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Russian Shepherd

In Currently there are over three hundred different breeds of dogs. Not one pet has such a diverse and a little similar to each other forms. For example, large dogs reach the height at withers 100 or more inches and weight 70 kg, while the height of a small decorative Mexican dog chihuahua does not exceed 18 inches and weighs approximately 600 g. The ability of dogs of various breeds to climate variability and the emergence of new forms for the following reasons: originated from different types of wolves and jackals; widespread on all continents in a dramatically different environmental conditions, feeding and maintenance, using diverse and as a result of this narrow specialization of species, resulting in a fitness type of higher nervous activity and in specific forms of the exterior. On the diversity of influences and yet that there is a large group of breeds that do not have any beneficial qualities and bred only with amateur purposes. In this case, the factory art man is not aimed at obtaining the most useful forms, and the removal of the original on the exterior of the dogs, often with signs of weakening of the constitution, even bordering with degeneration or deformity. In the dog usually use so-called industrial classification, dividing all the rocks depending on the manufacturing use.

By kinds of Soviet breeds of dogs used in the Armed Forces and the national economy, hunting dogs, used for fishing and sport hunting, fine breeds of dogs, not have practical value. The largest group in the category of service breeds are so-called Shepherd – rocks that are intended for herding and protection of herds. Shepherds are bred in many parts of the globe, and Naturally, they differ sharply among themselves, have different origins and are cultivated for local conditions and needs. There are two main groups of shepherds: a) The Shepherd of European origin, bring together groups close to each other breeds. This is a relatively small dog, which are characterized by high mobility and a sort of "shepherd" instinct (German, Belgian, Dutch, French, Scottish, bullets, etc.) b) Shepherd of Asian descent, bringing together a group of breeds of large dogs, a massive addition. Continue to learn more with: Teva Pharmaceuticals. They are not as mobile as the Shepherd of European origin, but more powerful and vicious. In addition, Shepherd Asians are highly ruggedness, endurance, and well adapted to the conditions of detention and the use of (Caucasian, Central Asian, Mongolian, Tibetan, Pyrenean Shepherd Kuvasz, Commander, etc.). South Russian Shepherd and other breeds bred in Europe, are intermediate between European and Asian Shepherd and largely combine their features.

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Future Kids

Sufficiently important impact on the child is his middle name, middle name yet help them to rearrange and positive bad properties before them, yet the way it is easy to be consonant with the obligation to the names of loved kids handling. Young children always like to name-calling surrounding indecent nicknames, often given name can be the cause this, we should not give the names nezvuchnye why it can bring to such future consequences, and all the little kids will often call an innocent baby and toddler, so it will become the cause of unbalanced psyche girl and boy, do not you think that little kid grieved. Also do not allow what, who grew up just a harmless kid stuff, just for the child only a big, over the years change people and kids today is not that way, sverstaya us were once in an equal age, it should be, as always understand them. The first such question: how to call the child? thinking people astrologers gradually began to consider appropriate methods of acting on behalf of the impact on human sotnosheniyu, then joined them for many many other doctors of unknown science, but that’s absolutely all the experts clearly proved that name has a great impact on the existing character and health of the individual. Of course above all, we are uniquely different and have equal names, but there are a large number of specific parameters affecting particularly with respect on the child, for example so that the most important and absolutely everything is in fact acted in the direction of happiness to them all for a successful future. We list all the factors, especially just acting specifically on the child: the birth, his month of birth, middle name or birthday party, the assigned name of his date of birth, but try to find appropriate, as though it is very difficult to make a mistake and it’s only a native name. At the beginning of our lives, we are building zhizndlya a single, but still in the future for the sake of beloved children, the hour is for loved grandchildren, and of course the answer is clearly understood, we still live, and to prolong its kind and now we will do our personal future delightful help our kids from the first moment later, with particularly deep parameter, the choice of names. We would like to see our article: what to name the baby, such as help you accomplish all this is not an easy decision..

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Ostap Bender

Hello, dear readers! Otmelkali garlands and lights of fireworks New Year's Eve! Otshumeli tinkling of glasses and many-voiced congratulations and wishes of health, kindness, prosperity, love, happiness .. And, perhaps, each of us at least once thought that if all of the wishes fulfilled at least one third! .. That would be healed! WOULD … not for nothing that say the best – the worst enemy of all good. Me about it and wanted to talk to you.

"Alex, how much you need to be happy? "- remember, the classics, the words of Ostap Bender. But the wisest of the question! How often do we ask ourselves everyday life it? Do we know what and how much do we need for happiness? I suppose that many would say – yes, I very clear idea of what parameters is characterized by happiness. Then follow the description. And, as a rule, that of life values, which are not present or not in the quality-quantity as dreams. Family (in best traditions of Hollywood melodramas), flat (in the description will necessarily important area, footage, finishes, furnishings, etc.), business (everything is simple – the number of zeros after the numbers in the "income"), a machine (similar to the description apartments, only the parameters, etc.), health (everything is buggy – I want to be strong, a lot, but it is not clear exactly what and how it should look like), recreation (float realistic colorful and vivid pictures of the brochures travel agencies), etc. And here, add known proverb: "Money is not happiness, but their number," "Happiness – it's when you realize," "Happy hours are not watching," "Happiness must be sufferings …" Just get lost! So How much and what? At all times, in the discourse of the happiness I did not give a thought of rest. It is not clear.

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Higher Parents

A guardianship over- deprive him of the opportunity to be independent. The higher the level fenced off and the elevation of the mother, the lower the level of confidence in his teenage and higher expression of the mercy of public opinion, and a heightened sense of guilt. On the other hand, the higher the level of positive interest to parents of teenagers, the higher the willingness to help others, the more developed his sense of responsibility. The more the mother takes the ratio of the adolescent as a small child, the more he defends his own independence, maturity through intolerance to criticism, to reassess their own capabilities, expression of feelings of superiority over others, excessive insistence, unfriendliness, lack of restraint and temper. Although the emotional instability is also influenced by such factors associated with rapid physical development at this age – the difficulty in functioning heart, lungs, blood supply to the brain. Therefore, for adolescents is characterized by changes in blood pressure, fatigue, mood swings and hormonal storm consequence of which is imbalance.

The ratio of boy to himself as an adult is called the 'sense of adulthood. " This desire is that all treated him not as a small, but as an adult. A sense of adulthood and is manifested in the pursuit of independence, the desire to protect certain aspects of his life from interfering with their parents. The teenager, thinking myself a unique person, at the same time tends outwardly no different from their peers. A typical feature of adolescents is conformity – imitation. The desire to merge with the group, does not stand out, meet security needs. Sometimes teenagers mimic the behavior of a significant person, usually the father.

In case of insufficient criticality teenager, his lack of independence in the judgments of role model can have a negative impact. If parents filed a bad example with regard to alcohol, the adolescent becomes a norm of behavior frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages. Moreover, this example of parents making the treatment of alcoholism is a complex process because it is deeply imprinted in the minds of such behavior as the norm. In the most important thing children do inherit the values of parents. 'Spheres of Influence' parents and peers delineated. Usually transmitted from parents to fundamental aspects of social life. With peers the same advice about 'immediate' issues. However, relations with peers for adolescents are more significant than in adults because it is social isolation from their teenage family genealogy. Adolescence is a period of stormy inner feelings and emotional difficulties. Teenagers are sometimes shy and attach great importance to shortcomings of their appearance and behavior, which leads to a reluctance to meet with some people. Sometimes anxiety paralyzes the social life of a teenager so that he rejects most forms of group activity. According to a survey conducted among adolescents, every 12th to the head came the idea of suicide. Behavioral abnormalities characteristic of almost all adolescents. Characteristics of this age – the sensitivity, mood swings, fear of ridicule, reduced self-esteem. The majority of children over time, this runs by itself, some also need the help of a psychologist. There are trainings on personal growth that will help teenagers to develop healthy self-esteem and its relationship with the outside world. Of course, it is very important remains the preservation of contact between teens and parents, which is achieved by striving for mutual understanding and respect for the feelings and views of each other.

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