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You haggle, he speculates, is lying. A few spy each other, hate, fear as the current reality of Venezuela. Ecuador, Colombia, United States. The truth, that the mechanism of this time up-all have their reasons, all are moral justification for this nonsense, but the greatness of humanity is that the monsters are fear both each other that panic deprives them of the initiative. Click Teva Pharmaceutical Industries to learn more. In the turbulence of this scenario, gives death upon death. As that facing the country–insecurity, robberies slogans, flags, political parties, speeches, coup attempts of State, autocracy, plans, campaigns, austerity, hunger, misery, corruption, distortion of values, deaf struggles to achieve and/or maintain power, among others. Fit the questions: where is the man? What has become of the man? what does the man expect? What does his threat would do for who is?? fight, it kills, it dies?.

The truth, that man detonated for the sake of man, delivered his personal life with an eye to the future and like Carnation suggests, tends to die happy have contributed their blood to the story. But not everything is negative within the present turbulence, within the elements that have confluido to their hatching there are relevant facts that need to be mentioned as further research in medicine, technology and attention to environmental pollution protection before global warming, support democracy, human rights, precautions, use of competitiveness through offer best productsshelter the rights of the child, in the fight against drug trafficking, among others. However, still questions whether this bogar, navigate, by this planet earth does has always be so? always must man conform to react before the consequences of their own mistakes, by the centuries of centuries? do just in case there is no probability or possibility to penetrate into the heart of the? problem in order to listen to your heartbeat, in order to understand it at a level of intelligence that the facts are addressed with a new, holistic sense? Why then does not inquire into the cause of all this, to prevent new adverse effects. Of course, you reader has the answer. But, do not allow the turbulence of your environment that navigate caught it, conditional as it has always succeeded by a century of mistakes. It should generate changes, out of slavery, emerge from the darkness and face the turbulent lucidly enough and true facts so that transit through this plane is affable, growth, peace and constant renewal.

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Daniel Alcides

Who killed CARRION? the bacilliform bartonella!, formally died of septicaemia and Anemia, goat’s milk was not enough to cure him, cow with wine soup was insufficient to kill these bacilli, Noguicihi and Fleming arrived late for Carrion but now current doctors, continue killing Carrion, kill him every now with our attitude towards patients, treating our sick badly (as Mario Lopez Dean did with my elderly parents recently in the Hospital lazarte), when we sit in the inquiry: tired and weary, forgetting that there is no disease, but sick, forgetting that each case is a case that our patients expect to be heard, examined, understood, cured with medicines and good treatment, with kind words but we continue killing Carrion in each of these superb, inhuman acts, indifferent and cold there we kill Carrion!, we are like the Bartonella. Where this buried CARRION? On October 7, 1885 was buried in the cemetery priest master of Lima, in the central Pavilion Santa Ana, in the niche 125, letter C, in 1972 his remains were deposited in a marble sarcophagus and buried in the courtyard of historic Hospital 2 of may, as the 25342 law that declares him a national hero, his remains should be in the crypt of Heroes, but according to an old guardian of the cemetery, insists that the same, never were taken from the campo santo but really Daniel Alcides is buried in each of our hearts (of doctors) there have it buried and forgotten!, covered by old and heavy crosses that no, we curaremos with soup Cow and goat milk for this reason, always mentioned Dr. Cabieses said medicine is more than a profession or occupation, it is a Religion, because it is exercised with a deep humanism, is a priesthood because it obliges us to serve our neighbor, with love, care and respect, despite our tiredness, our anger and our tribulations! we do not behave as Bartonella bacilliWe resucitemos to Carrion of our hearts! Resurrect him at each of our medical acts that is the best tribute that we can pay him this so forgotten national hero, in the 124 anniversary of his heroic death. More information is housed here: Robert Rimberg Attorney. Original author and source of the article.

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