Motor Development

The game and toy like motor of development in the boy of 0 to 3 months. In this stage the game will help to develop the prerequisite us of the communication, that is three: cenestsica sensitivity, the perceptive and expresivas capacities and the rates and ruled temporary. The fundamental expression of cenestsica sensitivity is the corporal contact (the one of the mother with new born) that marks a tonic dialogue. One is an emotional syntony, that will be necessary to communicate at another level that merely of transmission of messages. Margaret Bullowa affirms on the matter that in the communication we have given too much importance to the code, to the details of the transmission and reception, but that had not gone us through the minds that in the communication are other things that make reference to their global properties and that make it possible. These last ones concern more to " to be in comunicacin" that to " qu" and " cmo" to communicate.

The second prerequirement is infantile the receptive and expresivas capacities that involve the vision and hearing. First he is " key of contacto" , introduction of one (possible) interaction; the second is the processor of the pitch and rythmical bottom that surrounds all communication. It is necessary to consider that any type of visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile perception that the boy has of the people will start up its expresivas manifestations because the perceptive system of the boy is integrated to its system of action. A third prerequirement the temporary ruled one is the neonatal rates, that is to say, that characterizes several of the behaviors of the small boy. The nutritional suction is particularly interesting because, unlike the breathing or the heart rates, it is an activity to pair between the creature and the mother. K. Kaye (1982) has carried out an microanalysis of the same showing how the psychological function of the communication in a purely biological function (feeding) and after analyzing the duration of the pauses and the conduct of the mothers is inserted during the same, discovered that those learn to fit the optimal time of pause so that the boy continues his food.

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