How To Win Hair Loss

Hello dear visitors! I want to tell you my story about how I am struggling for years with hair loss, what means, I enjoyed what I was given a diagnosis, and as I now live with all this. Brief background is that 15 years I have had good hair: long and thick, they were not thick, like redheads, but it was too much. Read more here: Kenneth R. Feinberg. And somehow one summer, I began to notice that they drop out. Falls a lot, after washing I could the whole bathroom backcombed. But neither I nor my parents, this special value not given. After all my hair so much, plus or minus a few hundred pieces a day no one will notice, and generally affects spring beriberi, and the transition tell me why not taken to the doctor.

Personally I was little, never really bolevshaya to campaigns by doctors are not accustomed to. The same can be said about the parents, the hair loss was not considered as something serious, no one in our family do not encountered this problem. How long are short, but autumn came, and gradually ceased falling. If you count the whole period of deposition, it lasted about six months. And during these six months, I lost somewhere more than half their hair. This is the first stage of my story.

The second can be conventionally called a "chaotic attempts to change something." When the tears had dried, the hair came more or less back to normal, I started to their active "treatment." In quotes because unsystematic anointing the head anyhow what can not be called treatment seriously. But I think everyone who has ever faced this problem, or whatever, I do not condemn them. Grasp at any straw, even than ready to spread and for any price just to help. At that time I tried to imagine just about anything, how could reach.

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Cellulitis Never But The cellulitis knows it as I accumulate of fatty weave in certain zones of the body, forming fatty fat nodules, water and toxins. Between 85% and 98% of the women after the puberty present/display some degree of cellulitis, being more frequent in ethnic groups who in others. It seems to have a hormonal component in his development; in the men it is rare to find cellulitis. Different degrees from cellulitis exist, soft cellulitis, cellulitis lasts and most well-known it is the sclerotic cellulitis (orange skin). Read more here: Robert Rimberg Attorney. The cellulitis takes place by the alteration of the circulation of the greasy layer (hypodermis): the greasy weave grows and the sidewalls are engrosan forming hoyuelos and although it is not a disease it is an aesthetic problem that worries to many people. The cosmetic industry offers products to end the cellulitis, but it does not exist I supplement that it has proven his effectiveness in making disappear it. Liposuction does not reduce or eliminates the cellulitis, the mesoterapia is a technique therapeutic that could help to control the cellulitis and in the anticelultico treatment is outdoors combined the feeding with the physical exercise and the life, in short, diverse treatments exist and products to eliminate the cellulitis, we will already speak of which is most effective Causes of the Cellulitis It is caused by a combination of several factors like the diet, the style of life of the person and diverse hormonal factors. One of the main causes is not to drink the sufficient amount of water. The dehydration makes to your body store as much water as it can right under the skin, the excessive fat consumption, you leave and fibrous food also is a cause of the cellulitis, the excess of fat is stored underneath the skin and gives rise to disagreeable hoyuelos that shame the majority of people.

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The Norm Of Red Blood Cells

What is the red blood cells? Red blood cells – are cells of human blood, as well as some vertebrates and invertebrates, which contain hemoglobin and carry oxygen transport from lungs to tissues and carbon dioxide from tissues to the lungs. Human red blood cells are biconcave shape, red color and have dimensions of 8.7 microns. The life span of red blood cells ranges from 120 days. Red coloration is caused by red blood cell hemoglobin, which represents the majority of erythrocyte formation of red blood cells eritrotsita.Obrazovanie is in the process of erythropoiesis in the bone marrow, where in the process of proliferation and differentiation of stem bone marrow into the bloodstream within a few hours into a eritrotsit.Funktsii eritrotsitovSamoy main function of red blood cells caused by the hemoglobin contained in them is breathing, that is, carries oxygen from the lungs to the tissues and carbon dioxide from the tissues to legkim.Pitatelnaya. Is conveyed from the amino acids of the digestive system to tkanyam.Fermentativnaya. Red blood cells are involved in enzymatic reactions, because their surfaces are attached to many fermenty.Zaschitnaya.

Red blood cells are able to adsorb toxins and antigens, as well as participate in immune and autoimmune reaktsiyah.Regulyatornaya. Red blood cells help to maintain the acid-base ravnovesiya.Norma red blood cells of human normal blood count is when the number of red blood cells in males is 4.0 * 1012/l-5, 5 * 1012 / l, while Women – 3.5 * 5.0 * 1012 1012/l- / liter. The children in the normal number of red blood cells varies depending on age, which is given in tablitse.VozrastZhenschiny, 10 2/lMuzhchiny, -10 2/lKrov of pupoviny3 ,9-5 ,53,9-5 ,51-3 dnya4 ,0-6 ,64,0-6, 61 ned3 ,9-6 ,33,9-6, 32 "3,6-6,23,6-6,21 mes3 ,0-5 ,43,0-5 42 "2,7-4,92,7-4,93-6" 3,1-4,53,1-4,50,5-2 goda3 ,7-5 ,23,4-5 ,03-12 years of age3 ,5-5 ,03,9-5 ,013-16 "3,5-5,04,1-5,517-19" 3,5-5,03 ,9-5, 6Snizhenie number of red blood cells decrease in number of red blood cells is one of the hallmarks of anemia associated with blood loss, hemolysis, vitamin B12 deficiency outflow of interstitial fluid in the bloodstream decreases otekov.Uvelichenie number of red blood cells As described in the article, the causes of high and low hemoglobin, increased red blood cell counts may be at eritremii and eritrotsitozah.Eritremiya (polycythemia, Vakeza disease), or primary polycythemia – a condition caused by malignant transformation of cells of the dining room of the polypeptide, which starts increased division of progenitor cells erythrocytosis. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Dr. Steven Greer on most websites.

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Consultant Eugene Viktorov

Adenoma of the prostate – a very common disease. In 30-40% of men older than 50 years and 75-90% over 65 years, changes occur in the form of proliferation of glandular tissue in the bladder neck. Prostate adenoma is a benign tumor of the prostate. BPH develops against the background of long-term chronic prostatitis. Until recently the main treatment was surgical adenoma. But now developed many medicines that help stop the growth and even reduce the size of the prostate. Shows the high efficiency of the combined use of two drugs – and Photostim Prostamol Uno.

Photostim – it highly integrated product with a wide action. The high efficacy achieved by the fact that molecules accumulate selectively only Fotostima in tumor cells and patients and then As shown by reviews of patients after the first course of treatment with these drugs stop nocturnal visits to the toilet, pain in the perineum, reduced libido, increased potency is restored harmony of family relations. In one patient, specifically, the size of the adenoma decreased from 55 cc before taking the drugs, up to 11 cc after taking the drugs. Order drugs online can. Russian drug Photostim on efficacy and mechanism of action is unique in the world, it opens up entirely new opportunities to combat diseases. The drug has already been certified by the Ministry of Health and continues his clinical studies in leading medical centers of Russia.

Photostim – this is an extract of active enzymes of chlorophyll, it is a photosensitizer that selectively accumulates only in patients older and tumor cells the body and destroys them from within the oxygen through photosynthesis. It not only destroys the diseased cells, but also contributes to the regeneration of new young and healthy cells, including the mechanism of regeneration of stem cells. Scope Fotostima virtually unlimited, it is not only urology, but also the treatment of uterine fibroids, mastitis, and all other benign tumors of origin. At the heart of its action on the following mechanisms: – from the blood of the drug gets into diseased cells and activates the co-factors that allow cells to restore the structural integrity and healthy energy potential. – Diseased cells occupy a large number of Fotostima – under the influence of daylight photosynthesis reaction takes place with the release of large amounts of energy and diseased cells literally “burn out” of this energy. In place of the sick come to the new healthy cells and is gradual recovery of the prostate. A more detailed material about the positive effects on the body can be read at.

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Study Reveals Malaria Connection

Gabaldon decided to deal with the post of Medical Officer of Health of Apure state, where a countryman of his charge to the then Governor Dr. Francisco J. Parra interceded to facilitate such an appointment. In the eponymous half, especially in San Fernando, he realized that not everything they learned abroad with regard to malaria was applicable to the tropical environment by differences in weather conditions. Foreign schemes could not adapt fully to the country, had to invent methods, use the right time of year, malaria engineering works were not feasible by the economic cost, extent and topographical features of the Venezuelan plains and torrential the rains made it impossible to focus actions with insecticides known to attack the breeding of mosquitoes. Berti says: The area was warm.

The tropical zone was different. There was mild malaria caused by Plasmodium vivax (benign tertiary fever). Here is severe malaria caused by Plasmodium falciparum (malignant tertian fever, pernicious or “economic”). There transmitted by a weak vector Anopheles maculipennis. Here Anpheles darling, powerful and fierce.

Beyond the transmission interrupted by the winter cold. Here the streaming throughout the year. There, smiling and restricted the countryside, here the immensity of the plain unlimited. In short, there was a malaria health problems. Here was a giant (1987, 27). Ff Being in touch with the reality facing the country realized that malaria is more knowledge required to fight with the best action the great public health problem that afflicted the nation. Then embarked on a new journey in search of his training as malariologist, he went to the United States, a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation, to undertake a postgraduate school health Public Johns Hopkins University where he graduated in 1935 with the title of “Doctor of Health Sciences.” Perhaps it was his greatest achievement in the composition of malariologist in the opening words of Avian Malaria, Pedro Grases view that “the training of Dr. Gabaldon, with studies in Venezuela and abroad, particularly in John Hopkins received by achieving a stubbornly unique preparation to lead the campaign of suppression of malaria in Venezuela “(1998, XV). John Hopkins University temporarily passes Rockefeller Institute in New York in studies on malaria in monkeys. In the meantime, Venezuela accused the painful end of a dictatorship, Juan Vicente Gomez died in his bed in December 1935, “Gomez’s dictatorship is certainly an era of history in which there is social disruption and moral deformation in the generations who had to live together “(Moron, G, S / F, 467). In material, oil changes introduced in the economic structure of the country, the country moves toward a model agricultural mineral extraction by oil revenues that strengthen state finances that open possibilities for public investment in programs of economic and social development, especially in the health field. Gomez’s successor, General Eleazar Lopez Contreras aroused new expectations and allowed some political opening, which meant the return of many Venezuelans who were in exile, and others who were prisoners were released. Arnoldo Gabaldon’s father had been a political prisoner of dictator Gomez, Arnoldo reserve and discretion always kept to this and was careful to express their political views publicly. While still outside Gabaldon received a telegram signed by President Lopez Contreras inviting him to join the medical staff of state service Portal.


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