Body Philosophy

Body philosophy – violence – self betrayal and self-destruction – Judas syndrome, also at the gym Judas Iscariot is entered in the Christian story as betrayers of Jesus of Nazareth. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from dr. stuart mcgill. His life story is by the repeated rejection of his body, and as a logical consequence of the betrayal of the body of Jesus characterized by. Judas wanted to so that the force of the body through the power of the earthly world replace (see Peter Krause). His act is regarded as the greatest crime in the history of Christian. In the postmodern period, the sacrifice of the body (the body force) for the benefit of the physical body has become an everyday occurrence. Violence as a self betrayal and self-destruction to the murder shake hands here. One end is for the time being not to see. Further details can be found at idan ofer, an internet resource.

Education and self-education are mired in materialism and with the desire for great power take the destruction of bodily in purchase. Who want to do something for his health, as you can take it for example during a visit to the gym, expires not rarely of physical power and does betrayal of their own bodies (power). Instead vary according to the needs of the own bodily, most will expire a powerful training plan”. Their intellectual desires to be forced upon the body without taking into consideration the adverse consequences. Also here, Judas says hello. Postmodernism has banned the religion from their way of thinking. “While little was taken into account, that religious stories” often convey a deep message about human life and its structures. The physical betrayal of Judas is a religious history, but also the scientific intellect is able to withstand barely their learning potential. “The author wrote about the religious aberrations in postmodernism: Peter Sloterdijks religious adjustments from the point of view of early Christianity”, Norderstedt, 2008 PAL Dragos wrote to the betrayal of the self to the own forces in the gyms: fitness without health problems – what does Sun fitness? “, Norderstedt, 2010 more” Info: free excerpts:

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Logo Color

The logo, in my opinion, be the most important and complex design elements. The logo is as if the entire essence of the design decision. Despite the limited space, the logo contains a decent amount of information. Logo must possess special qualities that should linger in people's minds. Logo must be carefully thought out, skillfully executed and well-printed on a sheet of paper, or anywhere else. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the color scheme for the logo. Here, of course, has its problems. The color is obviously highly subjective parameter.

A color that may have one individual to bring about positive emotions, otherwise will not cause any emotions, and in the worst case – even negative. Different emotions often cause contrasting colors So how do you choose the color? Using the preferences of the director? Or blunt a fashion? I believe that we should not go down this path. You would not should please everyone – we need only remember the elementary principles of selection panel. If you have an idea of color theory will be much easier to find the right color scheme. Note also these points: -Logo must work in a single color image or at least in the grayscale, though in recent years, this requirement becomes less necessary. Logo image in one color is caused by monetary considerations rather than aesthetic. You should always keep in mind how it will look at your logo, one-color version, for example, in the newspaper, when sending via fax, on the fabric. But now with this, though, it's easier.

More and more, we use printable documents in electronic form, all full color printing is cost-effective high-quality images on paper. Whatever it was, the main emblem, unless it was originally monochrome, should stowed in CMYK-range, that is the color logo should be included in the gamut of printing. Whichever color model – whether RGB or HSB – initially you do not use it in your work results must be submitted in CMYK-model. -Think about the semantic load of color and of related images that it invokes. Color has a huge impact on people's emotions and feelings. It is no coincidence orange and red colors are used repeatedly in food industry, as blue or blue can be found in the design of institutions that provide health care services. In general, do not forget about the psychological effects of color on humans. Sometimes the choice of colors for the sign rather simple and logical, that is, it seems pretty logical to use blue color for the logo, depicting the sky. But full of situations in which so easily not pick a palette. So what guide? In this case, you can go on the way of formalized selection of color combinations, such as the color wheel. But in each case you need to make sure that the colors looked quite clearly. To produce high quality logo should be a lot of knowledge – here and possession of color theory, composition and theory, and, obviously, a number of skills by working with graphical editors. Perseverance in improving the professionalism on the part of graphic design.

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Diadia Vania

Premiere of "Uncle Vanya" at the Theatre was an event to which the profits celebrities of all stripes: from Tabakov to Kabaeva. Played a role and a recent scandal, when nearly was sacked artistic director of the theater (he is also director performance), but fortunately nothing happened. So from this premier all in advance waiting for something. And, as if afraid of repetition, director Rimas Tuminas pretty worked over some familiar faces play. Professor Serebryakov and previously played on the brink grotesque, but the almost infernal character, which he introduced Vladimir Simonov, clearly passes this line. Bends like a fitness class helena become a lazy animal with the manners of the ex-model. Wafer – a Charlie Chaplin bowler hat and cane. And Lyudmila Maksakova (Maria Vasilyevna) turned into a grotesque hyperbole. This troupe of clowns, the most eccentric character of which is the nurse Marina – dashing old woman with whipped curls and lipstick. Astrov even more like a hero blockbuster than a doctor. And when he starts to argue, and did it enters. Even Sonia, uttering the most intimate speech turns into a speaker on the rostrum. Perhaps only Uncle Vanya, whose role is ideally falls on actor Sergei Makovetsky texture is different from the others. Makovetsky plays his "eccentric". After all said the same Astrov that the normal human condition – is to be eccentric. So, Uncle Vanya is as follows. Big baby – innocent and kind. And this pathetic weirdo – the only living soul in people-puppets. Tuminas – master, no doubt, and this performance is not without a kind of virtuosity. But the latter stage tricks, which is not stingy fantasy producer, said only that in , he does not believe. And everything that happens in this play, it seems trite and boring as a gray autumn day. This is a view outside from the other side. Such is the Diadia Vania, a strange and distant.


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Homemade Remedies for Cellulitus

The consumption of fruits and vegetables generally is an excellent method to maintain to us healthy and to optimize the operation of our organism. But for tastes the colors as it says the saying. All the fruits and vegetables we cannot like, but even so and when we are adult, we must more recognize its nutritional qualities and their benefits and not let take to us by the simple one in fact to remember that of small we did not like such vegetable or such fruit. Nowadays there is sinfn of prescriptions to prepare any food, being caused that often that fruit or vegetable that we did not like passes a little unnoticed in our palate, but not his nutrients and minerals. With regard to the natural treatments it is possible to stress that diverse varieties exist like are it those of oral type and those of topical type, that is to say that they are applied on the skin, or they are in massages, compressed or baths.

And if we spoke more specifically of the treatments to eliminate the homemade cellulitis, they are very effective and the best thing of everything is than they are quite economic. Therefore we will explain two types of treatment, based in a same product but with different applications. So you only must choose the one that agrees to you more. The first prescription will serve to you to prepare a drink that will help you to eliminate the cellulitis. What you need is vinegar of apple and water.

In a glass (that contains around 8 ounces of water) it adds two spoonfuls of the apple vinegar. You wish if it you can just a little bit add honey to sweeten. This drink you must ingest it every morning. And with the second prescription, you would prepare an oil for massage. You only need to incorporate a pair of drops of the vinegar of apple to the oil for massage with which you count and to apply it by means of small massages, at least in two occasions to the day. Anmate to put in practice anyone of these prescriptions! Beam Click to see a practical and simple formula Here that it helped you to melt and to eliminate the cellulitis for always.

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