand the wastewater can drain easily via the siphon, on the other hand also on the waste pipe of the House. 9 Almost ready: This is missing only the trial run is the last step. Before you use the dishwasher to clean dishes the first time, you must perform a test run with the dishwasher. It is attention to the leak and whether really everything working the way it should be. If everything to the full satisfaction of fits, nothing more is the first washing process in the Ways.

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