Inner Beauty

Inner beauty is always manifested outwardly. Our challenge now – to help her open up and shine. Let's otpoliruem, perfected our precious temple, our body, where it placed an immortal soul and an educated disciplined mind. Let's look at our body with fresh eyes, from the side. We will see that the body is nothing like a clot of concentrated cosmic energy.

It is this view and will help us in our noble cause of improving what we have. Step 1. "Hello, my love," The path to beauty and health begins with self-love, or more precisely – with expressions of love for his one and only body. All living things responds to the deepest love. A small child is always attracted to good people. Even the smallest bird or fish know who loves them, and who is not. Yes there a bird, even houseplants wither without the love of their owners. And our body wants, craves, asks love to be healthy and beautiful.

Your body is produced by the higher love of the Creator and the earth, human love your parents. That is why all its cells immediately respond to the promises love, addressed to them. Exercise "My Morning" Every morning, take a few minutes to greet you. Start your day with a pleasant strokes, affectionately refer to their arms, legs, they have so many working for you. They certainly deserve the most tender and gentle attitude. A head? Many useful and intelligent thoughts are born in it. Let us will iron forehead, cheeks and neck.

Sunday, May 15th, 2011 News

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