Metabolic Syndrome

What I made to reduce 15 kgs in 4 months, was to convince me that tapeworm that to change of form to feed to me, to improve my health and to reach a weight near the ideal. It is important to indicate that also me convenci of which tapeworm that to reduce the levels of stress that tapeworm, since that factor, combined with the overweight, causaria me sooner or later some type of disease of which podria not to recover to me easily, so that I put myself to investigate different nutritional systems, and investigating averigue the following thing: Stress is the main cause of diseases like Cancer. The bad feeding and overweight are the main cause of Cancer, Metabolic Syndrome, cardiovascular diseases, ACVs, etc. In order to eliminate stress aprendi to meditate, all the days I rise 4.30am to meditate (it does not have to make this to go down of weight). That has changed to me deeply like person, no longer I discuss, I do not judge, acceptance the things like are and not like desearia I who was.

In order to know what is a good feeding, first we must know clearly so that the human being feeds itself. With proteins the body makes muscles, we can to obtain proteins of the animal meats, fish and birds, also of grains, like caraotas, chick-peas, etc. The carbohydrates are the fuel provision so that the body works. There are carbohydrates of low quality, like sugar and the flours refined, that the only thing that contributes to the organism is calories, without no nutritious value. There are carbohydrates of high quality or complexes, like integral flours and vegetables. Also it is necessary to consider that the digestive process in the human body is fulfilled in three stages, each from approximately 8 hours. Food ingestion, digestion or assimilation of the same and the chemical decontamination stage.


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Losing Fast Belly

Perhaps it seems to you that everybody knows to something useful about diets and the ways or advice perfect to lose belly. Surely you receive advice of your family, your friendly, your fellow workers, even the foreigners who you eucuentras in the supermarket. The problem comes when you must choose not what these people think that is better, although have good intentions, if not what in fact she is going to work for you in your goal to lose fast belly. There are so many, but so many diets in line and in bookstores. But what happens? People buy one of these books, or enter a program of loss of weight, to discover and only to occur of face with the reality of which it is impossible to follow his instructions. Or that simply does not work. If you went to look for in line I am sure that you have found a pile of advice that way, of all type and calibrates.

Everything sounds well, and in theory, any thing can work, but the question is, this designed for you? Encounter the suitable method to really lose belly? Diets fashionable, and programs exist of physical preparation, patches to lower of weight and diets by crushing, and so on. Some more are known, others are more efficient and some are based on the last scientific researches. For all of them, or almost for all, are testimonies and histories of success. But you can be sure that they are going to work for you? The modification of your behavior takes place when you realise a change in your nutritional habits – when changing your style of life you only prepare yourself for your new form of life! Nevertheless this does not solve the mystery of what making to lose fast belly. For me, personally, I have to do. If a diet is popular or worked for other people, it is not sufficient. I need to know the causes of my problems and which are my options to deal with him. I must be sure that I made everything what podia make to lose weight and to maintain it remote.

And I cannot only do this if I have a good information and some very good options to choose. So before beginning a new diet, tomato the time stops to investigate the causes of your problem. Tomato the time to compare different methods from loss of weight and belly, and soon armate with the tools sufficient to do the work good done! And I am sure that you are going to lose fast belly! A way easy to know what method is what needs is to see a revision on the best programs to lose belly. The options are there, hoping by your right decision.

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Motor Development

The game and toy like motor of development in the boy of 0 to 3 months. In this stage the game will help to develop the prerequisite us of the communication, that is three: cenestsica sensitivity, the perceptive and expresivas capacities and the rates and ruled temporary. The fundamental expression of cenestsica sensitivity is the corporal contact (the one of the mother with new born) that marks a tonic dialogue. One is an emotional syntony, that will be necessary to communicate at another level that merely of transmission of messages. Margaret Bullowa affirms on the matter that in the communication we have given too much importance to the code, to the details of the transmission and reception, but that had not gone us through the minds that in the communication are other things that make reference to their global properties and that make it possible. These last ones concern more to " to be in comunicacin" that to " qu" and " cmo" to communicate.

The second prerequirement is infantile the receptive and expresivas capacities that involve the vision and hearing. First he is " key of contacto" , introduction of one (possible) interaction; the second is the processor of the pitch and rythmical bottom that surrounds all communication. It is necessary to consider that any type of visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile perception that the boy has of the people will start up its expresivas manifestations because the perceptive system of the boy is integrated to its system of action. A third prerequirement the temporary ruled one is the neonatal rates, that is to say, that characterizes several of the behaviors of the small boy. The nutritional suction is particularly interesting because, unlike the breathing or the heart rates, it is an activity to pair between the creature and the mother. K. Kaye (1982) has carried out an microanalysis of the same showing how the psychological function of the communication in a purely biological function (feeding) and after analyzing the duration of the pauses and the conduct of the mothers is inserted during the same, discovered that those learn to fit the optimal time of pause so that the boy continues his food.


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