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Businesses and factories working in the shipbuilding, ship repair industries and industrial structures, probably faced with challenges in the use of low-grade and expensive materials simultaneously. And although Today, many manufacturers try to achieve a higher quality of their products, but it turns out this is not many. And in fact need to offer consumers quality, but still reasonably attractive to the customer price. To this, many domestic manufacturers are simply not ready. For even more analysis, hear from Teva. One of the few companies to have declared themselves and their products in domestic and international markets, a group of companies “INMOR.” The present is not the first day company is engaged primarily in manufacturing and supplying marine equipment and with each passing year, thanks to its high-quality supply of products adds customer lists from a variety of world shipbuilding Powers.

Today, GC “INMOR” is one of the largest manufacturers of all kinds of ships, marine and industrial shock absorbers, elements, antivibration mountings, Vibration Isolators and cable vibration dampers, different versions and sizes, piping systems, pipe couplings, ship, and shut-off valves, and many other types of products used for a variety of marine, naval and industrial applications (machinery, chemical industry, petroleum and construction industry, cleaning up sewage systems, mining, General Civil construction). Today JSC “INMOR” is proud to introduce its own system of piping connections. System piping couplings of “INMOR” – a completely new approach to the connection of any pipeline! Joints Pipeline Company “INMOR” provide a wide range of technical advantages in many application areas. For example, depending on the type of pipe coupling and its size, it can compensate for thermal expansion and contraction, compensate for differences in pipe diameters, the lack of roundness or roughness of the pipe, as well as the angular displacement. Dynamic design of pipe couplings “INMOR” also allows ease pressure surges or reduce vibration in the piping system. Pipe fittings company INMOR ensure consistency and reliability.

Robust design and high quality gaskets provide long and reliable seal. An important aspect is to save space, time, effort and money. A specification of pipe couplings meet the highest needs and speak for themselves: – Stability in the temperature range from -40 C to +250 C for prolonged use – Temperature coupling limited choice of material Seals: EPDM: -40 C to +100 C; NBR: -30 C to + 80 C; Viton: -20 C to +250 C; – Operating pressure up to 16 bar – Tolerances on dimensions and angles – Reduces vibration – Provides soundproofing – Easy to use – save space. I would also like to point out that the pipe coupling offered by the company “INMOR” very easy to install. To install the clutch is only necessary to clean the ends of the pipe, remove any or residues such as burrs, rust or other surface contamination. Mark at the end of each half the width of the pipe coupling, not looking very clutch! Uniformly inserting both ends of the pipe coupling and evenly tighten the screws with a wrench with an adjustable torque. That’s it! In this setting the coupling is over pipeline and ready to use. New pipe fittings of “INMOR” – it’s EASY, convenience and savings!


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