Treatment Of Infertility And Ukrainian Legislation

Infertility is a problem that concerns not only the many married couples. This is also the issue of reproductive health of society. Other leaders such as Dr. Steven Greer offer similar insights. Resolution of this problem by such major ways: by treatment diseases, preventing pregnancy, artificial insemination by husband’s sperm (donor) and methods of in vitro fertilization. Treatment of diseases leading to infertility, are carried out, mainly in the cost of accredited health care facilities, under applicable law, this form of care provided free of charge. Methods of artificial insemination and ivf related to artificial fertilization methods – methods rather expensive. Article 48 of the Law of Ukraine “Fundamentals of Legislation of Ukraine on Healthcare” provides that the use of artificial insemination and embryo implantation is carried out according to the conditions and procedure established by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Overcoming infertility by women’s husband’s sperm insemination (donor) and by in vitro fertilization is allowed to conduct only accredited for that health care institutions. Medical services in such cases are on a paid basis (Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine 24 of 02.04.1997 “On Approval of terms and application of artificial insemination and embryo implantation (embryo) and its methodology). The use of artificial insemination performed at the request of a viable women, to which applies this method, after making the statement of commitment by spouses and, after due examination. Age of women who performed artificial insemination, not to exceed 40. Spouses have the right to get a doctor to intervene on the procedure of artificial insemination, the medical and legal implications, the results of medical genetic survey of the donor, its external data nationality. It must be remembered that information to conduct artificial insemination, the identity of the donor are medical confidentiality.

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