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Such a declaration displeasure or even rejection throws the victim sometimes, he sees himself but by the execution that it expires “only” in the head exposed to the risk that you could hold for a malingerers or self-indulgent excess driver. But no real basis in fact that. The pain perception in such a case is not easy to understand must be explained on the basis of brain-physiological knowledge. Until one understands that it is no longer “just” a mechanististisch static problem, but a hard-to-therapierende disease of the central nervous system, even if at the beginning actually a physical problem has been the processes underway. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Dr. Steven Greer. As imaging (fMRI) has shown beyond a reasonable doubt, somatoform pain with increased neural correlate (nervous) electrical activity in the so-called pain matrix of the limbic system, a functional unit of the brain, which is the processing of emotions. This system is not steaming, which explains that back pain does not respond on the basis of a somatoform disorder even opioids with painkillers. Relief by affecting the limbic system is possible through Neurofeedback, a computer-assisted psychotherapy. The procedure, which is already very successfully used in ADHD, autism, tinnitus, stress – and migraine headache and impaired concentration gives an impression of the activation rate of his brain the patient via monitor.

There visible feedback object, such as a Jet, is controlled solely by the will of the subjects by brain, and activation of the specifically desired brainwaves can be the plane rise and fall when disabled. In this way, the patient through a process called “Operant conditioning” in the jargon, learn first the opportunity to influence, and over the course of about 20 sessions even control of the degree of activation of his brain. The procedure is free of side effects and long-lasting success. The somatoform disorder on the basis of a depression or anxiety arose, preferably choosing a different neurobiological process, the so-called repetitive Transcranial Magnetic stimulation. Here, the less active areas of brain activation is stimulated by high-frequency strong magnetic pulses that, created, trigger an increase in activity and therefore increased production of brain neurotransmitters from the outside of the head in circumscribed areas of the brain. The symptoms subside through the normalization of brain metabolism. Peter Tamme pain practice

Tuesday, April 6th, 2021 News