Harmful environmental influences and polluted water irritate the skin. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Teva Pharmaceutical Industries. Remedy return to natural skin care. Water filtration via reverse osmosis is a more effective contribution to this. Man with all your senses in his skin “the skin, as derma (Greek) or cutis”(in Latin) may refer to, is the largest and most diverse body of people. It protects the body from harmful environmental elements and external influences. An invisible part of it is the Hydrolipidic film (Hydro-lipid mantle), which consists of welding and fatty acid secretions and protects against germs, which are included in the environment and could harm the inside of the human body.

Most directly, the metabolic function of the skin is visible. Skin care products seem to literally disappear in it. Welding flows “at elevated body temperature to the outside and has a cooling effect on contact with the air. The osmotic properties of metabolism is used Detox of the Interior of the body through skin contact. The skin is a highly sensitive sense organ for the perception of the environment. Led indicates alarm conditions the brain as pain positive touches, responding to external and internal temperature changes. The first impression for that and the skin little scientifically one can make the skin as taster “refer to the human body.

What we affected – indoor or outdoor, happens first and foremost on, on, in or under it. Skin care supports this institution, so that it can maintain its osmotic and sensory functioning to the benefit of health. At the present time, but the water that is used for the body care contains harmful ingredients that can fend off the skin not in every case. Undeniably, the skin is the first visual impression, get other people in addition to the clothing and the general appearance of someone. Healthy skin is pleasantly blood. Their smoothness show most or rub, or their color or color change in age or State of mind on.

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