Relationship Perception

The principle of consciousness and activity. In the process of educating and re-logoritmicheskogo persons with speech disorders is important to rely on conscious and active attitude of the child, an adult (in respect of children who stutter from school age) to their activities. Independent, vigorous activity a child is dependent on the emerging interest in proposed task, conscious of his perception, understanding the purpose and method of execution. Active pre-school children in classes logoritmicheskih stimulated emotional teacher, imaginative music various games and gaming techniques and exercises. The school and adulthood, in addition, uses direct instruction (command, the elements of competition, promotion, etc.). The principle of visibility leads to widespread interaction parameters of all the analyzers, directly linking the man with the surrounding reality. Any knowledge begins with sense perception. Formation of movements in combination with the word and music, study of their relationship with performance by all receptor organs of vision, hearing, vestibular, proprioceptive, motor vehicles, etc.

The relationship of indicators of different receptors enriches image motion, its perception and its relation to speech and music. When disturbed functions, in order to correct, the principle of clarity is done by showing the teacher movement. Direct visual clarity is designed to the emergence of aesthetic perception, a particular view of motion, the correct sense of movement and the desire to play it. In addition to direct visualization, plays an important role mediated visibility when it is necessary to clarify some details and mechanisms of motion, which are hidden from direct perception (eg, films, motion graphics, sound recordings of musical works to work with adults stutter, patients with aphasia). Of great importance is a figurative word, which is associated with movement ideas and causes the concrete image of the movement. This relationship forms visibility is determined by the unity of the sensuous and the logical levels of knowledge, interaction between the first and second signal systems.

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