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Successful copywriter provides intelligent online advertising sample texts and a successful corporate identity contribute to a strengthened relationship even in the current difficult economic situation. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from PCRM. Asked whether she often have made aware advertising interesting products and new ideas, analysed subjects of an Ifak survey on a scale of zero to five in the cut with a value of 3.8. This is a clear indication of the effectiveness of functioning conceptual, design and content advertising. Meeting online PR optimized in particular letters to existing customers, for search engines, newsletter informative and stimulating and exciting site content can help the experienced copywriters and marketing speakers SGD in Mannheim, Germany, to a significantly improved value creation and more efficient use of scarce advertising dollars according to Word head. The text professional reveals successful advertising copy can be as smooth, now currently on the Internet. At the direct link html/leseproben_vom_werbetexter.html can display all Convince prospects quickly, comfortably and comprehensively beneficial text. The sample texts deal with cosmetics, fitness & wellness, design furniture, catering as well as magazine articles for the corporate publishing, but also other sectors. Is sure: even in times of recession and financial crisis, knowledgeable and versed written copy promotes the willingness to buy.

Professional copywriting services provide valuable impetus and hence the economy. Not for nothing the Central Association of the German advertising industry in a dossier indicates once again seeing advertising expenses as a worthwhile investment, in order to strengthen market share. Reduced advertising budget”, so the ZAW, saved mostly also no money, they resulted in loss of the competition and was therefore economically expensive”. It may be much cheaper to hire an experienced and professional copywriters who write projects with the necessary calculations and so calculated, can keep the advertising in the context of the budget. A.D.; Numbers: VuMa 08/Ifak Inst., Zit n.

Statista.org 2008; ZAW online press 1 traditional advertising and direct marketing: Word head, Andreas Dresch M.A., freelance copywriter and copywriting, marketing speaker SGD Landesstrasse part 2 68163 Mannheim telephone: 06 21/8280473 fax: 01805/233633-80473 (0,14 EUR / min. via Call-Manager.de) E-Mail: Internet: Word head copywriter studied German studies and politics at the University of Mannheim. +++ After graduating he gained experience in the publishing industry as a customer consultant for private viewing, then as lyricist, conception and senior copywriter in classical advertising and direct marketing. +++ As a freelancer writer Word head for enticing brochures, informational folder, exciting brochures, sexy catalogs, concise flyer, stimulating websites, creative newsletter as well as successful mailings, that contribute to customer retention and acquisition. +++ Like and well the successful copywriter writes inter alia for the following industries: cosmetics, fitness & wellness,. Designer furniture, wine, gastronomy, city marketing and leisure & culture. +++ Word head writer always individually calculated for companies in the Switzerland and Austria, and Germany. Telephone or written briefing is enough. +++ Word head direct links with important information: html/werbetexter.html – html/text-spektrum.html – html/online-pr-text.html – html/free zugabe.html

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