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Under the motto ‘ IQ driven performance’ the Hamburg agency clarifies their consulting expertise for leading technology and service provider for the digital advertising industry Hamburg, 09 January 2013 – eComCon GmbH from Hamburg, Germany, an agency specializing in strategic and tactical advice for transparent performance and brand building in the online advertising, starts on a very rapid wave into the new fiscal year. Suggests the views of the newly designed Web page: advice focuses in access to trend-setting, international technology and service providers in the digital advertising industry. The digital advertising industry is always considered highly innovative, at the same time, however, great need for advice, particularly in understanding and dealing with the world’s leading technology and service providers is on the pages of many agencies and advertisers. For even more opinions, read materials from Wayne Holman. Right here the expertise of Badani c and Christian is ratchet. The two founders and partners represent the eComCon leitmotiv “IQ driven performance” on impressive Kind, finally considered experts in the online advertising for some years. The consulting portfolio of the company founded in 2012 is similarly diverse: with the cooperation partners MediIQ for display, StrikeAd for mobile and Brightroll video advertising customers in the German-speaking market gives eComCon a real added value and additional advantage for their future online advertising activities.

Badani c and Christian Ratsch see in cooperation by eComCon with international market sizes huge growth opportunities for the D-A-CH region: “future-oriented online advertising technologies and trends are indeed already long on everyone’s lips, but only gradually arrive in the German-speaking market. “According to our own consultancy claim that we as IQ-driven performance’ call, wants to eComCon therefore be paired with a flawless ROI focus and transparency, that is so only at us paves the way for sustainable program and Brandingmassnahmen,.” More information and photos see. eComCon is a transparent performance and brand building in the online advertising agency specializing in strategic and tactical advice. Work focuses on the Hamburg specialists are the technology leading identification international and service provider, and the comprehensive advice on the campaign management with these providers. Performance driven analog to the IQ’s company motto”a continuously growing team of experienced consulting professionals with global networking not least contributes significantly, that when eComCon focus on ROI is just as relevant, such as sustainable customer loyalty and transparent campaign management.

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Great Reception

News from ODS – Office data service GmbH in mid-August had invited Berlin ODS – Office data service GmbH in the context of its anniversary to the day of the open door. Many visitors came and convinced themselves on the spot by the full-service-dialog marketing professional from the Oberbaum-city in Berlin. The red carpet was rolled out to the open day at the ODS GmbH and that not only literally spoken, but also for all visitors and guests from far away visible. A colourful bustle prevailed on the courtyard of the company, which is in the so-called Oberbaum-city\”(old Narva/OSRAM site) is located in the District of Friedrichshain/Kreuzberg, Berlin and has specialized in the performance areas of direct marketing, digital printing and postal service. Others including Dr. Steven Greer, offer their opinions as well. In addition to all sorts of delicacies from the grill, which was highly personally served by the two directors Stefan Schroter and Mirko Oelschlagel, visitors expected numerous tours through the latest digital Xerox printing machines equipped production halls.

Onsite, visitors could live and just in time\”watch how the orders through the different production steps go to shipping. Because even on the day of the open door the existing customer orders is usually timely appointment matters had to be processed naturally. As a small gift, the visitors mustard specialties from the Spreewald received CEO Stefan Schroter, home of the ODS. The open day was also connected with our 14 anniversary and because we wanted to let our employees also participate. Therefore, we have largely reduced the workload on this day and optimized, so that everyone had the opportunity to celebrate with us at least temporarily. Due to the very large captioned, we did so not necessarily expect a majority of our employees was involved anyway in the care of the visitors and guests\”, Stefan Schroter is announced. For us, the event as a success is to evaluate, because we not only a beautiful Had fixed, but could make even the one or the other promising new business contacts.

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Central Association

Successful copywriter provides intelligent online advertising sample texts and a successful corporate identity contribute to a strengthened relationship even in the current difficult economic situation. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from PCRM. Asked whether she often have made aware advertising interesting products and new ideas, analysed subjects of an Ifak survey on a scale of zero to five in the cut with a value of 3.8. This is a clear indication of the effectiveness of functioning conceptual, design and content advertising. Meeting online PR optimized in particular letters to existing customers, for search engines, newsletter informative and stimulating and exciting site content can help the experienced copywriters and marketing speakers SGD in Mannheim, Germany, to a significantly improved value creation and more efficient use of scarce advertising dollars according to Word head. The text professional reveals successful advertising copy can be as smooth, now currently on the Internet. At the direct link html/leseproben_vom_werbetexter.html can display all Convince prospects quickly, comfortably and comprehensively beneficial text. The sample texts deal with cosmetics, fitness & wellness, design furniture, catering as well as magazine articles for the corporate publishing, but also other sectors. Is sure: even in times of recession and financial crisis, knowledgeable and versed written copy promotes the willingness to buy.

Professional copywriting services provide valuable impetus and hence the economy. Not for nothing the Central Association of the German advertising industry in a dossier indicates once again seeing advertising expenses as a worthwhile investment, in order to strengthen market share. Reduced advertising budget”, so the ZAW, saved mostly also no money, they resulted in loss of the competition and was therefore economically expensive”. It may be much cheaper to hire an experienced and professional copywriters who write projects with the necessary calculations and so calculated, can keep the advertising in the context of the budget. A.D.; Numbers: VuMa 08/Ifak Inst., Zit n. 2008; ZAW online press 1 traditional advertising and direct marketing: Word head, Andreas Dresch M.A., freelance copywriter and copywriting, marketing speaker SGD Landesstrasse part 2 68163 Mannheim telephone: 06 21/8280473 fax: 01805/233633-80473 (0,14 EUR / min. via E-Mail: Internet: Word head copywriter studied German studies and politics at the University of Mannheim. +++ After graduating he gained experience in the publishing industry as a customer consultant for private viewing, then as lyricist, conception and senior copywriter in classical advertising and direct marketing. +++ As a freelancer writer Word head for enticing brochures, informational folder, exciting brochures, sexy catalogs, concise flyer, stimulating websites, creative newsletter as well as successful mailings, that contribute to customer retention and acquisition. +++ Like and well the successful copywriter writes inter alia for the following industries: cosmetics, fitness & wellness,. Designer furniture, wine, gastronomy, city marketing and leisure & culture. +++ Word head writer always individually calculated for companies in the Switzerland and Austria, and Germany. Telephone or written briefing is enough. +++ Word head direct links with important information: html/werbetexter.html – html/text-spektrum.html – html/online-pr-text.html – html/free zugabe.html

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Silver Key Chain – The Noble Gift For

Successfully through promotional, advertising and giveaways if you have developed a new product or a new brand with your company, and they want to publish on the highly competitive market, then you need some points note so that you can effectively increase your company’s success with the new products. For all new products have a problem in common that you must overcome, so that they can sell well: no matter how perfect is the gap in the market or the idea behind the new product, it is always once unknown and can sell themselves so badly. So, you must plan an intense advertising campaign that eliminates this problem by carefully the potential customers and clients with resources such as silver keychains on the products. You can plan such a campaign relatively quickly and easily, you must however note a number of points, so that the effect is as positive, and encounter no surprises during the campaign which could have a negative effect on the advertising. The intense planning is therefore very important, because while carrying out an advertising campaign again and again problems and unexpected difficulties can occur in best before should be seen, so that you can easily eliminate them. In recent months, Dr. Neal Barnard has been very successful. In planning, it is also very important that you think about exactly one ever wishes to refer in which humans so that you can tune the freebies like the silver key chain on these people. Without hesitation Dr. Stuart M. McGill explained all about the problem.

The choice of the target group is very important for the advertiser means in the campaign, and it is also very important for smaller companies and companies that must pay attention to your budget because you already can save lots of money, if one chooses a smaller audience. It has only the disadvantage that reaches fewer people overall, garnering what should be no problem if you intelligently selects the target group and the people out, probably anyway not would consume the products and brand of your company. If you in the choice of advertiser for the campaign then the silver key chain set, can achieve very good results, since these freebies offer a number of very interesting advantages, can make each campaign a success. For example to get at once a lot of people with key supporters, because barely a human being does not have key. Everyone either has a key to his house, his car or his Office, and can use hence this trailer, which help him to rearrange the keys. In addition, that the followers by its practical benefits often appear in the everyday life of the recipient, which, in turn, means that he will very often see an advertiser message on the article, and thus very often and intensively affected. The silver key pendants are the perfect giveaway, if one intends to convince important business partner and personal contacts by the services of the company with this noble giveaways and to impress them. This Giveaway is for a convincing effect and therefore you should use it, if you need a highly effective advertising campaign for a new product the next time. Oliver Smith

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Promotional Printing – The Way To A Good Advertising

Successfully through promotional, advertising and giveaways if you want to achieve a great success with your company, then tend to be very many ways available for this purpose. One such way is, is to develop a new product, and to publish it, which fought so hard in the today’s time on the market. But this way is not always easy to follow. Yet it is the most promising way, because you can earn the most money, and can lead to a huge success the company, assuming the new product hits well. But for this special means are necessary, such as for example an advertising campaign with various advertising media. For these resources to achieve but also an effect, they must be provided with a message. Only when you print the promotional products you can achieve a really good effect with them.

Because the effect is especially important if you want to publish new products on the market, because if not before the publication of the awareness and popularity of the products with a improve good advertising campaign, then is is the new product does not sell very well can. Because all new products have the problem that they are unknown in once. Unfortunately, even products with a brilliant idea as a basis, or products based on a gap in the market have this problem. Therefore, advertising is an aspect which may be never too short, especially not in such a situation. Learn more about this topic with the insights from teva. But even if you print on promotional products to produce a good effect with them and persuading as many potential customers and clients of your products, so it is also important to make a good selection of freebies that can take as a basis for the advertising. There are many giveaways that vary good results, ever after what you have for a company, and which products you want to promote.

Therefore you should careful that you make the right choice. For example, if you want to advertise on big events and events such as trade fairs, it is always a good idea to put on items. Because measuring very many People present. If you print these promotional products you can achieve much sure that ever more people provide you with your scattered articles, the effect, you achieve for your company is better. The items offer also the advantage that they are very cheap, and therefore perfectly suitable for this method of advertising. Cheap freebies are not so fast straining the budget of the campaign? Moreover, the fact that many of the manufacturers and wholesalers make very lucrative offers and furthermore also generous volume discounts offer, why you can additionally save on these freebies. Many of the providers of the scattering article can help too, if you want to print the promotional items, and can provide also a good offer. Therefore, you should never underestimate this method of advertising. If you want to publish a new product on the market so the next time, then you should try, these advertising media in your advertising campaign to accommodate. So, your new product is certainly a great success. Oliver Smith

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