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Latin America

The certain thing that for Lechner, Latin America must put to the offensive of the changes, fomenting the free circulation of ideas and placing to the national cultural production in the international circuit. But to insert the national in the global thing returns to us to place in the subject of the promotion to the national cultural production. And exactly, the problem of the globalisation is that the national, by itself, does not penetrate in the international market massive and absorbed by the outsider, since unequal structures of cultural interchange at world-wide level exist Is necessary to take into account the words from the Garci’as Canclini (Consuming and citizen; Multicultural conflicts of the globalisation: Ed. Grijalbo, Mexico, 1995), of which in the cultural area, in spite of the multiplication of integrating organisms from the Fifties (OAS, Cepal; ALALC, etc) not even we have managed to establish between the countries of Latin America the lasting forms of collaboration and reciprocal knowledge. It continues being almost impossible to find Central American books in Montevideo, Bogota, Venezuela or Mexico.

We found out by the agencies of the American news, that Argentine, Brazilian and Mexican films gain prizes in international festivales, but that nonaid to that their images cross the continent. Our musical publications, films and works enter so little and so badly Europe and North America like our steel, cereals, crafts. In synthesis, which is considering is that existing a commercial disadvantage, we have not assumed it, nor we have tried to resist it by the route of cultural integration. For this reason, we run the risk totally of being invaded by the foreign cultural goods, which is not bad in himself, but it is it in the measurement that annuls ours. Educational of postgraduate UC. Program Management of the Quality and productivity.

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Weight Loss Without Hunger

Every time they are plus the people with overweight. Often post office arrive to me from users who want that he gives the miraculous diet them, the panacea of the century, with which to lower quickly of weight. The experience indicates to me that to lower of weight it is not necessary to pass hunger, to make strict diets by fifteen days or to eliminate foods that you like, for then, to increase to the double of weight, creating the effect I-I. That is not the most intelligent and advisable way to lower of weight. First that you must do it is very simple. In the simplicity is the success to lower of weight or to obtain what you set out. Taking two liters of water daily and realises a stroll, a long walk by thirty minutes, every day. Before experimenting with miraculous diets that say to you that in one week you are going away to see with a sculptural body, that you are going to lose weight, is recommendable that you commit yourself with you to make this small sacrifice.

If you are not arranged to act, then, it is better than you follow so with your life what. The commitment with one same one must be total. To lower of weight requires to make a decision unremovable. To have in mind our decision and is through the action that we will manage to obtain better results. Although with these previous steps you are not going to lower quickly of weight overnight, if you will be creating the solid bases for a change of life style. In order to lower of weight it is important to eat. You read as well as it.

It is necessary to eat and to do it five times to the day, if it is possible. Quite the opposite which you have listened until now. This is the good news for you, that you like to eat and that far from pedirte Noncommas! , I suggest to you you do more. The problem is not to eat but what it eats. That way they say: You are what you eat. To eat implies to do considering it the benefit and the satisfaction. Our ingestion of food must be balanced and to contain all the nutritional groups: healthful proteins, carbohydrates and fats. If, also you must consume even fat to lower of weight. If you want to know which are the foods that will quickly help to lower you of weight, I recommend to you that you go site and obtn it reports special where I give to a list of these foods greasy burning fire you: Here I am going to give an advance to you: butter, milk, oil, eggs, milk, tea, nuts, peanut, meat of calf, meat of head of cattle, ostrich, deer, ox and many others that you do not imagine that they are essential to lower of and the quickly most important weight, to lower of weight eating, without paying hunger and strict diets.


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Homemade Remedies for Cellulitus

The consumption of fruits and vegetables generally is an excellent method to maintain to us healthy and to optimize the operation of our organism. But for tastes the colors as it says the saying. All the fruits and vegetables we cannot like, but even so and when we are adult, we must more recognize its nutritional qualities and their benefits and not let take to us by the simple one in fact to remember that of small we did not like such vegetable or such fruit. Nowadays there is sinfn of prescriptions to prepare any food, being caused that often that fruit or vegetable that we did not like passes a little unnoticed in our palate, but not his nutrients and minerals. With regard to the natural treatments it is possible to stress that diverse varieties exist like are it those of oral type and those of topical type, that is to say that they are applied on the skin, or they are in massages, compressed or baths.

And if we spoke more specifically of the treatments to eliminate the homemade cellulitis, they are very effective and the best thing of everything is than they are quite economic. Therefore we will explain two types of treatment, based in a same product but with different applications. So you only must choose the one that agrees to you more. The first prescription will serve to you to prepare a drink that will help you to eliminate the cellulitis. What you need is vinegar of apple and water.

In a glass (that contains around 8 ounces of water) it adds two spoonfuls of the apple vinegar. You wish if it you can just a little bit add honey to sweeten. This drink you must ingest it every morning. And with the second prescription, you would prepare an oil for massage. You only need to incorporate a pair of drops of the vinegar of apple to the oil for massage with which you count and to apply it by means of small massages, at least in two occasions to the day. Anmate to put in practice anyone of these prescriptions! Beam Click to see a practical and simple formula Here that it helped you to melt and to eliminate the cellulitis for always.

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Heavy Exercises

To gain muscular weight is not as complicated as some people want to see it, in fact, he is rather simpler than many they create. I create sincerely that saving the genetic differences that exist between all we, as well as the natural ability whom each has to develop muscle., exists valid basic rules for all. There is no doubt that those that does not know the importance of these rules fail in their conquest to secure the muscular proportions that they wish. Errors common when trying to gain mass: To work with the mistaken exercises the isolation exercises, the small origins and insertions of the muscle only work. With these exercises you will give form to the muscle, that is to say, only you will give form to which still you do not have, incongruous no.

You must use Compound, Basic and Heavy Exercises that are those that constructs to the Muscular Bell or Central Zone. To feed on typical way the majority does not include/understand the importance of nutrition when one is to gain weight, in fact does not have idea than they would have to eat nor whatever and they think that the solution to its problem is in requesting one better routine of training, when at heart the solution of the same is in the form to feed itself, the ignorance in this respect is incredible. If we examined its diets generally do not eat more than 50 grams of protein and 2000 calories daily, and in addition process include packaged foods and. Lamentably those that do not worry to ingest many calories either know to distinguish between those originating ones of the pizzas, the hamburgers, sausages or candies from which can obtain from foods such as the clear ones of egg, the breasts of chicken or turkey, the tuna, the oatmeal, the rice or a good fillet without fat.


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