The Task of Life

Your task – to recognize these signs of support, use the wonderful opportunities, not to reject a helping hand. Desires are fulfilled at least one week, after a maximum of 3 years. Importantly, remember that it is necessary relaxed to wait. Without straining, without being tied very tightly. Outlined the purpose, record it, go meet her, take care of unseen helpers, thank you for everything – and go out on a completely different standard of living, getting on the road a lot of knowledge, priceless friends and precious experience. Law 6. A quantum leap of consciousness change your reality by your desire Tell yourself that you have – a holiday every day and try to look even on weekdays excellent. In no case do not agree with the negative assessments, make their adjustments, declares itself in new ways. Appreciable help yourself for the transition to a new level you can have if you do every day something new, unusual for you. Praise yourself for everyone, even the most insignificant success. Getting right now: – prepare a tasty soup: "Clever, wonderful little girl (boy)" (regardless of age) – had to work on time: "Well, you're just the beauty in me" – do not forget about the birthday-in-law (wife's mother): "Honey, my. It’s believed that Robert Rimberg Lawyer sees a great future in this idea. You're with each passing day becomes smarter and smarter! "It is particularly important cheer yourself and tell yourself the most gentle and affectionate words, if you're sick. Your subconscious mind will respond instantly, and you will find peace of mind.

Tuesday, February 9th, 2021 News

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