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Cold winter evenings sitting in comfortable chairs in the shade the room, lit only by candles set in carved candlestick, so nice to sip hot tea and reminisce! As already mentioned, cedar – a symbol of health and longevity. It is not surprising that it is used in many branches of traditional and alternative medicine. Very often, such as those and others, use cedar aromatic oils. You too can take note and take care of health relatives. Assemble a great set and presented it as a gift. There may include an aromatic oil, oil burner with a candle, massage cream, balm hair loss and things like that. Oil burner – it is adaptation of the candles and strengthened over her small cup. This cup is assumed to drip any oil, and then light a candle.

The oil gradually evaporates, filling the room with aroma. If as a butter use cedar, a few drops (7-10) will help to eliminate nervousness, confusion, order “broken” the flow of thoughts. If the drip a few drops of the oil in boiling water, then do it over the inhalation, then You will be much easier to get rid of the cough to stop inflammation of nasopharynx and respiratory diseases. But do not stop the healing properties of cedar! Cedar oil also prevents hair loss and dandruff, removes and blemishes on the skin, stops the various inflammatory processes. In order to achieve this effect, you need to add cedar oil in those beauty products that you use (creams, shampoos and so on). Estimated proportion: 5 drops per 15 grams of the base. Cedar oil can be added to baths, used in saunas and bathhouses, mixed with massage creams and oils.

Traditional healers and witch doctors made from cedar various pendants and amulets, masseurs and even pillows. Media amulets made of cedar is distinguished probity, integrity, willpower and dedication. Tumblers may be different, but mostly used spherical. With this ball is made of cedar stimulation of the areas that has a therapeutic and preventive action. Have appeared even scientific evidence that fragrances conifers irreplaceable and unique. If you are tormented by insomnia, poor memory, migraine, colds, nervous exhaustion and high blood pressure – put bedside bag of cedar, and even better to use a special cedar pillow. Cedar wood is not only beautiful but also possesses exceptional healing properties. Therefore, no matter what gift you decide to choose, it will prove useful in any home.

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