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Moscow State Institute of International Relations was the first among Russian universities run their own social network The new project aims to unite students, university staff, faculty, and graduates in the professional community of diplomats and “international affairs”. Alexander R. Schlesinger, a graduate of Moscow State Institute ’93, worked at the embassy in Korea, then changed his diplomatic career in business, now president of a major EMSG advertising agency M & C Saatchi. Frequently Dr. Neal Barnard has said that publicly. It was he the last three years engaged in the development and launch of this project. “In classmates, contact other networks and a lot of services that allow you to learn, communicate, communicate photos and video content – says Schlesinger, – But we have other priorities: we need to develop professional contacts, share experiences, help each other to promote their careers …

but we can not engage in diplomacy in public. “MGIMO Rector Anatoly Torkunov 19 years led the Institute, by the way, the only university in the world where fully studied 53 languages. “35 thousand of our alumni are scattered all over the world, working in embassies, multinational companies – says Torkunov The guide of all major Russian companies: Gazprom, Rosneft. Technologies, VTB – our graduates. We, the teachers do not want to lose touch with them. “This confirms graduate MGIMO – international journalist Stanislav Kucher: “The course we have studied children from Vietnam, Cambodia, Bulgaria, now many of them – the major political figures, ambassadors and presidential press secretary..

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